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– Turn the ball a bit. Off spin…
– Like an off spinner. – Your hand is too high.
– Vikram: Oh. – Kedar: Keep it lower.
– Vikram: Lower? Yeah, this is fine. – What do I say to the umpire?
– Kedar: Actually… – Kedar: Umpire…
– Over the wicket or underground bowling? You’ve to say over the wicket
and go under the ground. Well, I’m not going to ask you to stand now because my standing height
and your sitting height is the same. – Vikram: I see..
– Kedar: So that’s perfect. Bhajji… Vikram: So there’s a huge difference
between us. – Yes.
– Vikram: And Mr. Harbhajan.. I’m not going to teach him anything.
I’ll learn from him. No, I have to learn how to bowl this ball. – No…
– Because I’ve never bowled this ball. – And normally, off spin goes straight.
– Yes. When a bowler spins,
it goes straight like this. Same holds good even for leg spin. He’s the only bowler in the world whose ball spins backwards. He bowls like how one spins a top. It’s an amazing way to bowl
and it’s impossible to copy his style. I have a question for you, Kedar. You’re from Pune, and people from Pune
are generally laid-back. No offence. When I played cricket as a kid,
we would bowl fast at first and then slow down
when we weren’t getting any wickets. I think your bowling style is inspired
from street cricket. Well, I completely agree with your statement about people from Pune being laid-back. You know, when I used to
practice bowling in nets… It happened at Dharamshala.
I vividly remember Mr. Dhoni asking me to be prepared
to bowl a couple of overs the next day in case any of the bowlers have a bad day. I used to bowl normal off spin
just like any other part-time off spinner. I mean, even the tenth batsman
would score runs off such bowling. Then I thought they’re going to hit me
no matter how I bowl. So, I started trying something different. I bowled one ball in that style
and it didn’t bounce at all. I bowled it outside the leg stump and Mr. Amit Mishra was batting at that time. He put his leg in front and left the ball. The ball landed over here
as I bowled it this way and it hit his pad. He said, “What the heck was that?” I replied, “I just bowled a ball.” Then Mr. Anil Kumble was our coach. I asked Mr. Anil to check my action and tell me if it’s okay to bowl
such a ball in a match. I bowled another ball in the same way. The ball came onto the stumps
after I released it but as a batsman, one might think
that it’s going to be wide. Mr. Anil Kumble told me
that as long as your hand is above your shoulder, that’s fine. Then I started bending my knees and… – You went lower.
– Absolutely. When I give commentary I thoroughly enjoy watching him bowl. Watching his bowling spells,
gives me a feeling that my commentary is getting better. Because it adds fun element
to the commentary. I haven’t seen such a bowling style
in international cricket before. Well, it’s good that he didn’t
play international cricket before otherwise he would’ve replaced me. Once I asked on Twitter as to what should we name such a ball. This is off spin and there’s a side spin too. But what do you call this one? “Can someone please tell me
what do you call such a ball?” I named it “Chakli bowling.”
Chakli means top. That means we are going to discover
a new ball on “What the Duck.” When I bowl at a batsman’s pad and appeal for LBW I think the fourth or third umpire in DRS
should tell the umpire that I’m not giving this batsman out because the ball is not reaching the stumps. Because the ball stops there and returns. You know, if I could ever… How will it help you?
You’re not going to get a wicket. Obviously not, but the batsmen will fear me because the ball’s not going
to reach the stumps. – So…
– It hits the stumps on the other end. So, as a batsman, you’re in trouble. – He’s a scientist.
– Vikram: Yes, he is. You were able to develop this new ball because of the chemistry
between you and MS Dhoni, right? – Yes, his bowling style…
– Vikram: I… Sometimes, I feel MS Dhoni must be made
the bowling coach of Indian team – after his retirement.
– No, sir. Let me also become something. What will we do if he does everything? He directs every ball before it’s bowled. Make him the director of cricket. – Did you have any similar experience?
– No.. Nothing of that sort happened with me but I remember one incident
when Kedar was bowling… There’s this opener from Afghanistan
who plays really good shots. – What’s his name?
