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Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I will talk about the difference between
the two coaching system in China and in USA, Europe. I also present one of the best Chinese table
tennis coaches on Youtube. As a player, you really want to improve as
fast as possible. Many questions are: Should you go to the training
camp in China? Is it worth do a private coaching? Where to get a coach? And the actual rate (fee/hour) of private
coaching all around the word. The difference between two coaching systems A player from India asked me “I’m a table
tennis players and have recently started coaching. Could you suggest me any courses or coaches
to improve my coaching knowledge? Each table tennis federation has their own
training program. You should contact the federation in your
country first. I will talk about training camp in China in
this video. In the USA, you can register to the coaching
courses organized regularly to become a table tennis coach. There are the different level, and every player
can register for the courses. In France, if you are an intermediate player,
you can also follow the formation in 5 days to get the coaching certification. The contents of the formations are clearly
shown: the introduction and basic techniques in table tennis. In England, there is also 3 level of coaching
courses that you can follow. So each federation proposes the training program
for you to become a table tennis coach. In China, they also have a national coaching
program at different academies: Chinese Table Tennis Association of Shanghai, National Ping
Yu center, or Sports Management Center at Hubei. But the main difference between the coaching
system is: Most of the coach in China are the table tennis players at good level. They don’t have such a certification or diploma
to evaluate the coaching. The coach is evaluated mainly by the years
of experience, or the playing skill, or by the students level. They say “to coach a champion, you must be
a champion”. So in China, they have a huge advantage, the
players at the top level will become a coach after retirement. For example, Liu Guoliang is a national head
coach, and then, the next national coach would be Wang Hao, Zhang Jike or Ma Long or some
top regional coach. The coaching level at the province is very
high as the coach is also the top player. Wang Hao and Ma Lin is actually a coach. So they can transfer the knowledge from generation
to generation. There are some tips, some knowledge that can
be taught in a short course. Coaching in China also comes from family. For example, the first coach of Zhang Jike
is his father: Zhang Zhuanming. The strong foundation in techniques of Zhang
Jike was built by his father. So to find a good coach in China, it’s not
related to certification, but it’s related to the “reputation” and the “relationship”. If you have a good “relationship” you can
be coached carefully by a good coach. If not, you are just a normal student as many
another students. Should I go to China for the training camp? For example, this is the training camp program
at Hebei for 1-3 month. I don’t guarantee that you will get a good coaching
in a training camp. There are some positive and some negative
feedbacks. Some players feel very amazing to train there,
but not related to the quality of training. If you want to feel a different way, the culture,
the philosophy there, I would say “yes! you should try”. You will understand more about their philosophy
about table tennis and training. But if you focus on the quality of training,
and improvement in a short amount of time (for example, the training program is 1-3
months). I would say, sometimes it’s not as effective
as you think. Some say “the multiball is boring”, or “they
let me train with the kids”, or “they just let me play alone” or “they don’t understand
English”. It’s normal because it is the “coaching for
the tourism”, not the “private coaching” as you expected. As I say earlier, there are 2 types of coaching:
commercial coaching for tourism, and private coaching with a relationship. For a short amount of time, there are other
options. There is training camp program with more reliable
program and feedback. The quality is very good, easy communication
with a high-level coach. For me, coaching needs communication to transfer
the idea, the techniques to the players. Training in China is rather difficult for
foreigner due to a language barrier. You can find some very good and well-known
training camp. For example, B75 Table Tennis Camp in Denmark. Butterfly International Training Camp in Spain. GV Hennebont in France. Werner Schlager Academy in Austria. How about table tennis coaching in the US? There are many good Chinese players, and Chinese
coach immigrates to the US. So if you live in the United States, you can
