Oh, we picked the perfect time to walk out My name is Alex. I am a junior marketing
major from Charleston West Virginia. I am what people would call a content creator, I make a lot of videos, photos, media. Today, I’m gonna show you what WVU”s like for me. Wow dude, this is insane! We take the best days to come out here man. Oh my god. Oh my god. So graduating high school I wasn’t sure really what I wanted to do or where I
wanted to go, like most people honestly most people don’t know what they want to
do out of high school and especially starting college it’s kind of
nerve-racking and intimidating to not know what you want to do in this place
where you’re you’re supposed to pick a major and you’re supposed to try to find
your passion. After that I’d say around like the
second semester, like late second semester of my freshman year I really
started to develop a passion for photography for media, for social media
and content creation and all kinds of stuff that the university’s really
helped me grow. So tonight’s a weird night on campus. It’s Thursday but
tonight’s a football game, we play Baylor. So I got all my gear packed up I’m
headed to the field right now and should be a fun time it’s gonna be a cold night
but I’m excited so yeah, let’s go ‘eers. We got some gear, lens,
monopod, gear bag and my credential so ready to go. Hello! I’m shooting with this today,
this is my it’s my new camera Oh my god, it’s the Mountaineer! *music* I work for the university, as a
student photographer, and part of that job is I need to shoot sports, I get to
shoot events, alumni events, everything basically that the University covers.
With that job I’ve got to meet just like so many people from a million different
walks of life and it’s been really fulfilling for me. *music* I would never have got that opportunity
or that job if WVU wasn’t here and I’m really grateful and blessed that that
they are so welcoming to students like that. I mean there’s a million
opportunities for you at this school in whatever you want to do. WVU has really
helped me kind of find out who I wanted to be and find my passions and learn
new skills and capitalize on those skills and meet people and do things
that I didn’t think that I would possibly do in college at all. Games over,
everyone’s leaving It’s quiet out here, Mountaineers win 58
to 14 so I don’t know how close my prediction was. About 11 o’clock right now, about to go edit. Right now in college I have this, you have this,
everyone has this unique space where you’re not a full adult yet, you know,
you’re like in this weird space between being a kid and being an adult and so
you have the opportunity to try stuff. You know, like if you want to go play
Quidditch and be in Harry Potter you can do that. If you if you want to join the
Reading Club if you want to be a content creator like me rarely do you get all of
this stuff in one place. So, cheers! I hope you enjoy this video, I hope you
enjoyed this video, whatever it is you’re doing, I hope you have a great day and
yeah, peace! Who am I? Who am I? Coffee…ah! Peter McKinnon,
that’s who I am. I just watched his new video. It was
amazing and I really enjoyed it and I want to be him really bad.


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