– Shahzad. Shahzad. He was batting well
and getting the better of Indian bowlers. – He scored 100, if I’m not wrong.
– Yes. When Kedar came to bowl MS Dhoni told him not to bowl at stumps Harbhajan: and keep the ball away from him. I remember, he bowled a bit wide
and he got out. Vikram: Incredible. Mr. Bhajji, there’s one more incident. Champions Trophy, 2017. We were playing
against Bangladesh in semi-finals. I vividly remember this. Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim
were having a good partnership when I went to bowl. I bowled one over
and didn’t allow Tamim to score runs. So, after that over, Mr. Dhoni told me that if I bowl to him the next over as well he will try to hit me for a six. There are some players for whom
it becomes a matter of ego because they don’t like the idea
of a part-time bowler containing them. – So he thinks of taking on the bowler.
– Kedar: Yes. That’s what Mr. Dhoni told me. He said, “He’s going to step out
to hit you for a six “because it’s not easy to hit you for a six
on the back foot.” He told me to bowl at the stumps
and also bowl slow so that he can’t play that shot. Obviously that was there in my mind and I bowled a couple of fast balls at him so that he couldn’t step out. But when I was sure
that he’s going to swing his bat two hundred percent I bowled a slow ball. I mean, I let go of that ball
extremely slowly at his stumps. – And he swung his bat…
– Let go? He played the slog sweep,
and only after he completed his shot the ball went past him
and took the bails off. I still remember that. He let go of the ball! Just now he mentioned that Dhoni told him
it’s hard to hit him on the back foot. Anybody who succeeds in hitting him a six
on the back foot… I’m making this announcement on camera. The one to hit him for a six
on their back foot will be rewarded with Rs. 100 by me. It’s impossible to hit him a six
on the back foot. – The ball won’t reach the stumps.
– Yes. – Vikram: The ball…
– It’s impossible. But do you know what your ex-captain
said about you? He told me that if Harbhajan Singh
and Kumble are bowling then it’s difficult to stop them, because
they don’t listen to their captain at all. And when he asked you to take a break you ignored him and continued to bowl. Is that true? Who’s the ex-captain you are talking about? – Vikram: Virender Sehwag.
– Virender Sehwag. Well, I remember that match
where he was the captain. That test match took place in Ahmedabad. The ball had become pretty old
and I had already got four wickets. Then Viru walked up to me and asked
if he can take a new ball. I told him to go for it,
but I would continue to bowl. “I’d still bowl from this end.” “You can change the bowler at the other end.” I have worked hard for my four wickets. It only takes a few balls for a seamer
to get them out. Perhaps, I’ll be needing a few more balls,
but I’ll be the bowler. New ball or old ball, you would bowl. Yes, I would bowl. That’s because I’ve got four wickets
and I should get the fifth one too – which I deserve.
– Of course. Let’s talk a bit about batting. You’ve played two memorable… Actually,
you’ve played a lot of memorable innings. I remember one chase with MS Dhoni Vikram: and another with Virat Kohli. India versus England in Pune,
I think it was the first ODI. The running between the wickets
was so incredible and I thought you might
walk up to Virat anytime and tell him to slow down a bit. The fitness level was just great
and your fitness improved after that match. Tell us something about that. Well, I personally believe
that the fitness transition that has taken place in Indian Team
and in Indian cricketers is because of how seriously
Virat has taken that up. And everybody has been seeing the kind of fitness he has achieved
and the results he’s getting. He’s able to consistently perform
in all formats… Well, say this in Hindi now. – In Hindi?
– Yeah. – Please continue in English.
– Vikram: Tell us about your batting. – Sir…
– Vikram: You’re with your friends… – I know that I’m disturbing you.
– He… No. – Don’t mind me, okay?
– All right. – I’m following you.
– Well, you know… That match was my thirteenth ODI. We were playing in Pune. I was playing a club game
ten days before that and I had suffered an intercostal tear. Anyhow, I had to play this game. I’m a firm believer in signs. I feel that the universe gives you signs indicating that something
is being readied for you. So I thought, the match
was being played in Pune and I’m the first player from Pune
to play at his home ground for India. I had a feeling that the stage
was being set for me. When England was batting and when they were scoring runs I was glad and really wanted them
to score more so that I can bat too. – Vikram: Amazing.
