You Think Table Tennis Is Not A Fast Sport, Then Watch This

EmRatThich Table Tennis Table Tennis 5 years ago Is it fast enough? If not, wait and see… Table Tennis today Is it fast enough? Can you survive in 3 shots?

35 thoughts on “You Think Table Tennis Is Not A Fast Sport, Then Watch This

  1. You have to take into consideration, that the angel the video of today are filmed is different, which makes the game look even faster.

  2. pretty good channel. Though, why did you have to plague it with fucking retarded clickbait pictures like this half dressed woman with a racket?

  3. I like table tennis… but i hate click bait! i gave this video a thumbs down for the thumbnail even though i enjoyed the content.

  4. Who is the person playing
    His set ups and power throw placement and spin was perfect for the 3rd shot
    he seems fun to whatch

  5. Why do you not show Grasshopper? His career shows well the change in the game…. The game does need to slow down, its too far removed from the average player. Tennis, golf,,other sports have adjusted their respective games over the years and TT needs to do more of this..

  6. Hi, You comparing the speed of old game with Chinese National Team Trial 2017 ?
    Do you know that DHS claim the new 2017 Plastic Ball (40+) is probably the worlds roundest ball and has been develop with a different process and the material is bouncer. The ball is currently being used at the China Trials for WTTC this month.
    Liu Guoliang expressed, "We have tested the new DHS balls for a while. The difference is quite significant, mainly with less spin and more speed. It is better for game play and rallies. From these matches we see lots of strong top spin counters. Especially on the strong backhand exchange and balance between backhand and forehand. It gives more advantage to fierce attacking style players like Fan Zhendong, Liang Jing Kun and Xu Chenhao. On the other hand players that depends on control and soft touch will suffer.

    Now players may feel the change and difference in spin is big. But I believe when giving enough time, especially after World Table Tennis Championships, they will find the feeling of the new ball. After increasing the power, the spin will come back. The playing standard should return to normal. It may cause some shaking in the beginning, but all will go back as normal and the new ball won't change the scene of Table Tennis. "

  7. Hello! Wonderful and wise material about the intricacies of table tennis! Thank you very much! How can I find out principal differences of technique strokes Chinese and European rubbers? What the trajectory of the hand movements? Sorry for my bad English!

  8. Hi EmRat!, i wanted to ask a question about footwork since its my big weakness and i really want to improve it. Whats the best way to improve it? alot of people show videos about leg strength conditioning and agility(moving fast) however i've noticed that i did these for a while and my footwork was still slow and the same.. However some new coaches told me that the best way to improve it is by getting the the movements correct and the coordination correct also(Move, stop and hit) and after you have mastered this moving slow with the footwork drill, you increase the speed of the movement, now im still doing this and i've noticed that my footwork is getting bit by bit better. Is this true? what do you suggest? how long does it take to have good footwork?

  9. you are an idiot, trying to prove something by making footage of fucking FIVE years ago with the brown black n white look ancient, no respect for you. you tool manipulator! even the camera angles are not the same. if you wanted to proof anything, get someone who played all these different balls

  10. So today's TT is only about Fan Zhendong.  There's a reason there's pretty much only 1 person playing that can beat him consistently.

  11. Yes, I totally agree with EmRatThich that TT needs speed and power. But,nowadays, the speed of TT is not so fast as before. We can compare the tournaments performed by Wang Liqiin, Zhang Yining, and Wang Nan with todays' s.

  12. hey em rat thich , i love table tennis but didnt play plastic ball yet.. this video offers some hope for my fast flat hitting game!

  13. The first clip of table tennis 5 years ago was not 5 years ago It was recently and you put it black and white to make it look like it was a long time ago

  14. how can I improve my reflexes to play at that speed? I can not see the ball in loop kills and backhand drives from my oponents. why it's so difficult? any advice?

  15. Modern spin players are nowhere near as fast as the short pimple penhold attackers of the 80's such as Jiang Jialiang and Chen Longcan. To impart spin, you have to slow down and brush the ball – flat hitting short pimple players hit the ball on the rise or top of the bounce.

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