Why you should STOP playing baseball

Why should you stop playing baseball, just
like you saw my dogs do in the clip a minute ago? They know the rules in this household
and that’s that they need to take a little bit of time off of baseball every once in
a while. Just as I did with making some videos, I took a few months off, I think everybody
needs to take a little bit of time off to let their bodies heal, to let their, get a
little bit of balance in their life. You don’t want to end up getting burnt out. I think
these guys that play year round baseball, all long, especially the young athletes, are
going to get burnt out if you’re playing that much baseball. You need to give yourself a
little bit of balance. You need to give yourself a little bit of time to heal and just get
some down time away from the game. I think parents have it confused now-a-days that you
have specialize early on in an athlete’s career and that’s just not the case. I think it could
do the opposite effect, if you’re playing too much baseball, like I said, you can get
burnt out, you can injure yourself putting yourself through that many game reps. I think
a great way to develop as an athlete, as a baseball player, is actually to go and play
other sports during the year and just as much as game reps are important, taking time away
from game reps is just as important in the development of a young athlete. So, just remember,
if you’re feeling burnt out, if you’re feeling tired, take a little time off. No big deal.
It’s actually good for you, ok? So, that’s what I meant by stop playing baseball. Obviously
don’t stop playing baseball because it’s the best sport ever, but make sure you’re playing
some other stuff. It’s great for your athletic ability and give yourself that time off, that
little bit of rest, that’s very much needed for your body and for your mind. Alright guys.
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17 thoughts on “Why you should STOP playing baseball

  1. I agree but don't stop exercising John. Many kids think its okay to take time off they become couch potatoes from Oct-March and then think they can throw hard again. Many kids at 13-15yr age do that and have severe damage.

  2. When I have been throwing lately I have not been able to get the right spin on my curveball.  During summer my curve ball had much more drop and spin on it.  I have been lifting a lot more and have upped my velocity and strength. Can that have an affect on it?  Also the catcher I've been throwing to has been saying its having a slider spin on the ball.  I have not changed anything in my delivery or arm slot since the summer though.

  3. I didn't listen to my doctor and I partially tore my ucl. Thank god in still very young and it will repair its self

  4. Hey John, I totally agree with what you're saying about taking time off. As a HS baseball coach I have players who seem to think that playing 200 plus games a year is beneficial to them being recruited. I too have seen players get burnt out or complain about injury right before season due to over playing/throwing. Taking a few months off but continuing arm band & running exercises will help reduce injury.

  5. I agree from taking time off. I am taking time off your videos. Good by and rest your brain let the 2 cells left in your brain recuperate.

  6. Spot on with what you said… in addition to the physical side of it like to mention and some of the mental stuff; and not to use an old cliché… but absence makes the heart grow founder.  So if you are away from the game for a while….you will miss it and look forward to playing again.

  7. I like to keep playing or practicing baseball year round. Would it be an alternative to take a day or two off each week rather than a long period of time? And what are some ways to improve at the game while not playing, like learning the mental parts of the game. Thanks!

  8. Question…..Let's say you want to become a professional baseball player, don't you think that you should be playing baseball year round bye doing Allstars and travel ball .what's your take on this ???

  9. Are you able to make a living solely off of youtube baseball videos and selling your products? If not – what else do you do for a living?

  10. Dr. James Andrews said that any kid involved in a sport with an overhead motion should have at least 2-4 months of off time.

  11. I totally agree. In fact, I am taking the season off this year. But taking too much time off can damage your skills.

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