– Because I knew, a score of 270 or 280 – will be easily chased by our top order.
– And you won’t get to bat. One of the top three batsmen will score
a century and the match will be over. So I was happy when they scored 300 and more. He must’ve been the only batsman
to make such a wish. “Please score 400
because I intend to score 200.” I was really happy. And when our batting started,
we lost wickets in quick succession. By the time I reached the dugout
after wearing my pads I guess, Mr. Dhoni got out and I didn’t even get a chance
to sit down there to get over my nervousness. I went straight to bat. And everything went in my favor that day. For instance, if I wanted to hit a four
with a square cut the bowler bowled outside
the off stump and I hit a four. More often than not, you know the positivity in you
will reflect in your game. It all depends on how you think. Coming back to our discussion on fitness when the Yo-Yo test was implemented – I was a bit anxious…
– This test is quite difficult. There were a lot of players
who worked out for strength but didn’t do cardio. But eventually when the time has passed – now I have realized, you know…
– Vikram: It was important. It was a very important step
which the management and Virat took and they stood by it. It has definitely given, not just me but our fast bowlers too,
the edge over others. We are winning test matches
because our bowlers are able to bowl at 140 kmph in the last session
of the fifth day. That’s our victory in terms of efforts. This is my opinion. As long as there’s a committed effort
from the eleven of us the result will be in our favor
most of the time. – Vikram: Well said.
– Yo-Yo test? When it was introduced for the first time I thought it was used to listen to music. – You mean, more like Yo-Yo Honey Singh.
– Yo-Yo. I decided to take up the test because Mr. Anil Kumble told me to do so. I thought it would be a cakewalk for me. I went there and was looking for a mic
to sing a song. Then they made me stand in a queue to run. But I told them I’m here for the Yo-Yo test.
They replied, “This is the Yo-Yo test.” But for me, Yo-Yo test was all about
music and singing. There’s music in the test,
but it is not a good one. – You only hear the beep sound.
– Beep… You have to reach the finish line
before the beep sound. – It increases your heart rate.
– Yes. You know, it must be three or four years ago that I thought Harbhajan Singh’s time was up. But when I look at you now you look so fit and younger. Is this transition influenced by Virat Kohli – Vikram: or you felt that…
– Well, I… If you look at this young team whether it’s Virat Kohli or Kedar… When I compare Kedar’s current fitness
with how he looked in the past I feel so proud of you. He has become lean and channelized his energy. You know, then I was newly married and I used to eat everything – and had put on a lot of weight.
– Vikram: Yes. And I was completely out of shape. I mean, I had fat everywhere. One fine day, he told me that I’m overweight and took me with him to a gym. – Vikram: Wow.
– And then Virat and Shikhar joined him. I didn’t open the door for two days
when they were knocking on it. I knew that it was them. But eventually I went and then I got used to it. Then I was determined to lose weight. And gradually, I lost weight. But there’s something
I found difficult to overcome. I was so fond of eating. I didn’t know how to go about it. But he became very strict with me and forbade me from eating several things. We used to have buffet
and there were Rasgullas on the menu. My mouth watered the moment I saw Rasgullas and I craved for them. There’s a song in Punjabi “I miss my dear friends” When I used to pass by the Rasgullas I would sing the same song.
I craved for them. But they didn’t let me eat it. Everybody knows that Harbhajan Singh
is a fearless bowler. But there’s one place where Harbhajan Singh stops being jovial and becomes quite serious. – Obviously, on the ground.
– No, not on the ground, in the flight. I have heard people say that even if there’s a small turbulence
in the flight you panic. Yes, I’m a bit scared of heights. Whenever we experience turbulence in a flight I start praying to God. You feel uneasy. I cannot tell you about the feeling. I panic, sweat and chant the Almighty’s name. Not just me, John Wright
was equally scared of turbulence. So, we were rivals. Whenever that happened the one sitting next to me would stare at me, amazed. And I would shout and tell him not
to stare at me and make things worse. Yes, I’m a bit scared of turbulence. I can’t do anything about it. Virender Sehwag told me
that he too was scared and when it would become unbearable he would sit down next to Sachin Tendulkar. You know, nothing can go wrong
when you have God’s company. I agree completely.
