Why you need to RELAX when playing table tennis (Secrets from the Bundesliga)

Many people which are playing table tennis amateur or half professional they are forgetting
to relax during the playing. They start to be too stiff in the body. They are too
stiff in the underarm. We cannot forget the ball is only 2.7 grams.
We don’t need unbelievable lot of power to put ball over
the net. This part of the arm, it has to be relaxed and soft. Then you can control
ball much better and you can also accelerate underarm much
better. It means you will play harder ball, faster ball, better control
ball with the relaxed underarm instead of the stiff one. And if I want to play harder, I just accelerate underarm a bit. And I play harder. But I don’t use extra strength of my body by being too stiff. I’m soft and relaxed and I’m
trying to transfer the weight from right to the left leg. When I make spin… I try to transfer body weight. Then with
the body weight I put more power in the ball without using extra energy. And like this I can play 10 hours
without using so much energy. This is the same
as swimming. For example there are people like me which are fighting
against the water. I can swim for 50 meters and then I die. I think
this is the hardest sport in the world. And my wife she can swim two hours.
For her this is like walking. This is just a technique and
table tennis is the same. Same with the backhand.
I’m relaxed and I use my underarm. And if I want to play harder, I just
accelerate a bit more and take power from my left leg and hip. For the backhand, it’s the other way around. I transfer the weight a bit from the left to
the right leg. But all the time I stay soft in my
underarm. It’s not unbelievably relaxed but still relaxed enough that I can
accelerate. Do not forget to breathe. You have to breathe out. I’ve seen many players in my life and they start
the point and they are like a bull. They start like this and are 10
seconds in this position. If I do 10 seconds like this I get muscle fatigue in
all my body. I have to play a ball then relax. Table tennis is very similar to boxing. Each of us we know how boxers look like. Boxers are soft and any
moment they react, then speed comes out but then again they are soft and this is
the same with table tennis. You make one movement. Then during the movement you have tension in your stomach. You have tension in your body. You
transfer the weight. But then you breathe out. Then you are ready for the next one.
I don’t play like…..There is a no chance to keep the tension for 7 sets. You play one
movement, you breathe out. Next movement you breathe out and this is something what
is important. Many players forget to breathe.

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