wwe how to make a barbwire baseball bat

hey guys it is your boy TheDavidHebert here with a WWE video so today we are going to be learning how to make a barbed-wire bat for your WWE figures let’s get started what things you’ll need you will need scotch tape you will need scissors you will need alumanim foil or tin foil either one works and you will need a sucker stick ok let’s get started so wait you also need duct tape so first what you do you get your duct tape and you what you do is you get your duct-tape you also grab the sucker stick and you do this watch very closely you like that the sucker stick and you just roll it up in the duct tape that you grab your scissors and cut a bit so that you can cut off and you flat mat over and then you that on the other side on the other half see how I have a half covered do it to the other half also just like that once again fuckin duct tape so you can fold that over and there you go you got it but that’s not all that’s just step that’s just the first couple of steps is like you next couple of steps you have to what you do is so you stay put this to the side real quick for now just for tiny bit grab your aluminum foil say that’s enough right there that much only about you probably only need about three inches of it that’s not it overthrew the census there you got that then you grab your suffer stick covered with duct tape just you know first you get your tape is this you look at the tape look at that we got there where you’re going to start it and then watch you that taking all the way around and then what you do is yes yes it got into the aluminum foil is barbed wire that’ll be a barbed wire and just a few sec now then you grab tape if you want to keep it down it doesn’t come undone there you got it guys you got your barbed wire back i might actually people that tape off yeah just peel off the tape you don’t need the tape yeah so they’re just got it there you got it guys a sec you’re barb wire back to WWE there you go guys see you guys peace out bye oh yeah also go down hit that like button and subscribe yeah so see you guys later next video probably gonna be on how to make WWE stairs for every WWE corner stairs for the pork and clip on the corner of your WWE wrestling if you have one ok so yup see you later guys bye

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