Your logo printed on a cricket pitch! #AskAsh Episode 5

Hello, welcome to episode 5 of of #AskAsh. Today we’ve got an amazing episode for you where we show you and tell you how we can put your logo inside your 2G Flicx cricket pitch. Why not join me
inside and we’ll show you exactly how we do that. That was exciting! We’ve just watched the
Essex Eagles logo being printed into the 2G Flicx cricket pitch. It looks amazing! We’ve managed to match the pantone colors as well as the intricate logo and
just to discuss bit more about it today i’m here with Alexander. Alexander is our
printing partner from Senecio and we’ve been working with Alexander with regards to the process so that we can get the logos onto your cricket pitches. Can you
tell us a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes, what you’ve done
recently to make sure that the pitches get logo’s that stay on them. (Alexander) Yep well we’ve spent a few, well a few months now testing and trying to find the right
products to put on there to give you a longer lasting mat and stuff like that.
I think finally now we’ve cracked it with the latest version that we are doing at the moment so it goes – we pre treat it first with a pre- treatment to give good
ink adhesion and then once then we print it with a UV flatbed
machine (Ash) like we did today (Alexander) like we did today. and then once that’s printed, then we pre- treat it or after treat it sorry to basically seal everything in so it’s stays so you get more life out of the mat basically. (Ash) And the process? Is it a CMYK process (Alexander) It is yes, white and CMYK so we use white to put down on coloured mats so we get good color representation (Ash) so those logo’s can really jump out (Alexander) Exactly yeah yeah so if we print on a green mat, CMYK it’s gonna be a very dull image but we put white down first underneath the logo area – it really pops. (Ash) So there’s two reasons couple of reasons why we put the logos
into the pitch. We are finding that some of our schools have asked us to build their brand with regards to the school (Alexander) yep (Ash) So they’re putting their logos into the pitch so we want those logos to stay you know it needs to be hard wearing. (Alexander) exactly (Ash) What were are also finding is some cricket clubs are telling us that they have managed to attract corporate investments (Alexander) yeah (Ash) so a couple of clubs have managed to finance the
purchase of their entire pitch by embedding in a corporate logo, being put into the pitch (Alexander)
which is really good. (Ash) So what we’re finding is that some clubs are able to fund their pitch up in advance (Alexader) yep (Ash) but also then as the years go by, attract new investment on a yearly basis so we’re able to then bring a new
piece, get it reprinted (Alexander)Yes and then drop it into the mat. Brilliant. So as you can see, we now have the logo been printed into the 2G Flicx section. We are now going to put that inside your cricket pitch. We’re able to
make different sizes so if you wanted a slightly bigger or smaller logo those
are available and if you want to have more than one logo for instance if you
had two or three corporates that were sponsoring your pitch or your logos
that’s possible to do those for you. As you can see the pitch has already
been manufactured, it’s quite simple and easy just lining them up and then clipping them into position this is the same process that you would
need to do if you wanted to renew or put in a new logo on an annual basis. So there you have it, your branded 2G Flicx cricket pitch. If this has sparked any interest and you’d like to get in
contact with us Thanks for tuning in to this episode of #AskAsh

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