What’s inside $20,000 YouTube Golf Tournament?

(relaxing music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside, today we are coming to you from England. – Manchester. – That’s right, Manchester, England and we’re heading to place called Formby Hall which is in Southport, UK. Today is special because
today we’re playing in the World’s First
YouTuber Golf Tournament. But to take it up a
notch and make sure that we capture today on the
best level possible, we’ve got our friends from Belfast. These are the guys from Power Video. I know you have your gear and you’re gonna be filming for us, but what if we turned
over the entire creative and edit over to you guys. How would you feel about that? – I’m up for it. – Next thing your going
to see is Formby Hall. Get ready for an epic
day of golf tournament. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – It’s a gimble. – [Dan] Is that gonna make me look better? Like a better golfer? – Probably not. (laughing) – [Dan] Dang it! All right go check in Link. They know who you are Lincoln. – Yes. – [Dan] We get bags that have
YouTube Golf Day engraved. What is inside the YouTube
Golf Day free swag bag? – Magazine. Voucher. – [Dan] A golf voucher? – 50 pounds. – [Dan] 50 pounds! So I think that’s 75
US dollars or like 60. – [Dan] Good conversion. – That’s my guess. Then we got some hats, some Titleist hats! And a TaylorMade hat! – [Dan] Why did we buy you one yesterday? – ‘Cause I didn’t think we’d get any. These are cool. – [Dan] We bought Lincoln
this hat yesterday and look, it has magnets
right here on his hat. Watch. – Yep. – [Dan] Magnets. – And then we got some Pro V1’s – [Dan] Ooh, open them up. Do they have their logo on them? – Yes they do, look at that. – [Dan] Oh my gosh, YouTube
Golf Day is on the Pro V1. – And then we got some tees. – Now you know what’s inside the bag . Thank you Rick Shiels
for all the free swag. Next thing up is there’s a draw and they’re going to randomly
select who golfs with who. (electronic music) – Welcome down to the first
ever YouTube Golf Day. (applauding) – Thank you so much. The seventh hole par five. This channel with 6.5 million subscribers. All the way from Utah, USA. Dan and Lincoln Markham
from What’s Inside. What up guys? (applauding) these guys are playing with
the guy I like to call Tiny. He’s not only the tallest
golfer in the world, he’s also the tallest man in Europe. And he’s seven foot,
seven and half inches. The movie star, basketball star, an avid golfer, Paul Sturgess. Come up! (applauding) This is who you’re going
to be playing with. – Gary Anderson. – Gary Anderson, Gary Anderson come on up. (applauding) – [Dan] So here’s the deal
Lincoln has this jacket that he bought here yesterday. – [Lincoln] It’s really warm. – I think we should be twinners. – [Lincoln] No! – Does that not look,
does that not look good? We’re like twinners out there, we’re on a team. I’m doing it, I’m getting this jacket. (groaning) We’re twinners. – Okay, okay, we’re twinners. (upbeat music) ♪ Tell me where to go ♪ ♪ Turn the lights out ♪ – We are on the first hole, which is for us the seventh hole. But there’s a special
treat for the seventh hole. Titleist is here they’re
sponsoring this hole. This is the long drive hole. Considering we’re the
first ones of the day and there’s four of us,
one of the four of us is going to have the
longest drive of the day. At least for a hole. – This is Fraser, he’s from Titleist. What are the official rules for today’s long drive competition? – So ideally we want you to do is use one of our Titleist drivers. We’re gonna get you to tee off, hit the longest drive you can, and see who comes out on top. – [Dan] Does it have
to land in the fairway for it to count? – Ideally, yes. – [Dan] Ideally or yes? – Yes. – Yes. Darn, I was hoping it was just ideally. Not sure if it’s in the fair, but one of us has got to
hit it in the fairway, even if it’s not even
that far, like 100 yards. That means we’ll have the longest drive. Ooh that’s, ooh it’s Lincoln. Little left, stay on buddy. Hey Lincoln, how did that Titleist feel? – It felt better than my club. – [Dan] It felt better than your club? How much? Can we buy it right now? Come on. I think Lincoln might be in
there, but I don’t if he is, so all I need to do is hit
nice and easy in the fairway, and I have longest drive
at the YouTuber Golf. That means I’m the best longest hitter. – [Lincoln] This is the first hole. (Upbeat music) – [Lincoln] And it’s in the fairway! – Longest hit of the day, right here, yes! (laughing) – Yes, I am the longest hitting driver of all the YouTube Golfers. For one hole at least. (laughing) Okay, Lincoln grab that marker. We are gonna put my name right on it. I thought I hit my ball right
