Why GCU | Cuba Bess | Baseball

– [Announcer] Number 34, Cuba Bess. – Cuba Bess, redshirt
sophomore, first base. I chose GCU ’cause I like the area. You know, Phoenix is a
really good baseball area. I loved Coach Stankiewicz, Coach Wallis, and knew Coach Dorman was coming in. And I knew that this team was gonna be really good
going into the future, and I knew they had a lot
of success in the past. I wanted to be a part
of something special, and I knew this place was
gonna continue to grow. So the facilities here are awesome. You know, going from the weight
room to the baseball field, half field, to cages,
I’m from a small town, so it’s nothing like I have over there. So you know, I thought
GCU was a great place and I knew that they were
gonna start rebuilding and expanding a little bit more. So just the facilities
were only gonna improve from what they already were, and they were great when I came here. So my ultimate career path
is to be a police detective, work in the law enforcement. I’ve had a lot of family
working in law enforcement. I feel like it’s a good
career path for me, you know, just to keep the community
safe and you know, it’s something that’s bigger than myself, being able to just be
a part of a community and a workforce that wants
the best for the community and for the people
around them is something, best path for me to take.

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