What’s inside FARTING Golf Balls?

– [Dan] He’s trying to obviously, slice this thing around but, 94 yards, a lot of green to work with there. (ball creaks) Might be the first time
I’ve seen a shot do that! (creaking) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and this is a farting golf ball. Wanna hear what it sounds like? (ball creaks) – That’s right! We saw these on Amazon
and we had to buy ’em. You know that we’ve done a lot of videos with golf balls. If you are ever in a golf tournament, like a charity golf tournament, sometimes they can get a little long. The course is backed up. It’s nice to just have
something like this in your bag that you can pull out and
say, “Hey, try this ball.” It’s supposed to also be
weighted the incorrect way and so when you putt it,
it’ll go all over the place and it’s supposed to be very hard to play. So let’s give it a try first. – Let’s have a putting competition between me and you, and I get
to use the normal one and you get to use the farting one. – You have one regular golf ball, one farting golf ball
and you have to guess which one is the farting golf ball. (ball creaks) – [Lincoln] I wonder. – I wonder which one it was. You made it! What (laughs)? (upbeat music) – Watch. This is what you call skill. Skill! (Dan shouts) – You got beat by the stinky ball. The stinky ball! What is going, what? That was ridiculous! (ball creaks) Oh, nice try Lincoln! It’s goin’ backwards! Final verdict on this golf
ball before we cut it open. I like it! – I like it but if I had the chance to play with both of them, I’d probably go with one of these. – But if you’re gonna mess with somebody, this is your go to. The exploding golf ball is a good one. We’ll link that here. So are you guys as interested as I am to cut this thing open and
see what makes the noise and what makes it wobble? Let’s cut it open! Oh, it sounds like I broke it! (laughter) (ball creaks) We’re back home. Hawaii was awesome, but
let’s cut into this thing and see what’s inside this ball. (ball bounces) – Mom’s gonna be mad. – Why? – You just dropped a golf ball onto this. – It’s alright, it’s plastic. – Yay, so I can play
on the table with this! – I you look on the
ball, it does have a line that goes all the way around it, and then on the front,
you can see they hid the little speakers right there. (ball creaks) Okay, every time it’s
gonna make that noise. (ball creaks) Okay, look at this,
just from that few hits, we kind of have a crack
in it, right there. (tapping) Oh yeah. Oh yeah! (balls creaks) (laughter) – [Lincoln] Here we go! – [Dan] We are in baby! Get ready for this! What’s inside the farting golf ball? – [Lincoln] There’s the speaker. – [Dan] There’s a speaker on that side. That’s what we see in
those holes right there. – [Lincoln] Yeah, that’s yeah. – [Dan] Where’s the
sensor when you hit it? (ball creaks) It looks like the shell might come off. Ouch! (slow motion sound) Okay, this center ring was around it. That must be to keep it
in place so that when it connects together it
feels sturdy and strong, but see if we can get down in there without completely breaking it. Yes, here we go! Oh, look at that! This is just some kind of putty. – [Lincoln] Some hard
putty to move though. – [Dan] Does it smell like anything? Smells kind of like smoke. (laughter) – Gross. – [Dan] That’s funny! Which one is the sensor? (ball creaks) – [Lincoln] Do these all (speaks off mic)? – I think that maybe it’s
this black thing right here. (ball creaks) Here I’m gonna hold this
steady with my finger, right there, and click it down here. That’s it. This is the sensor right here. It’s this little black thing. This is electronics
equivalent of pull my finger. – Pull my finger. – You ever here of pull my finger? – No, but it sounds funny. (laughter) – Lincoln doesn’t know
what pull my finger is. I don’t know if you guys do either, but that’s what this is. This is something you can
actually buy on Amazon. We’ll put a link in the description. They’re not too expensive, and if you’re ever gonna go golfing with somebody, or you have somebody
that’s like an avid golfer and you wanna give ’em a funny gift. – That was insane that you
made that one putt though. – That is called skills. That’s why I actually should
be on PGA tour right now. – Pure luck. – Pure luck! (upbeat music) Alright, let’s get outta here. Thanks for watching! Foot in the air, and then
at just like last minute, it’s like — – That’s the foot in here, and
it was literally right here! Just like ooph, I’m gonna go this way. I’m like right here, right
here and right there. – It’s called skills. – Oh luck. – Skills. – Luck. – Skills.
– Luck

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  1. I think Dad ? or ?? or?aaaaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaa make a video wen you tel how gorit fit or fit ✌?????????????????????? plis

  2. I fell into a YouTube hole and I found your channel and I'm so glad that I did! Now all of my curiosities can be satiated! Wonderful channel and what a great way to raise a child and let them experience the world! Kudos on an excellent channel!
    Much Vapor L <3 V E, beary

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  4. I find it to be a hilarious novelty to have that farting golf ball and tapping it to make the noise. I let out a few giggles when it makes the noise.

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