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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario. We’ve been asked a
question about Zhang Jike’s serve. Most of the time Zhang Jike’s serve is a basic
pendulum serve. He starts in a normal position, he goes up with his backswing and then he
swings through and contacts the ball like you would in a pendulum serve. However, after the contact he flicks his bat
out the other way. Now most of the time he’s hitting the ball as his bat is coming in,
like the normal pendulum serve, but every now and then he’ll hold the contact till a
little bit later when his bat is moving outwards. This always leaves a little bit of doubt in
your mind which way the ball is going to curve, whether he is going to hit the ball just as
it’s coming in or as it just starts to go out the other way.

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  1. it's not true. ZJK 's intention was NEVER trying to confuse his opponents (in the top 100 world with this? come on) with left or right spin. It is very obvious whether he's doing normal or reverse pendulum. He does it to set himself up in different ways, not to confuse his opponents. his look, his starting stance, his movements are all different between the two serves.

    now, props for pointing this deception trick out in such an easy to understand manner, but linking this to ZJK 's intention is just plain and flat wrong.

  2. You guys are amazing, these serves really look great. Is there a way to generate a similar serve using backhand however, this is where my stronger side is. Thanks of course for sharing.

  3. Nice video, but I have a question to the serves of Jeff (starting at 2:35). I think he hides his serves with his arm+hand in the view of the opponent player. This is not allowed in Germany (DTTB, see chapter 6.4 and 6.5) and I think either in other leagues. Maybe you should correct this part of the video … Anyway thanks for this great explanation =)

  4. 2:00 It looks like you didn't generate any side spin with this serve. was it intentional?

    This brings up a major concern I have with this serve. Whatever spin generated here would be quite weak because it's either the end or the beginin of a swing. How do you overcome it?

  5. Also, I thought when he does that signature motion it's mostly reverse pendulum. His pendulum serve is here:

    2014 China Trials for WTTTC: MA Long Vs ZHANG Jike [HD] [Full Match/Extended Commentary|Awards]

  6. Sorry guys but you are wrong, it's not every now and then that ZJK does the reverse pendulum serve with the motion you describe but… ALWAYS. At the beginning I was thinking too that he was faking a reverse pendulum serve but he is actually really doing a reverse pendulum. It's just because the change of direction is very fast.. 

  7. hi ping skills how do you guys and pros have such amazing serves, serving short with high quality input the ball is like 2nd nature to pros.

  8. Hi ICantForgetThis,

    I'd recommend that if you are a penhold player that you stick with that grip for serving. The penhold naturally has a good grip for serving.


  10. +PingSkills you can help me because when I do that serve so it is no spin on the ball . ps I'm not so good in English lol

  11. abi allah razi olsun senden masa tenisi oynarken kizlara kesme atıyorum hem maci kazaniyorum hem kizlari sikiyorum iyiki varsin reizz..

  12. when serving why do you flick your wrist right and then left?
    why do you have to change your motion, does it deceive your opponent or create some kind of a spin?

  13. thanks for providing us with the great tutorials. but I think that most of the serves in this video would be deemed illegal at any tournament. you are throwing the ball backwards, not vertically. a good example is at 1:30.

  14. thanks for providing us with the great tutorials. but I think that most of the serves in this video would be deemed illegal at any tournament. you are throwing the ball backwards, not vertically. a good example is at 1:30.

  15. The hard part for me is after you hit the ball normally you have to turn it back the other direction really fast.

  16. man i hv been struggling with those spin serves i will try this pendulum serve or recommend me an easy spin serve technique

  17. guys I love your stuff .. but he never do that , I watched like a million videos of him and I can tell when the ball is in the air if it is going to be pendeluum or reverse pendeluum , two distict serves, the only deception is if they with top or under spin

  18. i just love pingskills so much….and i think i watched all of their videos……they r amazing…..and i started playing table tennis like a pro after i saw all of their videos…and i hope u will upload more videos….plz upload more.. im waiting for it

  19. thnx pingskills yall been helping ppl a lot..thnx for doing this .I have know about pendulum serve and also know to do it but im not able to understand about the reverse pendulum serve.

  20. Doesn't the ball have to be thrown straight up to be legal? You seem to be throwing it a long way back towards your body? Just asking as I don't know,

  21. This is false how you do it. There is almost no sidespin in your serves 1:57 ( You can see the ball closer with just topsin).. And it is predictable

  22. Nice video Coach.My question is this.Does the bat quality play a crucial role in generating more spin and speed?Like if we do the sidespin serve with a beginner bat with some rubber vs a high quality bat like the one you use

  23. Did anyone notice that they are throwing the ball towards their body and not straight up. It is actually wrong.

  24. Zhang Jike doesn't do that to confuse his opponents, he's not even doing a regular pendulum serve. His serve is a reverse pendulum serve, that's why his end motion swing is on the other side.

  25. which racquet is best DHS hurricane 3 neo or mark 5 I am a attacking player any another racquet you could suggest at a low cost

  26. it looks so easy to do in the video, but while trying I can't get that feeling to change the direction just before making contact. needs a LOT of practice

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