I told you the game is mine! Yes it’s your boy, Wonder Boy aka Boy Wonder Man’s here with the game is mine, Jay, my brudda best striker in Baiteze Come on, you don’t need to tell them, they already know. Your team is going to leave so relax Seen what my guys are doing in the warmup? Just watch, watch. We’ll see man. Baiteze Squad, Slash Football presenting, Rak Su! So Boys what team do you support? Im Man United, Man united yeah? Hometown Watford, Egypt, England. So Mo Salah Yeah? What about you? Watford. Arsenal. We’ve got an Arsenal boy here! I don’t like Arsenal He’s meant to be on your team! So we’re doing a four shot challenge today, so we’re gonna take one free-kick then one from the box you get one touch finish and then a penalty and then from there someone’s gonna deliver it and then you get first time shot and that’s it. No second take, one take only, one take only, so you boys ready yeah? Who’s going to be in goal? So, we will all change we all change everyone will go in goal at least once Yo, Ashley Rak Su up first aka The Youngest Granddad aka The Pyro Pappy aka Black Magic let’s do this alright. Ash, you gotta score this penalty bruv What has he done? He’s only gone and tried to chip him I’m going home, i’m going home. Aye Myles good save man thanks. That was wonderful All right, it’s me Myles Rak Su aka Nine Iron, lets go It’s a very good shot! There we go finish, don’t wait for him to get up, finish Oh my god through his legs! Love it, love it! Dont snake me. Give him a bad pass please? Retake, retake that! Thank you There’s nothing wrong with it! You know what that’s a class performance that, that’s an extremely class performance I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes you get beaten by the better man. I respect it. Sometimes you get beaten I was saying if he beats me there, if he gets it in that top corner, then fair enough. Do you know what I mean? And you did it, you did it If I scored that last volley I swear I’d have lost my head. Right, it’s Mustafa aka Phear-o-cious, grrr, let’s do this. Jam you ready yeah? Don’t worry about me bro Muss did that!! We take two, we take two! Listen I just want to say that from the other team they put butter on my um, on the soles of my feet You know, I slipped I couldn’t make it to the top of the top of the goal But you know what sometimes your competitors turn up and they’re better than you on a day, but you know what? It’s now my turn. What you don’t understand is, what you don’t understand… is that over the past couple of months There’s been a running battle going on about who’s better at football Out of Jamal and Mustafar and we all thought it was Jamal and Mustafa was doing a lot of talking and he just said his piece, so now it’s on Jam What’s going on guys Jamal Rak Su here aka I got this aka Barbados. Alright, let’s go Go on man, go on! Aye Jam come on Aye that’s minus one ya know, he kicked the ball over, that’s minus one! Two point four clause i, part two is said if it goes over the fence you lose a point. No one said that It’s your boy Jay the game is mine. Make sure you go to subscribe to Baiteze TV. We’re out, let’s do this! Hey Ims you ready!? Love that yes! Love that Jay nice yeah! It went over two posts, does that mean he gets deducted points? The touch is nice, the finish is better! Better! That’s cool, we got the one, got the one Finish this and we’re good. We’re nice if you finish this! Get out of here bruv! Team Su! Suu, suuuooooo Su, suooooo! It’s you boy, Wonder Boy, aka Boy Wonder. I love the hate, hey Jam I got you my Brudda These guys sponsor me man, hair’s all messed up can’t afford a trim, but I try. I try, I try. Hey VAR! It’s a good whip but what a save! Immed i’m in your head! I’m in your head! I told you! You can’t win, you can’t win! I told you, I told you I told you! Get out of here Get out of here I told you.. THE GAME IS MINE! Obviously that was the four shot challenge. Congrats to Su. Come on we don’t lose. They did win, but we lost because of… We’ve got the MPV right here! MVP MVP Muss I saved every shot come on! I just want to point out that in a time of need, when I needed my team mates they weren’t there. The other team put butter on the apparatus, you know, it messed with me ya know. The wind shift was…. Jam you got 99 shot power and 1 accuracy There’s no need to help me… because when I needed their help they weren’t there ya know… team…yeah whatever So make sure you subscribe to our channel, Slash Football and also their channel. Go check their new single as well man. Make sure you go check that boys. For the girls as well, make sure Single is missing But yeah that’s been your boys Baiteze and Rak Su and Slash Football. We’re out!


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