Youth Sports : How to Buy Your Child’s First Baseball Glove

Hi! This is Steve Hughes. And we’re going
to talk a little bit about buying your son or your daughter’s first baseball mitt. And
usually when you’re buying this, your daughter or son is going to be about five, six or seven
years old. One of the things that you want to think about. Actually there’s several different
types of gloves that you want to buy. You can buy a first base mans’ mitt. There is
catchers mitts, there is in field gloves there’s out field gloves. I think, at this early age.
It’s really not, not that important to be so specific about buying the glove. Just one
that feels comfortable. And is not too big. One they can handle and one they can, when
they put their hand in. Feels comfortable to them. Another something you want to also
want to think about, also. Is the expense of the glove. Buying a real expensive glove,
early on. Is not necessary. They’re going to grow out of that glove in one or two years.
Five, six or seven. They get to nine, ten, eleven years old. They’re going to grow out
of that glove. So you don’t want to buy anything, too expensive. But one that basically feels
comfortable on their hand. So that should give you an idea, what you’re looking for.
When you’re buying your first glove.

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  1. My grandpa and dad always said when buying your first glove to get one with a size that you can play all over the field so that you can find where you like to play

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