Why Crickets Just Won’t Shut Up | Deep Look

Ever notice how a quiet summer evening is
actually pretty noisy? It’s mostly these guys. Crickets clearly have a lot to say… That familiar, persistent chirp is an advertisement,
meant to get the attention of… her. It’s his mating call So how’s he actually making the sound? Check this out. On the underside of his wings there’s this
little line of tiny microscopic teeth, all all in a row. It’s called the file. His wings also have a hard edge – right here
– called the scraper. When he rubs his wings together – the scraper
on the bottom wing grates across all those teeth on the top wing. Researchers call it stridulation. Here it is slowed down. His wing strokes happen faster than your eye
can see – for this species, about 8 wing strokes in a single chirp. But not every chirp has amorous intentions. If a male runs into another male, he also
has an angry-sounding rivalry call. He’s saying: “Hey, this is my turf.” Ok, back to business, drawing in the ladies. She looks a lot like the males, except she
has this long pointy ovipositor, right here, that she uses to lay her eggs underground. Oh also – she can’t chirp. Her wings don’t have the same musical instruments
that his do. She just listens to the serenade… … with her ears… which are on her front
legs. That’s one right there. It’s call a tympanum. Ok, he’s got her attention. But she’s not convinced. So he switches his tune again to a courtship
call. It’s quieter… more subtle, like a
whisper. Seems as though she likes what she hears. So, she hops on. After a lifetime of crooning, the file on
a male’s wing starts to get worn down. His song gets a bit raspy and low. Aw, you still got it, buddy. Hey you, Lauren here. Insect love can certainly be eye-opening. Like in our video about convergent ladybugs,
who each winter gather by the thousands in huge piles to… well you know. And some fireflies copy the romantic flashes
of other species to lure them in for a very special meal. Thanks and see you soon.

44 thoughts on “Why Crickets Just Won’t Shut Up | Deep Look

  1. Look so simple creature ,but if devil and human work together to create , never the same what God create for this earth

  2. just imagine… one of these days we would look at these closeups of crickets… and our mouths would actually water.

    (because they're the most sustainable source of animal protein)

  3. I’m so excited, I learned so many new things! I always thought the weird crimped and whorled wings of the male were what made the noise, not a little file. So cool, thank you, Deep Look!

  4. Besides mating calls and for fighting between males, it also happens when a human performance doesn't impress or humour the crowd.
    Crickets: Kriii~ Kriii~ Kriii~ Kriii~

  5. A cricket child was in my room, I had chased him away many times but he kept coming back. Can crickets invite other animals? I'm worried about that

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