Zombie Nightmare 1987 baseball bat death

Listen, why don’t you stick to girls your own age? I’ve had a tough day. I’m sure it wasn’t that tough… I spend all day trying to avoid your childish groping. Go away! Or I will call the police! Childish,uh! Childish! I know how to fuck a woman like you! Take your hands off me!! Let me go or I’ll scream!! Go on…scream!! I like it when you scream. Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. Unless you force me to do it. Bitch!! Bitch!! Now… I’m going to teach you a lesson. Bitch!! Bitch!! It’s my friend… It seems that I didn’t do a good job running over you. But I will finish it right now. What is this shit!? You must be dead!! I’m going to kill you!! I’ll kill you! I swear I’ll kill you!!

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