Why Volleyball Teams Excel With VertiMax

My name is Chad Sutton I’m the head
coach at Cardinal Mooney high school, also the director of Orlando Tampa volleyball
academies here so my favorite thing about coaching is the kids and just seeing
them develop from a young age to young adults and the growth, and maturity, and the
development just from passion and hard work and determination to lead them to be
successful in whatever other field they pursue. And one of the ways VertiMax has
helped me is allowing the kids to work at a high rate at an intensity that is
still injury-free. In my opinion every athlete should be using the VertiMax, you
know, every sport that requires dynamic movement, anything that requires an
athlete to be an athlete and in multiple phases that experiences multiple
physical factors like power, strength, speed, endurance, agility I think you should be
using the VertiMax. My name is Justin Swanson, I’m the strength conditioning
coach here at OTVA I look at every team and individual as
my little project and I love seeing where we start at Point A and we get to
point B you know set a goal and then ultimately achieve that goal. If I say go
faster, go harder, jump higher like “oh okay I’ll try” you know but if we add
some external load or resistance to them especially with the VertiMax they
have to, they have no choice but to go for a little bit faster jump a little
bit higher. They learn to put in that perceived effort it brings their level
of performance up that way, you know, mentally and physically.

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