Wheelchair bound student scores a run for high school baseball team

Cheered on by his teammates and the crowd….
A wheel chair bound student fulfills his dream of scoring a run for his high school team. Christian Alfaro of Poteet High School in
Texas made it round the pitch with the cheers and encouragement of his peers…. Not unfamiliar to the baseball field, Alfaro,
whos been paralysed since birth, has been managing the Mesquite Poteet Pirates for three
years….running agility drills and pitching practice for the players. Making it to the last base to score a run.
Alfaro’s team reaction was priceless And it undoubtedly was an unforgettable moment
for him

2 thoughts on “Wheelchair bound student scores a run for high school baseball team

  1. they clearly let him win, he accomplished nothing, poor guy, his only great moment in life was made believe

  2. It means a lot to the kid to be there, and others take an interest in him As a spcial ed teacher, too, I know it is important and as a fellow human being who has at times been picked on in my life, it is refreshing. Have you ever been picked on. Perhaps it would mean more in that respect. Teachers and other kids present challenges to him at other times just as you have or any of us have. We all need consideration, even if it is not 100% pewrfect. W elike it! and need it!

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