Even Hashim Amla had said that. – Vikram: Exactly.
– He echoed my statement. John Wright’s face would turn red. As red as a carrot! We would laugh at him
and he would be restless. He would not be at peace for as long as the turbulence continued. People do get scared but many of them pretend they do not. – You’re right.
– Vikram: That’s true. When the flight descends all of a sudden you get this strange feeling. Please don’t talk about that. When we experience turbulence
at great heights we start chanting the Almighty’s name. I cannot do anything but chant His name. I’m sure you’re not scared of anybody because you’re a fan of Salman Khan. That momentous day when you dedicated your century
to Salman Khan… Please do it once
and tell us the complete story. – Harbhajan: Dabangg!
– Sir, I definitely will but let me say something about fear first. One who has wronged someone is scared. One who hasn’t, need not be. So, why am I scared of turbulence? – No, that’s not what I meant.
– I mean… – Why should I…
– Vikram: It’s the pilot… It’s not even the pilot’s fault.
It all depends on the weather. I scored my first century against Zimbabwe
in that match. I made my debut at Ranchi
but was dismissed early. We went to Zimbabwe to play three ODIs. When I entered the Harare Sports Club
for the first time to practice I saw a board right above the stairs. “Harare Sports Club.
Established in March 1985.” It’s the same month and year of my birth. – So I thought…
– Vikram: Wow! This stadium and I started our journey
on the same day, same year. – Vikram: Fantastic!
– So, I thought it would be lucky for me. I had this belief during
the entire duration of the series. I was dismissed early in the first match. The second match had only six to seven overs. So, I had to go for quick runs. I was dismissed having scored
just 15 or 16 runs. So, I was playing the final one-day
of that series and it was my fourth ODI. I had failed to score in
the previous three ODIs. So, it was my last chance
to prove myself at the international level. I clearly remember I was on strike and had scored about 15 runs when I defended a ball and edged it. The keeper appealed,
but the bowler wasn’t confident. It did touch the edge. I was a bit nervous but I used my acting skills and looked normal. – Acting skills!
– So, the umpire dismissed the appeal. It was another sign that it was my day. I continued scoring runs and when I was on 40 Zimbabwe’s captain, Graeme Cremer,
bowled a googly. I went for a cut but it bounced hit the handle and was in the air,
towards point. When it was still in air – I visualized my career trajectory.
– Right! “Kedar Jadhav played four ODIs for India.” “Highest score, 40, against Zimbabwe.”
That’s it! I was praying to God. It was an extremely easy catch. – Harbhajan: A cakewalk.
– Yes. The Zimbabwe captain was already smiling but the ball bounced
and it was a missed catch. I thought, God had given me
enough opportunities… – You had to make the most of it.
– I wanted to make the most of it. I knew it was going to be my day and was certain to hit a century. A catch was dropped in the 41st over. On the second last ball of the 50th over I needed three runs. If I mistimed the ball and the strike was rotated I would stay on 98, not out as Stuart would play the last ball. So, I knew I had to score on that ball. So, I shuffled a little. The fast bowler panicked
and tried to follow me and ended up bowling a full toss.
I hit him for a sixer. I’ve been a big fan of Salman
since my childhood. It was the greatest moment of my life and I wanted to dedicate it to Salman Khan. I wanted to show him that I’m his fan. After celebrating,
I kept my bat and helmet down and started doing this. Udd Udd Dabangg Dabangg… I still remember what Harbhajan did. I watched him on the big screen.
He was doing the same. And it was… That was the best moment
of my life at that time. As a cricketer that was my first century
at the international level. I could dedicate it to my childhood hero, Salman Khan. I tasted success in cricket and could
also dedicate it to my childhood hero. It was a great feeling. – He walks exactly like Mr. Salman Khan.
– Harbhajan: Unbelievable! It’s even better. – Beautiful.
