What’s up guys, we are Pongfinity Today we’ll be playing table tennis on an X-shaped table First I’ll try to play against Emil and then lets do 2v1 against Miikka Where are you going? Wrong way apparently Volley, does it count? Yeah that’s perfecly legal in X table tennis Not really a wise tactic to hit there That’s the special shot! Inside out backhand with the edge Now let’s team up against Miikka I think we are gonna see some running in this match Good try though! I’m gonna get this match! Yes I found the spot! That’s an evil strategy I feel a bit like a third wheel here Very nice running! Did it touch? I think it touched This is impossible But show me some support by subscribing to the channel I went for the double bounce That would have been pretty sick! Funny experiment for me and Otto! That was a bit unfair! We really enjoyd that Remember to hit subscribe and watch our previous videos Until next time!

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