52 thoughts on “World Champion Table Tennis Competition

  1. Kimmich is exceptionally Sharp and Intelligent,being a kid he has shown he can own the big boys,has a Touch of Quality and Class be it penetrating incisive passes or long rangers he absolutely nails them,Big Big Addition to Bayern Munich Squad hes a World Class player who is a Difference maker he will shine more than anybody in Big Games.

    Douglas Costa – Pace,Intelligence,Skills,Accuracy,Touch.Two games 2 assists,another Big Big Addition to Bayern Munich Team who is a Difference Maker,i dont yet know how well he will fare against Big Teams the indications are optimistic but if he focuses and improves further he will be a Star of Big Games too.

    Both of these players got Creativity and very sharp Creativity,these arent the kinda players who are there to support the Team they are the Sword Edge of the Team cos when confronted with an obstacle or tight situation they dont get bogged down they have the aggression to win those situations like Robben and Ribery do,as Season progresses they will only get better and their Abundance of Quality will be more clear to see. 

    I dont know why any Club would force players on a Coach like Pep Guardiola who has a knack of finding Unknown Players with Sheer Quality going undetected from everybody elses Radar,he can Identify Explosive Potential and buy them for very cheap price and enhance them by a great deal by giving them environment that makes them Thrive.Absolutely Loved the Bayern Munich vs Valencia,such Beautiful Football put on display by these two new signings,it was an Exquisite Treat to watch.

  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ttcstraubing.SalbergApp

    Bald findet wieder das Salbergturnier in Straubing statt. Das Traditionsturnier im Herzen Niederbayerns.

  3. Normally I don't like the promotional table tennis videos but this is somehow different. I love the atmosphere and how Müller and Lahm play the sport. I was surprised. Guess they play a lot in their free time.

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