What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?

– [Dan] Sorry, little bird, but I’m gonna cut right through you. (dramatic music) I’m born to be a cricket bowler. – There’s a bird. – That’s a kookaburra.
– It’s a funny word. – Does that mean anything or– – I think it’s an Aboriginal word. – Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and… How am I supposed to… (laughing) Welcome back– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we’re back in Australia with our friends from How Ridiculous. – We did a video on a
cricket ball a long time ago. It was one of our first videos. – [Voiceover] And now we know what’s inside of a cricket ball. We’ve never played cricket before. I don’t know if we ever will, but we can know what’s
inside the ball, kind of. – Then it was really funny ’cause I just bought
the thing off of Amazon and then I saw this
hatred in the comments. The main comment was, “Cut
open a Kookaburra ball. “That’s just a cheap American ball, “that’s not even a cricket
ball that you have.” (laughing) I didn’t know what the heck
they were talking about, but while we’re down
here in Perth, Australia, I asked our friends from How Ridiculous what a Kookaburra ball is. And apparently it’s a lot different than our $10 ball that
we got in America, right? – A lot different. – Yeah, it’s a legit, the one they use in the
proper professionals. – [Google Voice] Proper. – So we’ll see if it’s a little different from the one we cut open a while back. But rather than just cutting open a ball, we have to first learn a couple of things, because I don’t even know why there are three sticks in front of me. I legitimately don’t. – I don’t either. – And I don’t understand why
you have this giant paddle like you’re going canoeing. (relaxing music) How do you hit a home run? Do you even have home runs? (laughing) There’s a bat, there’s a
ball, it looks similar. So we’re gonna learn a little bit and teach you guys a
little bit about cricket and have some fun with it, and then cut this thing open to see what a real
cricket ball looks like. A Kookaburra, Kookaburra… – Kooka-bur-ra.
– Kookaburra. – So here we go, it’s cricket time. (intense music) – These the shoes that they use? – [Man] Yeah, they use that on the turf. – [Google voice] Turf. – What we’re playing on is
astro, so it’s like hard. So you’re just playing on like that. – I see white pants or sorry,
white and cream trousers. – [Google voice] Trousers. – And white and cream shirts. Does everybody just wear white? – Mostly, some players
prefer to play in the cream which is a bit of an off-white. – Both teams? – Unless it’s at night on a 20-20 where they have a team strip
which is like bright yellow. The Aussies might come
out in bright yellow. In the test format, which
is a much longer duration, like five days– – I have no idea what
you’re talking about. (intense music) Okay, I don’t really trust
that this is an athletic cap that you would actually
do something sporty in it, other than like sit by a river and fish. (intense music) Oh, that’s perfect. I got my hat on. Do I look legit now? (intense music) – First you need to learn how to bowl. – Bowl? – Like bowling. – [Google voice] Bowling. – The pitcher, like you’re throwing it. – Well you don’t throw exactly,
there’s a technique to it, but you’re gonna decide whether
you’re gonna spin the ball or whether you’re just gonna bowl it fast. – [Man] I think you’ve
gotta keep it simple. – How much more simple can you get? (intense music) – [Google voice] Burn. – [Man] So you sorta
teach him how to bowl. Like as if you were
teaching a kid how to bowl. – I’m gonna go stand down here, right? – [Lincoln] And I just throw the ball. – Is the goal to make it so
the ball doesn’t hit this? – [Man] Yeah, if the ball hits the stumps, those things there, you’re out. – Does it matter how far you hit the ball? Or do you just want it to not hit this? – [Man] Uh… If you hit it to the edge of the field, you get an amount of points. Or we call them runs. – This is getting quite complicated. – So the ball’s gonna come. I don’t want it to hit this. I got the bat. I just don’t want it to hit this but I also wanna hit it out. If I run down to that guy,
down to the other wooden thing, is that a point? – Yep, you get one run. – And then do I come back? – Then you get two runs. – Do you just keep going? – But if you get run out, which means somebody hits that