in the middle of the fairway. It’s off the fairway. I brought this card out for nothing. I am not the longest
drive hitter of the day. – [Lincoln] Just put it there anyway. Just put it there. – No, I’m gonna put it out
here for somebody else. The walk of shame. – [Lincoln] If it was right here this could have counted as fairway. – [Paul] You want me to
get the lawn mower out and kinda make that part of the fairway? (laughing) – [Dan] Awesome kids
here today, high fives. Yes, Yes! I like your rain jackets, both of them. (upbeat music) I got a par, Lincoln got a six, and Paul got a five. And he hit not a great tee shot, but he scrambled. Paul that was awesome up and down. – Thank you. – [Dan] Do you do that pretty often? Are you pretty good with your
wedges from around the green? – My short game is probably
the best part of my game. So I practice it the most. – [Dan] Man. – It saved me there, got lucky. – [Dan] That’s great, nice job. (upbeat music) – From this line or in front
of this line, over Phil’s head. And the key to this, you’re
gotta land it before this line. – [Dan] No. – Yeah, that’s what he does. – [Dan] And Phil can do that? – He does it with real people. The player flops it over this one here, will get 50 pounds for Prostate Cancer UK. – [Dan] 50 pounds Lincoln,
that’s like a billion dollars. Oh! (laughing) – [Man] Look what he did to his leg! – Lincoln takes out his knees! Lincoln’s going for the knees! – [Man] Nice job! – [Dan] Oh Yeah. – [Man] 10 Pounds. – [Dan] Oh! – [Lincoln] Hey, oh, oh! – [Man] Nearly. (laughing) – [Man] He’s out. – I feel bad for this turf. Phil, you are the winner Phil. You’re the true winner. (upbeat music) Halfway in on our golf day we’re playing I think better, I’d say better than our handicap, Which is good. We’re not winning this thing, but we’ve got something
special on this hole. We have TaylorMade booth. We have really fancy TaylorMade
designed by Tiger Woods. Irons? Wow. – It’s beater pro, so
everybody’s taking a shot with the TaylorMade clubs and if that shot is closer than mine, you get 50 pounds. – [Dan] What’s your best round you’ve had in the last two years? – 62, 10 under. – [Dan] 62! – That’s good! That’s really good. – [Dan] That is good. So all we need to do
is get closer than you. – Exactly, yeah. – [Dan] It sounds, Paul has got this. (laughing) Go Max, Go! Yes! That’s why you’re the pro. Max, you’re the man! This is a Tiger Woods club If I hit this in a hole in one, Tiger Woods best give me
all these clubs for free. – [Paul] Ooh. – [Man] Nice Shot. – I need to get me Tiger Woods clubs. I hit it on the green, look at that! Still not as close as Max
but hey, Tiger Woods club. All right let’s get
outta here, Tiger Woods. (upbeat music) We’ve got some awesome
people that’ve been coming with us today watching our round. All right, who are some of the golfers that you’ve seen today that
have been fun to watch? – Golficity. – [Dan] Golficity. – People from there. Seeing Rick Shiels, but apart from that
just been following you. – [Dan] What’s the best shot you’ve seen that we’ve hit today? – Definitely your driver off the deck from the few holes ago. (laughing) – So I hit a driver off the deck and it went like 240 and it went up. No, yeah, it was 240, up onto the green. It was a really good shot,
I’m pretty proud of it. I’m glad he said that ’cause I probably should
have had it on camera, but I mean, yeah. (upbeat music) This is the hole that
we’ve been waiting for. We have about three holes
left of golf to play. And if we get a hole in one on this hole, we get something that
Paul has dreamed about his entire life. A Mini Cooper! – A car he would fit in. – [Dan] So you wouldn’t be too
sad if you got a hole in one. – So when I get a hole in one now this baby is coming home with me. (laughing) – [Dan] Yes! (upbeat music) – So winning the car is courtesy
of our friends at Titleist. Actually they’re not my friends, but their going to be our friends. This is Anthony, he works for Titleist. – Hello! – [Dan] The best golf
ball out there, right? – Number one. – [Dan] Do you know how
many players on tour actually use a Pro V1 or Pro V1X? – Any given field there
will be 75% of the field roughly that will play
a Titleist golf ball. – That’s a lot, that’s a big percentage. That is definitely a majority. It’s almost like I compare it
to NBA players wearing Nikes. Are these, these are Pro V1s? – These are all Pro V1s. – [Dan] They’re yellow. Is there any difference in performance from the yellow to the white? – Absolutely zero performance. That’s what’s taken so long
to make a yellow Pro V1 is that we wanted to make
