Wilson A2K, A2000 & A1K Glove Materials

Hey everyone, Alexis from HomerunMonkey here, with Wilson’s glove guru, Aso, to go over the different constructions and materials
that are used in the Wilson A2K line of baseball gloves, the A2000, and the A1K baseball gloves.
So Aso, could you explain the difference between the leathers in the A2K, A2000, and A1K baseball gloves? A2000 is, we call, ‘pro stock leather.’ Tanned in Japan. We use on both of them [A2K
& A2000]. And A1K, because we need softer tannage, we need to have a different tannery
to make it. Really good tannery, they’re making baseball glove leather only. And they experience
so long. Thirty, forty years. Ok, so you’re still…with the A1K you’re still going to get thirty or forty years of tanning experience at that factory. And then the A2k and the
A2000, the leather for those is going to be the same? A little bit different from each
other. A2K is five percent, top five percent selected pro stock leather. Ok, so the top five percent, best of the best, that’s what goes on the A2K? And also cut off the belly
part. For A2000, of course, you know, really good leather. We selected from hide itself.
Not the leather, but starting from hide, we selected hide. And then ship to…that’s from the U.S. And shipped to a really experienced tannery in Japan. Like fifty years experience tanning only baseball glove leather. So the pro stock leather the pros will actually use. Yes. 85% is A2000, our pros using. And maybe 15% or so using A2K leather, A2K. Ok, and then the A1K is… A1K is for younger youth players, younger kids so that he can play. A little bit softer and so a really quick break-in period. There’s also a SuperSkin option that you guy’s offer on some of your gloves. What is SuperSkin? What’s the difference
between SuperSkin and leather? Our Japanese maker, very good PU makers. They use microfibers. Really durable material. Microfiber is long fibers going together like this. So it’s interlocked?
Yeah. Like leather fiber as well. Leather fiber do like this way, very much. That’s
why, very strong. Microfiber is longer fibers used. So therefore, this is lighter weight,
very durable material. So if you’re a player that’s looking for something light weight, but still durable, you’d want to go with SuperSkin? And like you said, it’s a PU material on the
outside and then a microfiber within it? Microfiber, yes. I noticed on the inside of the glove,
for the wrist padding right here, can you kinda go over what that material is and what that’s all about? This is what we call Air Flow Pad, made by DriLex material. Becomes very dry, really quick. And air flow grooves here makes, little bit, moisture out quicker. So it’s gonna moisture wick and take away any sweat or anything that’s built up in there? That’s right. Why would you want to go away from wool or wool blend? Actually, wool is good feel, but thinking about playing in hot weather, sweat so much. And wool material, good for Winter, however, we think not so good for very hot Summer. Especially for athletes moving around, and sweat. That’s, I think, this is the best way to do it. Well, thank you so much for going over all the different materials that are used within the line of gloves and
the differences. You can find all the Wilson baseball gloves, the A2K, A2000, and A1K at
HomerunMonkey.com or at any of our MonkeySports Superstores. Thanks. Thank you very much.

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  1. Aso forgot to mentioned the double palm construction on the a2k lining vs the rest of the linings. Better pocket durability and stability.

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