– Good morning. Happy Saturday, Saturday. It’s been a while
since we’ve had just a chill Saturday morning. The girls have surprised
us boys with some breakfast. We’ve got some over
hard eggs with Cholula, toast with peanut
butter and bananas and some orange juice. That’s so nice of you. – And she’s going to
make you a banana boat. – [Clintus] That’s
so nice of you mommy. Sierra, thank you, thank you. – Here’s that stuff for you. – [Clintus] We
got our vitamins too. – I got the hot sauce
with the old man on it. – [Clintus] Oh okay. – And one of yours,
that one has Tapatio and that one has sriracha. – Oh awesome, all right, cool. Starting our day off right. (bass notes) – So later today
I have a tournament, it’s like a PM tournament
so our snack assignment is trail mix and fruit. So we’re going to… Baby get down. – Three different types
of trail mix from Sprouts so we’re going to put
them in little snack bags and cut the fruit up. – [Sierra] Yep, pretzels. Fruit and normal. We’re done. We got one with like nuts in it, one with a whole bunch
of fruits and yogurt chips. There’s dried fruit in there, and one with caramel in
it which is, this is oh. This is the caramel
pieces in one of them. And nuts in this one. Now the fruits. Strawberries, these
are purple or black. – [Tiffany]
They’re like black grapes. – [Sierra] Black grapes
and green grapes which are my favorite. – Green are your favorite now? – [Sierra] I like
green grapes, yeah. Ever since you keep
buying them I like them. We finished the fruit. We’ve got some bags with
just green and purple grapes, we’ve got bags with all
three, bags with just green, bags with just purple,
bags with just red. Alright so we’re at
where my tournament is and we’re going to
play some volleyball. – You’re going to
go win some games huh? – Yep. – It’s a beautiful day out.
– Yeah. – Too bad we’re going inside.
– Mhmmm. – Alright you guys,
it’s time for some basketball. Bryce is all suited up. Got two games. Somebody knows you, who’s that? – Friend at school. – Friend at school,
playing against your friends. We got two games today. One at three, one at six. Sierra is getting
ready to start her first volleyball game of the day. Let’s check in with Tiffany. (whistle blowing) (whistle blowing) – [Man] There
you go, good board. Help guys, help. That a boy Aiden,
and one, there you go. There you go, there you go. Bryce fight for that rebound. Come on buddy, get back. – [Woman] Nice, nice Alex. (cheering) – [Woman 2] Nice. (cheering) (whistle blowing) (cheering) (whistle blowing) – [Man 2] Man, I can’t
believe they can throw that ball that far. Yeah Bryce, come on. That a boy, way to hustle. There you go. – [Clintus] Yeah, good job,
good job guys. – [Man 3] Let’s go Bryce,
come on buddy. Stay with him Bryce, come on. Give him up Mace. – [Clintus] There you go. Good boy, good job Bryce. Take it in Bryce. Nice. Oh. Bryce, there you go
nice, good shot Bryce. (whistle blowing) – [Tiffany] What’s up? – I’m the ref, they’re playing. – [Tiffany] Okay. – I’m the second referee. – All right, ready? Behind the line please. Overhand. – I can’t do overhand. – [Sierra] Do it underhand. Off and then he just
fell, just like flat fell. (whistle blowing) – [Woman 3] Yes, yes. – [Man 4] There you go Bryce. – [Man 5] All right Bryce. Relax Mark, relax. – [Clintus] Oh. Let’s go guys. – [Man 3] Let’s go now, Bryce. Aiden give him an angle. – [Clintus] Cut, cut, cut. There you go, there you go. Ooh (laughing). That kid’s got a foot on
him, I don’t think he could do it there. – [Man 4] Aiden,
give him the angle for you. – [Clintus] There you go,
there you go, there you go. Perfect, perfect,
good job Mathius. – [Woman 4] Nice one Abby. (cheering) (clapping) (cheering) (cheering) (cheering) (cheering) (cheering) – Well we’re back home. It was an interesting day. So this was not a tournament,
this was actually the start of a league, so similar
to like the YMCA or whatever or city league
that you sign up for and then you
play a season right? – Mhmmm. – Similar style but
this is all club teams and you basically sign up
for a particular grade level. So we are a fifth grade team,
Bryce is in fourth grade but he’s on a fifth
grade team and we went into the sixth grade league. So the first team you
played were fifth graders but they were really
good, they smoked us. – They were playing up too. – They were playing
up too but it’s ’cause they’re really good. The second team we
played were sixth graders right? – Yeah. – Sixth graders, they
were very big, very tall. – We lost to them by like 10? – Yeah we actually did better, they did better
with the sixth graders than the fifth graders. – Fifth graders it
was like 60, 60 to… – Yeah, you got smoked. – It was 67 to like 19. – Yeah, they got
smoked, but anyways, Bryce did really well. Made one basket? – Mhmmm. – Made one basket but we
need to work on his passes, that was the feedback
that we got from coach was his passes are weak
so we got to work on his spaghetti arms. Do some push ups and
even like I said tomorrow, I said we should grab
the basketball, go out front, and him and I will just
chuck it at each other hard. Build those muscles up. All right, you
still had fun right? – Mhmmm. – That’s all that matters,
he still has that smile on his face, that cheesy smile. And just as we were
recapping basketball Sierra walked in the door. You rocked pink today huh? – Yep. – [Clintus] How’d you guys do? – Good. – Well Sierra you
were there all day? – We did good, oh
we won all three games. – [Clintus] All three
games which means you are, what’s your record? – Oh, we’re 27th place
out of like 100 something. – [Clintus] Woo
and what’s your record? – I don’t know. – [Clintus] How many wins? – Six and oh.
– [Clintus] Six and oh. – Six and oh.
– [Clintus] Six and oh. – And we’re oh and two. – [Clintus] And you’re
oh and two. So we just got done watching
three episodes of Grimm, the last three weeks
we’ve been stockpiling them, recording them. I was gone last weekend and
then the weekend before that we just were busy, and then
of course yesterday’s episode, so we binge watched
that which was nice. It’s our one guilty
pleasure as the three of us. Mommy’s already in bed and
Baby’s chilling with us here. Somebody’s shooting
fireworks in the neighborhood and it always scares her so
she’s always like sleeping. – She’s not even on her
blanket because she wants to sit by you. – Right, she’s
right by me sitting and she’s just chilling here. Anyways, thanks for watching. We had a bunch
of wins on one team, we had a couple of
losses on the other but a good day of
sports all around, right? – Mhmmm. – Yeah we had fun. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. We’re going to be hanging
out with a bunch of friends, eating some good
food, having some fun, playing some games,
and of course watching the Super Bowl and
some awesome commercials. There’s always good commercials
for the Super Bowl, so. – I wonder why there is? – It’s just because it’s super,
it’s like the most watched thing on TV ever. Some people pay a lot
of money for commercials. So we’ll see you guys then. Bye. – Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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