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The start of a new Premier League season
brings with it a host of new players, and with them, an array of
colorful fresh club kits. All 20 Premier League clubs freshen
up their look every summer, with fans buying up the new shirts
to match the stars on the pitch. For the 2018/19 season though,
kit prices are hitting an all-time high. For the first time in England, the average
price of the full ensemble will be $125. And the most expensive of the lot?
Manchester United. United’s new strip, which includes a basic
adult short-sleeved shirt, shorts and socks tops the price charts at $150, while
their fully printed ‘authentic’ kit, the same one worn by players on matchdays,
comes in at more than $235. Manchester United is ranked as the
world’s most valuable soccer team generating more matchday revenue here
at Old Trafford than any other team. And in 2015, United signed a lucrative
$965 million deal with Adidas to make its kit. I think that the football kits should be half the
price they are now and even lower than that. And even at that price there’s a good
profit level for the football club. I think it’s greed at the
moment to be honest. Wearing your club’s colors is seen as
a way of feeling closer to the team, with thousands of shirts being bought every
year by fans, no matter what the design. Weighing up the competition when it comes to
looking at the Premier League kit price table makes for some
interesting reading. So Manchester United top the league,
slightly more expensive than Roman Abramovich-owned Chelsea
and Abu Dhabi-backed Manchester City. North London club Arsenal
make up the top four. Further down the list and it’s Burnley propping
up the rest with a full adult replica kit of $96. The top-priced kit is made by Adidas, with
two of the next three manufactured by Nike, with Arsenal’s Puma shirt in fourth. So what influence can elite athletes have
with particular brand associations? You probably look at somebody
wearing a football kit, a replica kit, 10, 20 times more
than they wear a normal shirt. So are they getting the value
out of it, is it a must-have item? Pogba’s probably the best
example of where you’ve seen an unbelievable partnership
between the club and the brand. Adidas were the first to reveal that Pogba
had actually signed for Manchester United. That was a game changer,
that had never been done. And that showed the power of the brand
working with the power of the club together. A good shirt never really goes out of fashion either.
A classic design can always be freshened up for a whole new audience, as was
evident in the 2018 World Cup. You saw, like Adidas, they had a lot of shirts
that were based on previous tournaments. Spain had one from ‘94,
Germany’s was based on 1990, Columbia 1990 as well so yeah, they do play
a big part in the current design of shirts. Despite winning the Premier League title with
a record 100 points here at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City don’t even come close to
their local rivals when it comes to shirt sales, with the red half of Manchester
shifting nearly three million a year. Hi guys, Adam here,
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100 thoughts on “Would you pay $235 for a football kit? | CNBC Sports

  1. Replica kits are for Children. If you're over the age of 12 and you go to a game in one have a word with yourself..

  2. certainly not.
    I started buying jersey at a price of €70 and it was already too much
    when adidas introduced "tech fit" as an excuse to charge 20€ more it was the drop that breaks the camel's back

  3. Depending on which budget I'm on. Currently I would not buy a $235 kit. Instead I could buy a replica or a tshirt of the team which can be way cheaper. You don't have to be the newest kits or the most expensive to look good or show support. If I made a lot of money a year then sure I'd buy a $235 kit.

  4. They were talking about full kits with the socks and shirts AND player name, number, and league patches. All of that raises the price but you can get a shirt without any of that for 90 U.S. dollars

  5. The kits prices are set by the manufacturer not the club so this is bullshit. Lazy journalism and typical anti United shite.

  6. well if you are rich and a very big fan, you would buy it, but lets be honest… who tf would want to be a MU fan, you'd literally torturing yourself

  7. Buulllllsssshhhhiiiittt! Everyone knows Real Madrid is the most valuable and more important fútbol team in the world!!! Nice try tho!

  8. I have one of those match magazines from 2012 where they were advertising Man U kits and an adults top was only £40 , that’s the price of the kids prices now it’s disgusting I love football replica but they definitely aren’t worth the price they are sold for

  9. The only thing crappy about Man Utd these days are the Yankee money-hungry Glazers…
    Get 'em and their debts out of Manchester plz.

  10. Buy them at the end of the season, or better, don't buy a new one, I always like people who have old jersey's as it indicate how long they are fans of the team (or when they became to fat and had to buy a new one)

  11. Soccer is a sport for men who couldn’t play other challenging sports. A silly sport spread during a time the world was coming together, and the fact it appeals to the poor since it requires basically nothing to play it now helps it enjoy its moderate success.

  12. Bought my Feyenoord shirt for 25 euro from the official shop, bought my Juventus shirt for 120 euro from the official shop.

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