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Hiiiiiii, I am Nimisha Raizada and I am a
Travel Vlogger and today I am here at SG Factory! So I am heading with my brothers and Mami
to SG factory. It is in Meerut. So, Rohan, would you like to say something? “Yes, I love Cricket” I can’t wait to see
all the new releases and last time they had Mumbai Indians Pads and stuff. So, we have reached SG Factory and we are
now going inside. SG Factory is one of the world’s largest cricket
factories. They produce the largest number of bats in
the world. Shane Watson once came to this factory and
he said he felt like a “child in a chocolate factory.” Like an excited kid who is fascinated by a
chocolate factory. And I will be showing you everything here
but there is a lot of noise in the factory so I will be putting subtitles in English
and Hindi both so that you can understand easily what is going on and see what all is
made here like bats, balls, gloves, pads, knee pads, thigh pads, all of it is made here
and I am going to show you everything! So, let’s go! So, I am inside the SG Ball factory and they are making everything by hand. I am going to show you how they are making
it. They take part of the leather and cut it into
4 parts. Then they sew it into 2 then into 1. I will show you there. They take these bits, then they join these
two into one, then these two, then they put something called “cork” which is a bouncy
material, they put it in there and then sew it up. This is for bounce and everything. What is this made of? Cork. Because of this the ball jumps. They’re making the seam of the ball. There are four seams na, which is around the
ball. They are making that. The whole factory has around 1400 employees. The ones who make the balls are around 150-200
people and every day these people make at least 70 dozen balls. Everything here is made by hand. The other companies mostly use machines to make their products But this is the only company that is making handmade balls. This material is called lacquer and the ball is polished with it. The ball gets it spring only after it has
been polished and it lasts longer. So this is the ball that is used in Indian
International Crickets Test matches. It also has the BCCI logo stamp. This the section where the handles of the
bats are made. There’s a particular kind of cane here that’s
called the Singaporean cane. It’s flexible, it takes the damage, it is
the best material we can use for making a bat. So, what we do, it’s just like this. They have put in these parts, it’s extra to
make it flexible. It’s just like this. So, they will put the cork in here. So, this thing will be going in between for
shock absorbers. These are really good shock absorbers. This thing will go inside, they will put the adhesive and keep it for two to three hours to get stuck. Then it will go for the other processes. And this is the same material that is used
for the ball? Yeah, the same material. It’s just a sheet, that’s a round ball. So, here they use two types of canes to make
the bats. This one is the best quality. It is made using 9 canes of bamboo. This gets smaller once it is processed. And these are some of the lower grade bats
that use only one cane of bamboo. The soft wood of the bat, is compressed to
make it compact. Then the ping of the bat comes. When you hit the ball, it goes up. Before that, the ball will not go up. Now they are putting in the bat handle. They are measuring the height of the bat on
this measuring scale. Everything is done with proper measurement. He will keep doing it till it is perfect. What’s the full size? 86 centimeters for full size of the bat. Now he has measured it and now he is sticking it. Then this will be left to dry for 24 hours. This willow (type of wood) comes from England. One willow is for one bat. It’s English Willow. So behind me here, they are shaping the bat into different types, sizes and requirements and giving it finishing touches. Bats have 3 types of handles: Oval, Semi-Oval and Round. In India, they usually use round handles. The threading of the bat handle is going on here. Do you like the bat? It’s perfect! So smooth and it’s not too heavy either. Now we are about to see at the final process of the bat. It is called “Buffing”. They make the bat shine here. This has been polished and now it has a shine. This is Hardik Pandya’s bat in making. This is KL Rahul’s bat prototype. This is the finished bat. The whole packing has been done and it is
now ready to sell. So, this is Hardik Pandya’s bat, he plays with the same bat, same weight, same make, everything is the same and you can get it
in the market. It costs 50,000 rupees. HP33 is also written on it. Now, we are at the place where leg pads and thigh pads are made. Here, cricket gloves are being made that one wears on their hands. So, this is stuffed inside the pads. So, they are making the gloves here. The whole process of the batting gloves, from
start to end, is made by this team. How many gloves do you make in one day? Around a 1000 gloves. Wow, 1000 bats, 1000 gloves. It’s just our full capacity and still we are
not fulfilling the market. So, we are done with the tour. It was really, extremely, very fascinating. And I would like to thank Shah Rukh for giving us such a wonderful tour and for explaining everything so nicely. Thank you so much Shah Rukh. What was your favourite part? Seeing the bats. With that, I will now end this video. I loved seeing everything made because I love creative things and this was so creative. They make every thing by hand! and I hope you also liked the video. Please subscribe to my channel, share this
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