sure that the yellow golf ball performed identical to the white ones in terms of distance and spin. – [Dan] Get in the hole! Come around buddy. Oh! A little bit on the right. There it is! – [Lincoln] Wow! – It’s going in the hole! It went somewhere, that’s for sure. (laughs) – Don’t drive! (screaming) – Sorry. – [Dan] Yes! – This feels unsafe! (laughing) We need an adult. – So we just filmed a really fun video that’s also gonna go
on the family channel. So make sure you check it out. We did some competitions of Paul versus Lincoln with
their clubs switching it up and it was awesome. (upbeat music) All right, I haven’t introduced Rick yet. This is Rick. He’s the man that put on
this entire competition. You’ve seen his name
inside of every cup today. How does that feel to be seeing
your name inside of a cup? – If I could’ve found the cup,
it would have been better. (laughing) I couldn’t hole anything today. – Oh no. – But no, it was great,
thanks for coming over. – Yeah, it’s been great. – It’s really appreciated. Did you have a good time with Paul? – Yeah, we had a competition
of tall versus tiny, Lincoln versus Paul. They switched clubs. It was a tough battle. – I bet it was. – And it just ended on this hole actually with the driver so it was fun. See you in a few, thanks Rick! – No problem, thank you Dan. – [Man] Last shot of the day, potentially. – [Dan] Go down the hill, it’s a hill! – [Man] I’m gonna do what you did. – You should go down the hill! (laughing) A par to close out the day. There it is! That’s the way you get
up and down for par. Okay Paul, question for you. – Yep. – I was in Las Vegas not that long ago and there was a guy that was super tall. He had to have been over seven feet tall and I asked him, I’m
like I’ve got a question. How tall are you? And he got really mad at me and he was like, he wouldn’t tell me. He’s like I don’t talk about my height and he got really mad and then I felt bad. I asked somebody about it afterward and they’re like yeah, you
don’t just ask somebody about their height because
it might offend them. Do you get offended when people
ask you about you height? – Not really, no. I mean as long as you
approach me the right way. I kind of just get on with it. I accepted I was going to
be this way a long time ago and use it to my advantage now so. As long as their not rude, I’m
very, very approachable so. – That’s great. Okay, so there’s the message. If you are going to approach
somebody that’s tall, be sensitive, be nice about it. This is the nicest tall
man I have ever met. Lincoln is still back at that
hole, chipping and putting. Like look at him. He’s like, look how far away he is. Way down there. Just chipping. He’s just chipping over there. Lincoln is still working it. He’s still trying to become a good golfer. And for his age he plays well, but I think he has aspirations
to play even better so this was a good thing to come to to play with a bunch of adults
that are YouTube Golfers that are really good golfers. Its been a great trip. No regrets, but we are
not sponsored at all. We thought this would be for a good cause, but more importantly
it’s nice to have goals that you can work for
to try to get better. Seriously its been 30 minutes
and he’s finally walking back. I’m actually quite surprised that he was there for that long. Look how far away he is. To win the British Open. – Stop. (laughing) – Just stop. – [Dan] It’s up, its short. Didn’t you just practice for like an hour? This putt is for the win. – Stop! – [Dan] Its going. Oh, its breaking! And he didn’t read the break. Lincoln for the win. Nothing but net! He finally got it. (laughing) On the first try. – First try right there. – [Dan] Look at the crowd,
the crowd goes wild. (laughing) See ya buddy. Car comes at 10. Boom! Two in a row. (upbeat music) (applauding) – So today was to raise money, a lot of money for Prostate Cancer UK. The guys again have been
unbelievably supportive in creating a buzz around the day. – [Dan] In my book, this is
the winning team right here. Right here, these guys, Lincoln. Also Billy and Damian,
followed us around all day. Got some killer shots. – No problem. Thank you, thanks for having us. – The champion for the
kindest person of the day goes to Paul because he has
stood up and taken pictures with I think every single
person in this room and then some. You’re the real champion. – Thank you. My pleasure guys, nice meeting you. – Make sure you check out Paul’s channel. If we did another video with
Paul, what should we do? What would you like to see? And maybe we can pull something together. It’ll be fun. Time to head home. Thanks for watching guys. That was a blast, see ya. (upbeat music)

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