before you get back here, you’re out. – What if I hit it so far
that I could do this 20 times? – Okay, so if you hit
it over the boundary, which is like your home
run, that’s six runs. – So there’s a home run. – And you don’t need to run at all. You can just stay here. – The big difference
between a pitch or a throw and a bowl in cricket– – [Google voice] Bowl. – Is that your arm has to
be straight the whole time. Pretty hard. So you have to, when you come through you have to keep the arm
straight the whole time. Do you want me to do the first one? – I’ve got it. – You’ve got it? (laughing) I wanna say you were
close but you weren’t. (intense music) – [Man] It’s overarm, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Oh, man. – [Man] You do it the other way. (laughing) Ah, that’s a throw. (laughing) It’s like a windmill. Does that make sense? – I mean, you can start
off with a bent elbow but when you come down, it has to remain straight the whole time. – [Man] That’s better. Oh! – Then you charge them
down and– (laughing) – Okay, I’m ready to bowl someone. – [Batter] Do you want me to hit this? – [Dan] Yeah. If you can. Oh, he hit it! I’m gonna do another one. Here we go. (epic orchestral buildup) – [Man] Oh! Get outta here! (epic orchestral music) Look at him, he’s chuffed about that. Why wouldn’t you be? – [Google voice] Chuffed. – I’m a pro bowler, what do you call it? I bowled someone. – [Man] You bowled someone. – You’re playing fast bowler. To represent America. – Turns out we don’t just need a t-shirt and a fancy fishing hat. When you’re gonna bat you
need the helmet, gloves, your bat obviously, these
guys and these guys. – I don’t have those guys. – Alright, bowl it. (Lincoln screaming) – Lincoln’s gonna put
one in, is that alright? – [Dan] Yeah, I prefer the kid. – [All] Oh, yeah! (laughing) – [Lincoln] Yeah! – [All] And again, yeah! Aw! – [Lincoln] Ow. (laughing) – [Man] Out. (Lincoln cheering) – [Lincoln] No! Last one. Better hit it good. Yeah! – There we go, I am sweaty, hot. Man, that’s tricky. This is how it’s really done. – [Google voice] Proper. – [Dan] Oh, dang! (pop music) You know I gotta hit one in the ocean, let’s see if this thing will float. (pop music) We learned a lot about cricket. – Yeah we did. – Wearing that outfit, standing in there, seeing these balls come flying at me. It’s actually a pretty fun sport. Alright, Kookaburra time. Let’s cut this thing open. See what’s inside of it. Sorry, little bird but I’m
gonna cut right through you. (pop music) It’s burning. I was really hoping it
would just catch on fire. This is not the right saw to
be cutting open a cricket ball, but it’s what we have in Australia. Yeah, it’s almost there. It’s almost there, we could
actually just bonk it. – I wanna bonk it. Kay, we got it. – This one’s a little burnt. It’s not a good indicator
of what’s actually inside of a Kookaburra because it’s all melted. But we got an extra one
from How Ridiculous team. – Aw, look at us. We’re so resourceful. – Check it out. This is cork right here. And then you have the
different string layers. Nice, look at all those
threads, similar to a baseball. That’s definitely the big
difference between a cheap ball and a very expensive, nice
game ball that you would use in an actual match. The American cricket
ball, the cheaper version, it was just this fabric, this
really soft fabric inside. This one has a ton of cork. It’s like cork and then a layer of string. Then cork and another layer of string. So check this out, if we pull on it it’s got multiple layers. They’re all the way down to the middle. – [Man] Ooh, it’s kind of glued. – Yeah, that one doesn’t have
the string in between it. My guess is that this
plastic layer would keep it so the water doesn’t get into the cork and make it too heavy. So there you go, thanks to
the How Ridiculous team. That’s what’s inside of a
Kookaburra cricket ball. At least this time we learned
something about cricket. – We did learn something.
– It’s pretty cool. – Pretty cool sport, right? – I think it’s a great game. – It was an adventure, we
learned a ton about cricket and cut open a cricket
ball that saw that yes, there really is a difference
on the nicer balls that we get. It’s interesting inside. – Yeah, it is. (happy music)

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