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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills and
Dirk has asked us a question about the windshield wiper serve. The windshield wiper serve is called the windshield
wiper serve because the action looks a bit like a windshield wiper. Now when you’re doing the windshield wiper
serve what you need to think about is your start position and your finish position and
it’s like a windshield wiper starting from one side going up and down and across the
other way. Now where do we hit the ball for this serve?
You can hit it at several different points. If you hit the ball when the bat is coming
up you’re going to get a bit of topspin. If you hit it right at the top here you’re going
to get sidespin only and if you hit it on the way down you’re going to get some backspin
with the windshield wiper serve. The serve can be effective because it’s a
serve that isn’t used very much so players don’t have experience in returning it. The
other reason is that you can get some nice subtle variations between the topspin, the
sidespin, and the backspin. So why not go out and have a go at trying
the windshield wiper serve. It can be a little bit awkward sometimes but give it a try. One
thing that is a little bit awkward is your hitting position. So because you are fairly
low and you’re hitting the ball from in front of your body there, it’s quite difficult to
get back and ready into the next position at the top level but see at your level can
you use it and can it be effective for your game. For the pendulum serve I’m in this position
here, I serve and basically I’m in the ready position for the next ball. For the windshield
wiper serve, I’m here, I’m down, and then I need to get all the way up and ready for
that next ball. So the amount of spin you can generate is
limited by the wrist action because you are coming across with your wrist position there
so you’re not able to generate as much motion for the serve and therefore you won’t be able
to generate as much spin as you can say for the pendulum serve.

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  1. Hello, I would like to know what you guys think about the Joola Carbon Pro racket? I am an intermediate player, I would like to stick to premade bats for now. I am worried about the rubber, it looks quit plain with no pimples, but the spin stats say 92/100. Shouldn't pimple give grip and therefore good spin response? Thank you guys

  2. One question I am trying to practice daily but my friend who isn't practicing is still beating me do you have any tips?

  3. When explaining things I hope you can add some animations or zoom in the ball. Its hard when the camera just sits there.. Thanks

  4. Hey, can I apply Mark V rubber on my Butterfly Addoy 1000 ply? I know it's a basic ply but ply only affects 10% of the bat right?

  5. I am aware that you are Aussies and I am from the U.k. , however. Would you be able to recommend any websites where I would be able to buy decent/good quality table tennis balls in bulk?
    Thank you kindly.

  6. can you please make a video about how to hide spin in serve because I played a pro he served it looked like side spin but it was top spin

  7. i started using this serve as a placement ball or as a ball to push my opponent further back from the table. I've gotten many complements of how good of a serve it is, i dont over use it, i like to balance between a backhand side spin/backspin, pendulum serve and i also use a reverse windshield wiper, so far the windshield wiper has gotten me the most free points. i want to thank you guys for the videos you post, i learn so much from your videos and i regularly check in at your website as well.

  8. one of my colleagues use this kind of serve and he is master in it and he generated a lot of spin in it as well also able to back to his position very quickly… i just want to know how to return his service as whenever i blocks the ball goes out of the table all the time

  9. All I know about this game is from four years of college. Nobody taught us.We just tried different things to make thins difficult for the opponent. After all these years it feels strange to see those are actual techniques. I had a serve that can be best called a back hand wind shied wiper. It can be used to serve with reasonably good pace with deceptive side spin which is difficult to return. But any way, armature pass time of ours is no where close to dedicated practice. Nice channel mate. Keep going.

  10. Dear Alois !
    We would see how to do the corkscrew spin serve and and
    how to hit the ball to make a corkscrew shot effectively !

  11. lol for some reason i did it today at tt training and it confused my peers. i had to explain to them that this serve is a rarely used serve?

  12. What sort of return would be appropriate for this serve. I imagine a counter aimed towards the middle of the table, is that correct or do you recommend something else.

  13. this is my go to serve to win a point. i usually am able to generate much more spin than this and dont have an issue getting back for the return (at least at my level of playing) but only problem and reason why i dont always use this is that i make few unforced errors(net and outs) during the serve so i use this one as a surprise serve

  14. We try all kinds of weird service tactics at our non-club-but-pretty-good-soccer/tennis-players group (so very good ball insight,anticipation and reactions) and this actually is one of the services that is pretty effective. Especially the side spin-one is hard to return for non-pingpong players.

  15. Your advices about topspin, sidespin and backspin are very useful and easier. I have always tried arm force to produce backspin by pulling racket downward at the end of motion for ten years 🙂

  16. A friend of mine managed to master it by himself and maybe don't even know that the technique has a name. Good job mate +Sendy Radiana

  17. i always tries to attack every ball and in this i lose points.Actually i become a bit nervous and makes a mistake in my timing .Even though my oppent is not that good but i give points myself . I think the main reason is timing

  18. This is my go to serve against less experienced players: many can't return it at all even when they know it's coming (game after game!). Their body position looked awkward on the video. As a right hander I turn my left shoulder towards the table and hit the ball out to the right of my body near the right edge of the table. The wiper motion naturally brings me front on to receive their return, and I don't have to bob down like the instructors did. I find it's mostly side and top spin, and best directed across court and perhaps into their body a bit so the trajectory of the ball and spin combine to send the return off the table to the server's backhand side (esp if they backhand the return (for right handers)). I can get a bit of backspin as they described but I think it's more useful as side and top spin serve. You can do a backhanded variation that is a little less effective but good for variation. Do everything I've described but reversed..

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