Youth Sports Baseball Player Gets Mental Toughness Training

I want to become a professional baseball player as a starting pitcher I face many obstacles in baseball but my main obstacle has been mental toughness. Facing difficult crowds, negative coaches, or players who disrespect me. Mental
toughness is the ability to overcome different situations and to become focused and to become a master in situations that necessarily wouldn’t
be easy. Many of my other coaches have taught me
important aspects about the game on the field. How to…how to act in certain
situations and how to use different aspects of the game, but since i have trained with Craig Sigl,
my mental toughness and confidence has increased. I have become more aware of situations
and I have been more confident walking into not only baseball but school and everyday life. Before, my confidence would be terrible. I
used to come into games and competition timid and scared, but now that i’ve used Craig Sigl’s
techniques i have become more confident coming to games and being able to crush the opponent. I value all of the things that I
have learned from this mental toughness training. However, I mainly value the tools
Craig has given me. I use them everyday and this includes the recordings he has recorded with me and daily emotional or focus sessions, and these all help not only on the field but off the field as well.

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