Why GCU | Quin Cotton | Baseball

– [Announcer] Number 27, Quin Cotton. – Quin Cotton, junior, right field. I came to GCU because it was a good place where I could develop as a player. We have a great coaching staff here. We have a winning team,
a winning tradition. The weather here is phenomenal. It’s sunny year-round. You can be on the field
year-round, outdoors, not having to be inside,
nothing like that. Brand-new batting cages. They’re huge. We have four different tunnels. Plenty of space, plenty of room, so a ton of guys can be in there at once, getting their work in. The half-field as well, so we can have pitchers
and infielders over there, while the outfielders are
hitting BP on the main field. So I felt that I could come
here, I could get on the field, become a better player, win some games, and just have a great time. (cheering)

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