Women’s Gloves | Made by Lavabre Cadet

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison. It’s wonderful to
be back with Jean Baptiste here of Lavabre Cadet. We’re inside the Camille
Fournet Atelier in their small little bespoke corner and we’ve just been
spending the day talking about some of your beautiful gloves. And so here you
have some of the examples of ladies gloves that Lavabre Cadet does
traditionally you know since 1946 whenever you guys opened, you know of
course glove making for women was predominantly kind of what the Atelier
was focusing on. Exactly, because women are very creative and had a lot of
beautiful requests. So yes, the NoHo started with the women’s collection and
we try to keep it until today. And we also try to make a good synergy between Camille Fournet and Lavabre Cadet. So because Camille Fournet is very
specialized and famous for their exotic skins, we try to do some be materials
creations. So for example this is a woman’s driving gloves with lizard and
lambskin. And for example on this one you will find also very beautiful, very clean model between alligator piping and lambskin
again. So yes, for us woman of course as important as men and we have a
collection for everybody. Talk to me a little bit about this glove right here. I
mean this is interesting kind of shearling. It’s a lamb shearling glove.
Exactly, so actually gloves do not have
always fingers. So what we try to do is we try to make some different styles
that can allow a woman to be warm to have
a warm glove, but at the same time that is functional. If she want to use
your cell phone for example, so this is why you have a wide opening here and
so you can easily reach your phone. So of course for most of The Hanger Project
customers you know they’re very well familiar with you know the incredible
gloves you do for men, but here you know out of your Parisian Atelier, you know
you’re doing you know just as many incredible creations for women. Exactly,
and we are very happy and very lucky to have women customer that comes that come
directly to our Atelier. But we have also many customers that are very
satisfied with their own pair of gloves, so they go here shopping for someone
else. Yeah, so someone that has the pleasure of being in Paris, I mean where
where could they come find find you and and really see some of these
incredible gloves? Yes, so you can you can find us quite easily. We are at the five
Rue Cambon which is really in the center of the fashion and luxury district. And
it’s very close to Jeu de Paume so a few meters away and you can find us.
Yeah and Camille Fournet is known especially for you know their leather
work with watch straps and for purses. Yes. Right, and then in the small back
corner of the Atelier is a small area dedicated exclusively to Lavabre Cadet
and all of your gloves. Yes, what we try to do is really offering to the people
the NoHo of Camille Fournet with the watch straps, the small double hooks in back. All of the same very high quality. And of course now we are lucky to also
offer a great service for gloves. Yeah, great.
Well Jean Baptiste, thank you so much. Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to see you.
You’re welcome. Fantastic.

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