Wilson A2000 Fastpitch vs. Baseball Gloves

Hey everyone, Alexis from HomerunMonkey here with Wilson’s glove guru Aso, to talk about the difference between the A2000 fastpitch glove, as opposed to the A2000 baseball glove. Now Aso, everyone’s heard of the Wilson A2000 baseball gloves, of course, but what have you guys done differently with the A2000 fastpitch gloves to make them stand out and fit for the sport of fastpitch softball? Hi everybody, I’m Aso from Wilson Sporting Goods, designer for gloves. Actually, we’re making fastpitch players gloves as well. We’re doing for a smaller hand, not shorter, but a narrower hand, and so on. We’re making for ladies, gloves, especially, in a different way. And I will explain that way. Like the finger stall is a little bit different. And wrist opening, of course smaller because for a narrower hand. This is our inside glove lining. And this finger crotch here is lower so that ladies can control better. So it’s more fit for a woman’s hand as opposed to the baseball model which will be a little bit wider, a little bigger for a bigger man’s hand? If you feel like this, a lady’s hand is smaller and shorter, so if the hand is like this way, no good to control the glove. That’s why we need to control the glove, like this much lower on the finger divider. Ok, so the dividers are going to be a little bit lower, just for the shorter, smaller hand? However, in the past history, many makers doesn’t make fastpitch gloves, only men’s gloves. That’s why ladies try to, you know, put their hand really deep so that they can control, like this situation. Right, so almost their whole hand’s inside the glove, just to control it. They jam it in to control the glove. That’s the wrong way to do it. So we made a little bit lower finger divider, and also a narrower hand opening. That’s the main difference between fastpitch and baseball gloves. Of course, you know, catching huge softball, 12-inch or 11-inch. That’s why we make it a little bit wider here, pocket-wise. Ok, so the pocket’s going to be a little bit wider, a little deeper, to make up for the fact that obviously a softball’s bigger than a baseball. But that’s the only difference . And at the factory level we pound more so that it’s softer than a baseball glove. Ladies will not break in too good, because power is not enough to break in. So we make it a little bit softer than a baseball glove. So it’s easier for, you know, a woman’s hand, which is probably going to be a little bit weaker than a guys’s hand, to grasp and break it in. So it’s going to be a little softer when it shows up. That’s right. So are there any special qualities for the A2000 fastpitch models, is there any sort of different construction that we can find on any of the models? Yeah. We do a different way based on player’s requests. Like Cat Osterman, for instance, she do like a ‘bang’ and she do like a bruise on the leg. So you worked with Cat Osterman? Yeah, I did. So when she pitches she slaps the glove on her leg. That’s right. Many players do like that way. Some players do the open side. Not this way, but this. So a little bit different from each other, but we’re requested from Cat Osterman to do that way, so I de-lace the glove, like this way, so that the difference from the bigger one is the tie off here. Right, so that knot there is going to create a bruise. After this, she loves this one, so she likes to put it on other fastpitch gloves as well. So anyway, she like this one very much. So is the knotless back just on the pitcher’s models, Just only the pitcher models. Just the pitcher model. Specifically for the player that will hit themselves in the leg you took away the knots in the back. Cool, well I think that just about covers everything between baseball and fastpitch. So that’s really cool that you guys create a fastpitch glove that’s designed for the women’s hand, you know, you’re not just tailoring to the baseball player. So thanks for coming out today, we really appreciate it. You can all the Wilson A2000 fastpitch gloves at HomerunMonkey.com or at any of our MonkeySports Superstores. Thanks for watching.

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