When Your Friend Hates Cricket (PSL Special)

Boys! Isloo is gonna win this time too Islamadi boys will beat you so bad that you’ll go crying to your grandma Lahore is Lahore bitch! you think Lahore will suck like last time…again? we’ll beat you so bad boy Relax man! Karachi isn’t dead yet our boys are just warming up yet They’ll ace it boy, when they start playing seriously Thank god there’s no Multani team this cricket PSL!.. what bullshit man this cricket PSL!.. what bullshit man what bullshit break his f*cking skull what bullshit what sould we do with him? I think we should throw him from Centauras’ terrace Nah! how about we strangle him by hanging him from fan or we could put a time bomb in his mouth nah! time bomb takes too much time shut up!
you both are driving me nuts boss what have i said to you? the gun? 2 or 3 more u want me to snap my neck?

73 thoughts on “When Your Friend Hates Cricket (PSL Special)

  1. 0:34 PSL wakaye fazool hai dunya mein sab se fazool psl is se acha big bash cricket balke football dekh loon football is the best

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