get a very high-quality coaching there. I recommend the coaching in Lily Yip Table
Tennis Center in New Jersey, USA. The head coach, Lily Yip is the top number
one player for the Guang Dong Province Table Tennis Team and also multiple US National
Women Champion. Let’s see the interesting interview of the
head coach Lily Yip. The
Chinese coach are also the top regional players in China. How about the private coaching? Is it efficient? The private coaching is the most efficient
type of coaching. However, the fee is becoming more and more
expensive. To master a new technique in table tennis,
you need many hours of training and coaching. In some country, to become good in table tennis,
you need a good income to pay the coach, table tennis is no longer a sport for everybody. Let’s take a look about the fee around the
world. In Vietnam, it’s about 9$/h for private coaching,
which is a decent wage there. You need also to pay the table fee. In the Philippines, for 2h of coachings, you
pay half of allowance for a week. In New Zealand, you pay about 62 USAD. And the coaching is sometimes not good
enough. In Canada, from 40 to 60$/h. Chinese coach doesn’t speak English. In Singapour, the coaching level is rather
high. But be careful, the rate varies from about
40 up to 600$/h. In the US, a coach proposes coaching through Skype. 60-65$/h. Coaching through Skype is not as efficient
as physical coach. You need someone to correct your stroke on
site. Even training with the robot, you pay 10$/h. You also pay a table fee about 8-12$ day in
the US. and any drop-in fee in the club. at triangle table tennis, they also have some
good Chinese coaches. at Maryland table tennis center, the rate
is from 50 to 80$/h. at Lily Yip, the rate is from 40 to 60$/h
depending on the coach. Best Chinese coach on Youtube So now you can see that private coaching is
expensive. So please enjoy any good table tennis coaching
videos you found on the Internet. Private coach is expensive and not many players
can get a good coach. So learning table tennis by watching the coaching
videos is a good option. Of course, learning table tennis online is
not as efficient as one-on-one private coach. I recommend you a very good Chinese coach
on Youtube. There are many Chinese coaches. Coach Shifu of pingpangwang, one of the best coach on Youtube, is very active. He gives detailed lessons. He analyzed the techniques from top Chinese
players: Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Zhang Jike. He also gives some lessons for the beginner:
how to hold the racket, how to prepare the shot, footwork and answer the questions in
detail. His channel is “yunpeng guo”, but unfortunately,
he explained in Chinese. Every time, you see the “ping pang wang” in
a video, you now know where it comes from, it is from the coach Shifu. Some peoples just steal his work The channel TTNuri has translated many videos
of coach Shifu to English. However, TTNuri didn’t cite the source of
the video, and also removed his name in every video. Coach Shifu said “Hello, My name is Shifu”
in the beginning of the video. But TTNuri removed it and maked it like his
own video. Another example, is the channel “ttlondon2012”. He has reuploaded many videos of coach Shifu
without indication the original source. You can hear that “Hello, I’m Shifu” Look at the video’s description, “Hey I steal
some one’s work. I didn’t mention the source. Now please follow me, and also donate me. Wow! Congratulation, such a nice guy”. But the dirtiest one is this channel “Ma Long
fanmade channel”. Not only steal the videos from coach Shifu,
he also tried to hide, or to fake the watermark and make it like he is the original author
of the video. He also faked the watermark of the link, he
overlayed the original watermark by his own link. Look at here at 2 minute 32 second. And this is the watermark of the original
video. Such dishonest action. The videos are made by coach Shifu for the
pingpangwang. Ma Long
fan made channel just stolen it without any credit. Someone has recognized and said “you are a
thief”. So I just want to show that the coaching in
table tennis or in every sport is becoming more and more expensive. And I want to present a good table
tennis coaching videos by a Chinese coach on Youtube. Coach Shifu
explains the training and the technique in detail. I myself, I will focus
more on the philosophy because for me if you master philosophy you
can improve your own techniques by yourself. So do you have a good or a bad experience
in private coaching? Share
with other players here. And now, you know a good source, an authentic
table tennis channel on YouTube. Credit the original one, don’t credit the
videos from the stealers out there. That’s it for today. This is a rather long Ping Sunday. See you, EmRatThich.