– No, that’s not true. He has great ability as a mimic. He can mimic Nana Patekar well. – Vikram: Come on, do it.
– Well… Rohit Sharma always asks me to. Let me ask you questions,
mimicking Ravi Shastri and you answer me,
mimicking Nana Patekar. – Kedar: Sir…
– I think, Kedar… Sorry. I think you played well, Nana. What do you think? I always perform well.
That’s why I am in the team. – Amazing.
– Vikram: Amazing. Let’s talk about Chennai Super Kings. Dwayne Bravo told me that
you rarely have team meetings. And MS Dhoni has maintained
that such meetings do not last for more than
six minutes. Why do you not hold
team meetings regularly? Team meetings are vital for
effective functioning of corporates. You rarely hold such meetings but your team is on a winning spree.
What’s the secret, sir? This time, I attended such a meeting
for the first time and asked for a cup of coffee. I sat down in my chair with a cup of coffee and the meeting started. Before I could take my first sip,
Fleming said, “Let’s go” and the team members were asked to disperse.
It didn’t last for more than a few minutes. I could only take a sip and had to walk out. This team believes in performing
on the ground instead of discussing what to do. Meetings create confusion
more than anything else. And so, we do away with meetings
and perform on the ground. – We focus on performance.
– Everyone knows what they need to do. That’s right.
Everyone calls us Dad’s Team. – And we are very proud to be called that.
– Yes, absolutely. We all are experienced players. And experience isn’t something
which comes easily – or you can get it…
– Vikram: You can’t buy experience. It demands a lot of hard work. As they say you have to go through
ups and downs to gain experience. You guys are called Dad’s Army. Having so many kids on the floor
where the CSK team stays is an advantage, isn’t it? Well, it’s my point of view. The other teams play a match
only once in three to four days but we play every day with the kids apart from playing one match
every three to four days. And so, we are more in touch
with the game… Playing with kids is much more difficult. It is a great method to put your patience and endurance to test. You have be creative enough to teach them – and go by their mood.
– Vikram: Wow! – It is more about adaptability.
– Harbhajan: Absolutely. If they have too many chocolates you should know how to tackle the situation. So, it encompasses everything. – Your leadership qualities are put to test.
– Yes. After the Yo-Yo test,
you have to pass the Crying-Test. This is called the Hammer Game. Now that I’ve tested your mental strength which you display on the ground I am going to test your physical strength. You have to pick up a hammer and hit this as hard as you can.
You played well last time. Let’s find out who scores more. Will there be a toss? No need for a toss.
You can see the score instantly. I mean, who’s going to go first? – You decide that.
– Well… – Senior’s discretion.
– You decide that. – Let’s go then.
– He will go first. An off spinner versus a semi-off spinner. This is our hammer game. Who’s going to go first? Kedar Jadhav. All right. Come on, sir. – Last year, you scored 907.
– 907. – Harbhajan: Wow!
– Vikram: Well done! – It’s a good knock.
– Kedar: Good… It’s 923. Well done! A record-breaking performance! – He’s amazing!
– Wonderful! Good luck, Mr. Harbhajan Singh. Wait, let me just fix my stiff back as well. – It was not a sound shot.
– Not a good hit. – It was not a sound shot.
– 1000… 1000… – It wasn’t a good shot.
– Vikram: It’s… – Vikram: Nine..
– It will easily touch 1000. No, it’s 897. Well done! Congratulations, Mr. Kedar Jadhav. You gave the new-generation player
an opportunity and he has made the most out of it. This era belongs to them. So, they should excel. Now, it is their duty
to take the legacy forward. This is a very important class
for all of you. You have to concentrate hard and draw a duck. – And…
– I have drawn enough ducks. How many more do you want? Hence, focus and draw a proper picture
of a duck. – Come on, Kedar.
– Yes. Your time starts now. You may use colors. Vikram: Mr. Harbhajan Singh,
if you pass this time your daughter will be proud of you. Nice! Amazing! I think I have drawn a tap. – Well done!
– Very good. Vikram: It is a masterpiece
that will sell for 10 million!

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