World Cup Cats

Hm, I think I’ll… YES! Inflate the ball, w… work… out… Jump rope now kick the ball wow, that wasn’t good Come on! Don’t let goals in! Don’t let the balls in the goal! OH MY GOD I DID IT! Wow Phil, just, wow Ow! What the- RUN RUN RUN Come on! Faster! Like this I can do… OH COME ON! Work… out… more This is easy Oh, hello :3 OH CRAP! Oh, YAY! Come on, I’ve got it Dang it Ow! EAT IT MORON! Don’t look bad… don’t look bad… Hey, that wasn’t bad! Nice, nice MICHAEL YAS!!!!! Oh yeah… I’m ready MICHAEL OH MY GOD Okay Michael! You’re up! Get in there!! Time to show everybody what I can do! (people cheering) Michael walking into goal Annoncer: That’s not something you see everyday Annoncer: With the kick off! Micahel: Oh God: Annoncer: The visiting team moving surprisingly fast down the field! … Ouch… Beatiful art of Michael scoring, Check out other videos of Michael, they’re awesome as always 🙂 Make sure to subscribe if you liked it, for more videos starring Michael If you really enjoyed, like the video! It helps Aaron and Michael Stay notified when new videos come out with the bell icon Have a great day 🙂 *Turn captions off*

100 thoughts on “World Cup Cats

  1. Serbia flag 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💓💓💓💓💗💗💚💚💚💙💙💛💛💜💜

  2. Soooooo literally one of my friends tried to lie to us saying that this is his channel but he isn’t even inglish HES FRIGGIN BRASILIAN

  3. Everybody let’s not discard the fact that at the start of the vid it was Germany vs Argentina
    Why is he hold a Spanish flag?….

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