Yamie Chess math learning toy for K-8 grades

Meet Joe. Joe wants to help his
eight-year-old daughter Susan and his 6-year-old son, Steven, get
better at math in school. their bright kids, but like a lot of kids
Susan and Steven just need a little extra help with their
math homework. So Joe spoke to his daughter’s math teacher Miss Phillips about a new math learning
aid called “Yamie Chess” that could help both his son and
daughter’s education Yamie Chess is an educational K-8 Math learning aid designed by a group of postgraduate math
educators, expert scientists and U.S. engineers from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology or MIT Stanford University, California
Institute of Technology or Caltech, Vanderbilt University, Columbia University and the University of Arizona who have
come together in a pioneering Based on the John Hopkins University
selected animation King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields,
Yamie Chess uses a fun and magical cartoon universe where all the characters are the classic
chess pieces on the board to teach kids math and science learning
for school Thanks Miss Phillips! Joe like that Yamie Chess is made in his home state of Michigan in the USA and that as he often doesn’t spend as
much time with his kids as he’d like to because of work Joe could finally do something to help
his kid’s education especially getting better in math. The
Yamie Chess math learning aid includes a tournament-size analysis classic chess set designed for little hands and an educationally structured coloring K-8 math comic book which is aligned to the National
Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM “Curriculum Focal Points” to give elementary and middle school
students a grounding in algebra, geometry, data analysis, number skills, and
measurement Joe like the results. As Susan and Steven
read and colored the magical math comic they learned the math that underpins
classic chess and developed their cognitive learning and mental
understanding for math concepts and math problem solving in STEM education. That’s Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math Joe’s wife, Marcy liked that Yamie Chess only cost $24.99 and engaged her children with a
traditional hands-on approach using classic chess, with a magical
story that is safe and family-friendly with Christian themes of love and
friendship that contain no violence because in Yamie Chess all the
characters battle by classic chess only Backed up by the proven learning
benefits of classic chess Yamie Chess uses a cartoonn framework to
develop kids’ decision-making intellectual perception abilities for
math and science improve memory function and nurture
children’s visuo-spatial reasoning skills for algebra geometry, data analysis, measurement, and
number logic Yamie Chess teaches kids how to think
mathematically for the kinds of strategic problem solving and math
modeling that kids will need for college careers
in math and the hard sciences Coloring pencils are included in the
set and best of all no prior experience a chess is needed Good job too, because even Joe didn’t know much about chess before this that is, until his six-year-old son
Steven started talking about the algebraic notation of the king-side horses after playing a few hours with Yamie Chess Then, when Joe got home from work, his
eight-year-old daughter Susan challenged him and her mother to game of Yamie Chess Joe is going to have to take a closer look at this Yamie Chess math game himself Yamie chess supports underachievers in
math and is expansive for bright students with more academic aptitude too Unlocking the door for kids all
abilities to the mental beauty of math and classic chess So take a free tip from Joe if you’re looking for ways to improve your child’s learning outcomes
in math and science for school Get Yamie Chess, the K-8 math learning aid designed by MIT, Caltech, Vanderbilt, Columbia Arizona and Stanford experts together
with a USA chess champion to help kids to build their confidence in
math education Order your copy at YamieChess.com and give your child the head start in math
learning that he or she needs to succeed in school

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