YSU Baseball Coach Steve Gillispie Speaks About Game vs. Ohio State | May 11, 2015

going game you we take no I mean how’d
you talk them down? Well, we went two years ago down to
Columbus and played and Coach Beals asked if we can come down as a non-scheduled game and didn’t really fit what we wanted to do and they had had a couple rainouts but he said in
return for doing that this that he would make a trip up here and
so I thought that be great for our program and the valley to get a team like Ohio State to come up here, you know everybody is so familiar obviously with with the
University down there that would be good to have their team up here and we’re happy to host them
really looking forward to it because I think it will be a good test as to where we are right now as a ball club too I think last time a major school like Ohio State was 1989 was up here with you know that brings a lot of excitement. It’s a major time program coming in to this stadium. Yeah we’ve been
fortunate to have Pitt come over on a yearly basis and with their
proximity West Virginia came couple years ago Randy Mazey brought
his club over when they were just getting started as a new coaching staff, but to host a Big Ten
team that had been top 25 at
different points during this year and at the top in their conference,
the standings their I mean that it’s huge in minutes you
don’t get that too often so we’re really appreciative Greg Beals bringing his team up here
because obviously it’s a great win for the baseball people in this part of
the state to have teams go at it on such a good
day. How excited are the kids about this? They’re pretty excited we have a couple they were down
there two years ago, we got beat 3-0 but it’s it’s something that we’ve
planned on playing these types teams in the
past. You know that we would play those teams in order to get ready for the NCAA Regionals you know last year Indiana and Stanford and Pitt, West Virginia now Ohio State, Penn State you know some name schools that’s what we want to try to do because
that’s who will ultimately we have to beat to meet our goals to win a regional an NCAA regional so
the guys are excited one because it should be a really
good crowd a great atmosphere but two it’s because it’s a chance to show
I mean when you get something to prove you know the best thing to do is is
accept the challenge and that and that’s what we’re gonna do. Kind of like you were saying a win here would be a great boost going into the tournament. Wouldn’t it? It would cause we’ve played
well we just haven’t always won the games we’ve had to hiccup here or
there and we’re not you know pleased by any means with our
regular season standings or our record but we have played good baseball and
we’re trying to get on a roll a little bit and when we’ve played pretty good in the last all
month, 15-games something like that we we’ve we’ve been pretty good ballclub.

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