What’s inside a Wood Baseball Bat?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Dan and this is Lincoln, and today we’re gonna
cut open a wooden bat. We have an official,
major league baseball, Louisville Slugger baseball bat. It is wooden. I would imagine it’s gonna
be wood straight through, unless, maybe somebody corked this bat before we bought it. But before we cut into it,
we’re gonna take a few cuts and see if we can hit this thing. (bat cracks) Whoo hoo! Man, you should play some
baseball, you can hit. Right down, right down here. (bat cracks) Oh, out of the park,
first hit. Whoo! (laughs) Alright, let’s give it another
try, I like this wooden bat. (bat cracks) Home run number two. (bat cracks) Whoo! – Home run number three. – It’s outta here. (bat cracks) Number four. (bat cracks) – Five. – Five homeruns. That’s how we do it, five home runs. I haven’t played baseball
in about 12 years. Of course, this is a Little League field, but it feels pretty good that the old man can still hit a baseball. Alright, so that was a lot of fun, hitting the baseballs with
this wooden baseball bat, but now it’s time to get to business and cut this thing open. We are with our friend Steven Prince, and we are at Stoked Longboards
manufacturing facility. So, Steven makes these awesome longboards, and the nice thing is, I
really don’t have a saw to cut open this baseball
bat and do it safely. And this is a Hitachi band saw
CB75F, whatever that means. All it means to me is,
it is a big, massive saw. So, I’m gonna turn on the switch and give it a shot. You ready for this? – Let’s do this. – (laughs) Alright, let’s do this. (saw whirrs) So, if you look at my line,
I didn’t do a very good job of keeping it straight, so I’m gonna try starting from this end now and see if I can straighten it out a little bit. (saw whirrs) So, we’re switching blades,
we’re gonna go to a smaller one. That other one was just so
big, it made it hard to turn and hit on the right angle, so this saw was getting a little bit off. So, Steven is putting a new blade on. (saw whirrs) There we go. OK, come over here, Lincoln. We’ll just break off the
last piece. (bat snaps) (laughs) – Yeah, you got it. – There we go. – Wow. – There’s the inside. – Wow, it’s wood. – (laughs) It’s wood. Just about what you’d expect,
wood inside of a wooden bat. Now, I’ve seen pictures of
people that have corked the bats, like baseball players. And what they do is, they,
you’ll see a hole right here, maybe that far down, on both sides of it, and they, I don’t know
if they put stuff in it, or if it’s just air, but
when they crack open a bat, that’s, you’ll see the
mark in there, a big hole. What do you think we
should do with this thing? – Try to hit some baseballs with it. – (laughs) No Way. – Yeah, let’s try. – What if we just took it and put it on your wall in your room, right there, that’d look awesome.
– That would look pretty cool. – That would look pretty cool. – Half of it on the wall. This is our buddy Easton,
he came with us today. Easton, maybe you can take
half of the bat home with ya. That’s what’s inside of
a wooden baseball bat, it is wood. We’re gonna cut up in a metal
baseball bat pretty soon, but we appreciate you
watching, and subscribing, and liking our channel. And, again, check out Stoked Longboards in the description below, and
check out some longboards.

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Wood Baseball Bat?

  1. Wow I never knew that there was wood inside of a wooden baseball bat. You guys should do what's inside a water bottle next

  2. Wow amazing!! Who would have known, wood is inside the god damn WOODEN baseball bat? Thank baby Jesus we have this channel for all of life's mysteries

  3. It's great that you and your son like to make vids together but cutting things in half. Really? Is that the most creative thing you could think of?

  4. Cut open a car?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Hey guys scrolling through the comments. I have a gaming channel and I would really appreciate if you subscribed .. it would mean so much to me. Just one step for a small channel. Thanks xo

  6. How do you not know what's inside a corked bat? It's obviously CORK from a tree it helps to compress the bat so that the ball bounces off of the bat more and you get more power

  7. it was bad enough with the metal bat, what's inside a wooden bat?
    there is not a human being on planet earth that doesn't know!

  8. "Old man can still hit a baseball"… thrown by a 9 y/o, so well done. A couple weeks ago, I managed to kick a football that was pretty much spherical. I used my foot. Both still work, but I train them daily. Today I walked to the car; work; the shop, and the pub.

  9. I have a wooden bat that I got from a childhood friend who gave me one he says he poured lead in.. Idk. He did make it shorter and stain it… And it does seem a little hefty 4 its size. It's hard to really tell w out messing it up or using a detector ehich I don't own. Fyi I don't intend on using in on any living thing as I enjoy my freedom and am a Christian… And also a multiple gun owner so I have much better protection tools if needed… I guess i just have it for the Big kid still on me and my lifetime love of all things weapon related and what they can do… Anyone got advise on knowing how u would know???

  10. when he was hitting I thought he was going to tell us the story of how he would’ve went pro if it wasn’t for his bum knee?

  11. Actually kind of surprised that Lincoln had that much power on that big of a bat with his small size.

  12. Can you do what’s inside a glass bottle or a spring from a pen since we all just learned what’s inside a wooden bat

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