What’s inside a Cricket Bat?

– (grunts) – We are on an Australian adventure. There are some things in
Australia that you find that maybe you find in
other places in the world like India or England but in America you just don’t have the exposure to it. Like for example a Cricket bat. I’ve never seen one before
until we came down here today. We’re gonna cut this thing in half and these are all the people that have asked for us to do this video. My guess is it’s probably
just wood inside. – Yeah that’s my guess also, but we need to find out. – When you’re gonna bat, you need the helmet,
gloves, your bat obviously. One of these guys and these guys. Okay so I go down like this then I lift it and … – [Voiceover] Yep. – [Voiceover] The ball hits the stump, you’re out. – Yep. – Yeah! – [Voiceover] How does it
feel to get your dad out? – Awesome. – [Voiceover] (laughs) And again! – [Voiceover] Again! Oh my. – All right we’re here in Perth, Australia at the beautiful beach because, you can’t go to Australia
and not go to the beach. They say that this is
one of the stormiest days that they have throughout the year. Cricket bat. Cricket ball. Ocean. You know I gotta hit one in the ocean. Let’s see if this thing will float. That was a pretty good hit. I have to say it was like
the best hit I hit all day but it wasn’t going 60 miles an hour. It came back! Yes, you found it! – Here it is. I was just
chasing some seagulls over there and I see this like,
ball and I’m like, what? – Will a cricket ball float in the ocean? The answer is yes. – Maybe – It’s like a boomerang,
it will come back to you. – We can’t carry it on, on
the plane right Lincoln, why? – They don’t think that
you’ll hurt someone. – I will bonk somebody
on the head, with the kookaburra bat. So because of that, if we shipped it, it would be $86 dollars or what they do is bubble wrapping. $11 dollars per item. So we are going to bubble wrap it up, and then, we’ll just check it as a bag. I just hope that it makes it. What do you think
Lincoln, do you think it’s going to make it? – 90 percent sure. – Good, I like those odds. – We have our cricket bat. Lincoln, put it in there. We’re bringing this bat,
carefully and bubble-wrapped, all the way home, just
so we can cut it in half. Goodbye bat, I’ll miss you. – (laughing) It get’s stuck in there. – Got stuck at the end. We’re getting so close. So we were in Perth. It was about a four hour flight to Sydney and then a
twelve hour flight to LAX. Now we’re here, I don’t
know what time of the day it is or what day it is,
but we should be home in a few hours. We did a video a while
back about the meteorite and we partnered with
audible.com and they hooked us up with a code for
you guys to listen to. Well the good news is,
they are letting us do this thing called audible on the
road where we travel around to different places and
we get to do cool stuff. This trip was sponsored by audible. – On the flight we
listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2, and that was really cool. I love the Harry Potter series. – It helps past the time
when you’re listening to audio books. You just kind of get lost in the world. We can cut open a cricket bat anywhere, but isn’t it so much cooler that we go to Australia and get one from Australia. Audible made that
possible, so show them some love, go to Audible.com
and download your free book use the whatsinside link. If you don’t like it
after 30 days well you can cancel it and keep the free book. The good news is, it made it! – Whooooooooooooooo! – Stickers and stuff all over it. – Here, here, here. I’ll cut it. – All right, you can have the razor blade. (heavy metal music) _ Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – Ten minutes of Lincoln,
taking bubble wrap off of something. Time to get down to
business kookaburra bat. Cricket from down under. What have we learned today? I hate this new saw that I have. It’s still making noise in there. It would not cut in a straight line, now it’s stuck in there. – Look at this saw, it’s terrible. – Well, it’s been a few
weeks and we still have two halves of port-o-potties,
and a chopped up mannequin in our backyard. But we got a new plan of action here. We’re going to just set
it down and chop it open. My line is a little off. – Hey, it’s good. You can see what’s inside of it. – It’s that good enough? – Yeah, that’s good enough. – Heck no, that’s not good enough. This is what’s inside. – No, no, no, no. – Got ’em. – Right. – Take that, cricket bat. We got it. – Oh! – I thought the cricket bat
was going to win this battle. Here’s the handle, let’s
start there and work our way down. There’s some black lines inside of it. – And this is just like string. And then this is what
I saw this red marking. – Yeah but check this
out, it turns into some different color wood right here. It’s brown right there
and it’s soft right there. It’s interesting because
when I got to it right about here it started going a lot easier, so I think this wood is softer. – Yeah. – This is where the two come together and then you keep going down and it’s just one solid piece of wood. So kookaburra cricket
bat, I don’t know what makes it more expensive or better than the other bats because it is just wood. We going to go on a
couple more fun adventures either by car, by train, or by plane. To find something unique from a unique place just like we found a cricket bat from Perth, Australia. Give us an idea below. What other places would you like us to travel to, to find something unique to that location to cut open?

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