WORST BUGS EVER!!! | Spike Volleyball Friendly Multiplayer Episode 1

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Professional Volleyball Game you’ve gotta be kidding me this is some
of the worst bugs I’ve ever seen in my life hello and welcome back to chess guy came
in we’re back playing spike volleyball having a blast playing through this game
except things are a little bit different this episode I am no longer on PC I
switched over to ps4 because I want to play on the ranked modes online here and
see if I can get some matches against other people hopefully this works
hopefully we can have some fun hopefully I don’t suck anyways let’s get to
alright my team sucks it’s the same as my other team though because I had an
editing added any guys to that other team no one everybody was the same why I
changed of the Libero this team’s pretty much the same though so we’ll see
we’re looking for an opponent please work please don’t be what it was before you guys how long is appropriate to wait
for this this is bullshit man like I’ve been waiting for 3 minutes 4
minutes now like does this work I’ve heard from people that they can
play this isn’t work I hope so nice tour lets me return this freakin game brütal
ok the ranked match doesn’t work I’m officially saying it I’ve tried it on
two versions now now I’m gonna try the friendly match to see if this works
oh I can Oh interesting so I can pick which team to be s yeah ok this is fun
what’s Canada ranked 86 overall nice I will take that who’s that guy alright
please work I can pick the Canadian team we can play as international squads
please find somebody like it’s 9:30 on a Thursday night you’re telling me that
there’s nobody playing this game right now
like that’s this is just frickin ridiculous let’s go wait wait what happened I wasn’t paying
attention is this working sorry it’s been 10
minutes I was just sitting here on my phone fooling around is something
happening I played a game right now are you serious
this actually works I’m playing a game it’s a joke
what are you kidding me oh my god what a scarf
hi buddy have you seen the seeker whoa we founded that okay okay now we’re
talking all right I’m not that good I guess
oh that’s bullshit that’s frickin bullshit I got a net slipper the whole
time can I not do this like what the heck is going on pass up guys what the hell is going on I can’t do
shit this is really weird oh my god this is jumpy as hell this is
so bad right now you guys this is awful oh my god let’s try to do something with
it but this is terrible like oh my god this is really bad so buggy wear that what the hell what
the hell is going on did you say are you seeing this this is a joke I know I’m
getting my ass kicked all right just serve it tough at him see
how he can handle it all right yeah like this is a joke you’ve gotta be kidding me
these are some of the worst bugs I’ve ever seen in my life it’s a joke what
the hell is going on who’s hitting it what the hell is going on like this is
such a mess such a mess I score that out what this
is just terrible are you guys seeing this it’s a buggy
mess I mean this guy’s obviously pretty good but like is this my connection what
the hell is going on Wow I’m in shock I’m in shock I’ll try to make something of it I guess
but like geez this is really really bad what they looked in what the hell is
going on here he paused it why why are you pausing like what are you doing yeah
great what what the hell’s going on guys
are you seeing this this is bullshit the balls bounce around all of a sudden it’s
getting hit I can’t do anything about this where are my guys what oh my god okay I just got to keep it in I guess
that it’s just tough to pass period net flipper what there’s a dig pad on that
buddy all right yay am i coming back I’m gonna come back successful lock yes nice this is so
trash I’m serving the same guy every time see ball there’s a date set that
guy back he’s gonna pound in absolutely every time what did he block it what
vault how what that’s out what the fuck you guys if
this video works what you probably won’t this is disgusting alright I’m gonna try to I’m gonna try
to actually win he’s like you just gotta get it in because it’s a buggy mess and
hope that like something works out in your favor
maybe aim deep he dug that yeah just got to keep it in Jenna fault yes
wait what you got that how nice okay bounce it like I would we got a successful block okay great now
I’m folding up completely try it again gosh and a dig but I scored what all
right let’s go I can’t even day I don’t even have a chance today like I just got
to mash the button and hope something happens what this is bullshit okay that
happened what the is going on this is a mess you
guys this is a bullshit mess it’s not because I’m losing like I’m I’m losing
I’m not losing fairly though for sure ray yay okay I’m gonna win this I’m
gonna figure out figure this out and win this in spite of this bullshit there’s a
dig these guys aren’t ready to go at all what happened what come on it’s bullshit
in the offline mode the guys get off no problem there’s a yeah do the line
bounce backwards yes come on found that buddy do something with it
where’d it go there’s a dig is that the C ball guy hit a deep that’s not
effective at all do something with it middle guy yeah somehow I don’t know
what’s going on yeah this guy’s ready for it you can handle it okay what yes
what the hell is going on like nothing is happening and everything is happening
like what success vlog go come like you don’t know when they’re gonna be hitting
it so how are you gonna stack up your block now you get a time anything but
the serve you can’t because you don’t know off the tape what this is the
national team the other guys didn’t hit it off the tape whoa what huge break come on now please go in yes ace there’s a lucky break
geez this is terrible there’s a dig he’s ready for it found that scene buddy
gosh man they’re digging everything I can’t make a single dig dig
I can’t make a single in digging this guy’s digging everything this is this is
ridiculous this is honestly ridiculous yeah set the
highball that guy come on what the hell is this you guys what the
hell is this this is a joke is what it is off the tape really out yes what the
hell is going on I can’t tell who’s hitting it I can’t tell what’s going on
at all just hit it hit it like you do off the
tape that’s great what how is he digging these okay okay like things are happening there’s a dig come on come on what the
hell this is just a joke what I do the same thing every time how did I score
that please tell me how I scored that that makes no sense
oh my god successful block or not what what the hell’s going on yeah a successful walk come on tied the
game up what I can’t sir is this a glitch like I can’t serve
right now let me serve let me do something this is
bullshit I can’t do anything nothing to do with all the time and wine
down great really great I tie it up and then you let you don’t let me sir so
lucky let’s go now I can serve come on now get it get the lead here okay this is the buggiest piece of shit
I’ve ever seen NASA all right guys so that’s gonna do it for
this episode that was the buggiest piece of shit I’ve
ever seen that has really really changed my opinion about this game anyways thank
you guys so much for watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy
gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Professional Volleyball Game

