What Is a Seam? | Volleyball Lessons

So in beach volleyball, we talked about earlier
on defensive strategy, when you’re either taking the line indicated with a one, or an
angle indicated with a two. When I’m taking the line, my partner’s then
taking the angle. The in-between spot of that defense is what’s
called the seam. You kind of think of it as if the person just
hitting directly middle instead of taking one half of the court or the other. When I’m blocking, you go up to block and
you press. If the net is along this way, and the pole
and the antennae’s here, and I’m pressing, I want to have this hand on my hitter, and
I want to have this hand on the ball. If she goes past me underneath my arm here,
that is the seam. My defender isn’t necessarily covering that
seam, she’s covering outside of me, so I either need to either press more to take some of
the seam, or she needs to be sitting on the seam, thus giving up another part. As a defensive player, utilizing the seam
is a great way to score extra points in crunch time. The defense is either taking the line or the
angle, leaving the seam open. As a defensive team, it’s good to start taking
more seam if you’re getting beat there by your opponent. You can take more seam on the block, when
you’re blocking line, pressing that inside hand as I mentioned earlier, or you can have
your defensive player sitting on the seam if they’re hitting it over and over again,
and just taking that option away. As a defensive player, sometimes it’s smart
just to sit on their favorite shot, and it demoralizes an offensive player when their
favorite shot gets dug over and over again. And if they decide to change what they’re
doing, then you can change your defense accordingly. Those are a couple ways you can utilize the
seam strategy in beach volleyball.

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