13 thoughts on “Winning a Chess game with only a Pawn

  1. This is not skill or tactic this only happened because the person playing as blacks was an idiot at 0:47 the pawn could have been taken out by the knight, the queen and the pawn at 0:54 it could have easily been taken out by the bishop so either the person playing black is extremely unfamiliar with the game and foolish or this video was staged

  2. True, Black must have been drunk or something, obviously Black was trying a lore tactic and simply didn't see White capture on h7.

  3. just one of those games you don't see everyday…unique if only in this sense…white moves only one piece throughout the entire game.

  4. I want to see a chessgame with only pawns left… that would be one for the history books. lol. But it would require both players to be mindfucks who sacrifice the most valuable assets first instead of the pawns. Imagine that happening in politics… two enemies who let the people win. lol… mindfuck scenario but unfortunately unlikely to happen because of the human ego.

  5. This game was a blitz played on chess.com, perhaps played once in a million years that one pawn moved throughout the entire length of 10 moves, or perhaps black wanted to see if such a line was possible. don't know.

  6. I only looked into this, because a friend of mine, spoke of his friend who apparently won only moving pawns. I typed that in the search bar, saw this video, and was severely disappointed to witness such rubbish. A win is always a win, but this "game" lacks both skill and intellectual integrity. And a good day to you.

  7. The minimum requirement of moves to check is two rotations with black winning at the end of turn two.(Excluding Surrendering at turn 1) However white must be stupid as hell to move F-2 to F-4 on turn one and G-2 to G-4 on turn two for the black to do Q D-8 to Q H-4 and checkmate.

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