26 thoughts on “WORST BUGS EVER!!! | Spike Volleyball Friendly Multiplayer Episode 1

  1. I play on Xbox one and usually get on about 12:30 and for some reason I always play like 3 games but any time before or after is a no go

  2. Sorry to see the online play is so buggy. 🙁 Their libero was literally warping out of no where to dig the ball, and that is just one glitch among many like that floating sky camera at 12:40 and that can't serve bug was brutal lol Please patch this Black Sheep Studio!

  3. At 8:27 there is a fault. From FIVB Volleyball Rules 2017-2020, Rule "A player may not complete an attack hit when the ball is entirely higher

    than the top of the net, if the ball is coming from an overhand finger
    pass by a Libero in his/her front zone. The ball may be freely attacked if the Libero makes the same action from outside his/her front zone". In this case this is true if the wall touched the ball, otherwise it is simply ball in ("fault" in the game because it does not all the rules).

  4. Volleyball is great and all, but this game sucks so bad.. This game should be 5$ in the Xbox/PS Store like an indie game, but instead its 40$?! Who the FUCK would ever pay 40$ for this kind of bullshit game.

  5. Yeah there is a lot of bugs in the online play too. Played against someone in the club I made SPIKE VOLLEYBALL GAMERS last night and was excited to finally play good competition. But it just seemed lopsided match cause there were too many delays throughout the whole match. Hope they fix it, cause I think online would be more competitive then playing in career . Happy your making these videos to show everyone and hope they fix the bugs and update soon??for the ballers???

  6. Is there a site or email we can send the developers requests? At least we can find out when their next release for bug fixes are… I am
    Patient and just happy we have an indoor game since outlaw volleyball. I rather be patient but… if people pay $40 for the game – there should be some priority on bug fixes.

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