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  1. Judging by the title, I thought it was you uploading a video of yourself 😛
    But I didn`t know that, never knew of yunpeng guo – I though TT Nuri and MaLong FanMade were simply doing their own videos. It turns out they`re stealers

  2. Amazing discovery coach Emrat I really appreciate all your effort. I did not know that those channels were such a farse copying content that way. ITTF hired TTLondon2012 to create some videos for them just because it has some popularity and of course they have since they are copying good videos and the worst part crediting that work for themselves. You are awesome coach please keep teaching us Table Tennis.

  3. what software do you use it? i am interest to develop some video like you, but still confuse tc choose right software (add text)

  4. Another consideration is California Table Tennis in LA run by Gao Jun who is a former world champion. She has Chinese coaches, ,as well

  5. I have learned so much about Chinese table tennis from your videos……Thank you. I enjoyed the marvelous 12 videos and realized
    I'm not getting very many girls screaming my name during matches.
    Actually none at all.
    My question:
    Is the organized cheering by the audience encouraged or simply tolerated?

  6. so, no places to play, private coaching its expensive, almost no time to play, expensive or hard to find material, languages barriers, how can this get worse?

  7. Thanks for the video, and particularly for showing that some videos are stolen from content creators. Take care!

  8. coach emrath good vid as always! I have an amazing coach but he forces me to do something that don't suit me .. I'd like some advice on what to serve if i want to attack first or at least make the opponent attack poorly so that I loop well .. i have been training for 4 months so i still dont have the speed when they attack well .. and I'd appreciate some tips on how to serve well

  9. why you didnt mentioned pingskills ?  They are very popular on net. What are you think about them they are good or bad?

  10. Thanks for telling us about the copy rights stuffs. Private coaching is bs, u can not learn many things in table tennis in such a short 1 hours. Because table tennis skills need to be "absorbed" slowly day by day with patience and consistency. When I was young as teenager, I was usually be fancinated with private coaching, I thought i would become a skilful player in no time but I did not have the money to pay for the private coach. That is not gonna worked.

    If u guy need a video in table tennis, use my videos as the primary resources, I just started to record the serving videos. It takes a while to practice like this. (Imagine I already served countless "boxes" of ball like the one in the video).

  11. Chao Thay.

    The information you have about the training center in Hebei is not correct. The information you got is not official; it is from a tourist agency that charges a huge price to foreigners. Actually, the price at the center is much lower; about $60 per day for food, training, and accommodation. Also, they had an English-speaking coach who worked with me for 1-2 hours a day for no extra charge.

    The training center does not have a website, but you can contact them by email. [email protected]

    They are very friendly and helpful there.

  12. Thank you for all the information. But is in Chinese language and I cannot figure out how to register/sign in. Do they have a fee to become a member or is it free to register/sign in? Can you help?

  13. Yesterday I asked Syifu Yunpeng Guo to hire somebody to do the proper translation for all his videos (including the past ones); or at least he allows Community Contribution doing so by turning on the subtitle/cc option…. And, today I see he did open the community contribution. Hence, can somebody who speaks Chinese be kind enough to begin translating his words?…May your effort shares the good deed done by Syifu Guo.

  14. Hi EmRatThich!
    I love your videos and it helps me alot!
    I am trying to get in to the school table tennis team and I have been considered. However, in April, they have decided to run a year group competition. I am struggling with my service and defensive play. Please can you give me tips or make a video on how to improve this two aspects of my game. I am a right handed attacking player.
    Thanks for your videos!

  15. hey emrahthich coach, I love your videos and you have all my respect. I would like to ask you a question, is donic waldner ultra senso carbon a good blade for an intermediate attacker like me. and will donic bluefire 2 and tibhar evolution mxp be a good rubber choice. please let me know your opinion.

  16. Sir have you made any videos regarding tt subjects like,(1)how to play against lefty player.(2) how to use long pip rubber on backhand.(3)l am using Giant Dragon long pip on l should use it to get more advantage.also mention type of serve l should use.(4) which are effective serve in double matches

  17. Dear Coach, EmRatThich!
    You are not only a good coach, but also a high class human being. You have been doing such things for us, which cannot be done after spending tons of money.
    Thank You so much!

  18. It is very interesting video. In Hungary you can visit Statistika Budapest tt club with full accomodation and good coaching for a very fair price..

  19. Thank you for your extensive research on TT Coaching and exposure of the "pirate" youtube channels. Of course, unfortunately copying and piracy is so common in China ( and everywhere ).

  20. Dear Coach EmRatThich, i have a question regarding the Multiballs Training. Pls give your opinion about it.
    1. for whom is the multiball extremely helpful? Beginners, intermediates or advanced?
    2. Any specific Drills, by which i can use multiball optimally? Single stroke only, Footwork Patterns, or match Drills?
    3. How much time should be given to the Multiballs in each day as well as in a week, to each level player?
    Dear Coach, you have changed the ways of training to all of us, so it will be extremely helpful, if you share your thoughts on all these.
    And, thanks a lot, Sir!

  21. I can win against my opponent who is strong equal to me, but I loose against weak player. I forget the correct stroke. When I hit the ball my weak opponent blocks. But the blocked ball is too slow. My weak opponent do not know the correct strokes. I get mentally disturbed, tensed and do not do a correct stroke. I forget the key " power from the ground" and I cannot estimate where the ball bounces. Please help me coach, I completely believe in you

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