World’s Coolest Mattel Electronics Baseball, Mini Handheld

[Music] [Applause] Hey we’re trying to get the best lighting for this little little guy here this is the world’s coolest Mattel electronics haenyeo game back in the day thank you there he’s my color man yes this is the handheld baseball game that’s been reproduced by Mattel I think it was in 1978 I had this when I was a kid it was awesome it was a lot bigger probably 4 inches by 6 inches this is only I don’t know 2 inches by an inch and a half if that and it’s pretty neat it’s keychain it’s fully playable I I’ve had one before I’ve already kind of see these are made by Mattel are they oh that’s I okay I didn’t know that well you might not know that he’s I’m destroying the packaging I don’t like her it’s a $8 a 44 cents for one of these guys I think it is a fun little novelty super impulse limited its yellow keychain it’s pretty durable I broke my original when I had and then also gonna be careful with these guys if you leave the power on he’ll drain your battery it has some watch batteries in it I have actually not unscrewed that to check it out but I already drained this guy pretty easily so just be careful your on/off switch right here it’s one and two in the middle is off now to you think might be two players but actually not your playing to players regardless to is everything’s faster the pitches are faster than what not oh I hope that some charges should become I get a bum one oh yeah see ya you know Matt’s useful for some things and all right fine whatever exactly he’s right so this is Mattel classic baseball to the fore I love your direction sir how’s that ooh there you go everything looks kind of lit up but it’s not really liked it here try not to catch the glare how’s that I like this version boom I can all right so you pitched with the button here on the left and then you swing with the button on the right and it counts balls and strikes I’m hitting a bunch of foul balls right now so I’m not doing exceptionally well there’s some playing for the camera again they’re just you know this is a mini game anyway it is it’s fun for what it is for sure I should concentrate on playing and let my cameraman do his job right I’d say it’s a cool novelty you can’t see anything I took this camping with me a couple weeks ago and every time I had a little free minute you know a mountain memo where you’re not carrying your cell phone on you you have your car keys because usually with your vehicle and I played this from time to time and had a good old time the sound effects are pretty good if I could hit a homer or even hit the dang ball here let me try to see I got a play I want to hit the ball Matt it’s not as important for the best view if I can’t hit the damn ball I hit the ball and gun turn out all right right feel okay now you got anything run but at this point which is right up here in the upper here if I can make the first now you can chance to go on a second but you might get thrown out so I probably made the second but I wanted at least get a hit on camera we go they also make other versions they make a little basketball version and a football version I think there’s only three that I know of yeah I think there was a hockey though back in the day if I remember

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