Women’s Volleyball NCAA Regional Semi-Final vs #1 Lewis Highlights

What do you think made the biggest
difference in order to push Lewis to five sets instead of the last time that you
guys saw them? I think our you know our level of play was a lot better last time
we played them we played a bunch of really close sets but we you know our
hitting was was not very strong and tonight I thought we did a much better
job especially on the pins just you know working the ball and taking advantage of
the things that the situation gives us. Oh I saw you know two really good
volleyball teams battling point for point and you know working hard and
going on runs and losing runs and recovering and you know I just I think
we saw you know for sure two of the top teams in the nation playing and it was a
great match and you know it went it felt like a 30 second match I’m sure to the
fans it felt a little longer but it was just you know it was something to
definitely be proud of. So you guys had a really incredible season can you just
tell me a little bit about the season and your guys’s accomplishments? You know
I think probably the hallmark of the season they’re probably two things that really jumped out one is the leadership of our
five seniors those women the growth that they had through the year just
incredible and I mean through the whole year like from the moment they became
the seniors last December till now just the growth that they’ve done and
the way that they have led this team and they and they had a really clear idea of
the kind of team that they wanted to have and and the relationships and how
that they would be and they really really worked hard to make that come
true and then I think the other thing is just the growth of the team through the
season I mean just from August to September to October like every day we
came in and gym and got a little better and just I saw so many things that they
did tonight that were things that they you know that we’ve worked on you know
adding into our repertoire over the last months and weeks and it just was amazing
to see all that kind of come together and unfortunately you know it felt a
little short and we just didn’t we weren’t able to just crispin it up you
know just a little bit more when we needed it but you know the things that
we did see were amazing to see oh I think it’s great you
know playing especially when we played at home like conference tournaments and
things like that like it’s just incredible the amount of people in the
community who are supporting us and who are there at our games and who know our
players and are excited for what they’re doing and you know I think our players
are you know some pretty strong individuals really good role models they
work hard in the classroom they work hard you know to be good people there in
the community serving the community so I just you know I’m excited for the fan
support we’ve had and lots of people watching online tonight I know cuz I got
a barrage of texts and you know and just exciting to see that that so many people
are there supporting us.

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