What is a DJ? – S3RL ft Jimni Cricket

What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? Don’t scratch it Can’t scratch Call and response I’ll play a pattern, then you repeat it with scratching Let’s try And again Very good What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? Can’t scratch Can’t scratch

100 thoughts on “What is a DJ? – S3RL ft Jimni Cricket

  1. Wow I'm unsubscribing, this is the best that you've done since the last time I've listened to your music, I hate it so much, I've listened to it twelve times in a row, you should stop making music and I'm looking forward to your next track!

  2. Whatever, I listen to your music. Sometimes I smoke while listening, sometimes I game while listening to ya, sometimes I just dance. I'm not even gonna pretend to be an art critic. Fuck, I love your sound though. I think my first song was MTC? Take it how you want. Just keep doing you.
    -Sincerely, some internet loser with a gorilla for a profile picture (It's Koko)

  3. The words don't scratch it is simon pegg's voice from the film shaun of the dead! they come back from the Winchester after a good few and play a electro lp and they scratch at one point then pete grabs it and Chucks it out the window and swears a lot! and Shaun says Dont scratch it lol! Completely awesome ?

  4. Still love you man . New songs are amazing aswell your bell makes my day don't give up. Losers always talk trash just ignore.

  5. holy shiet s3rl your my new favorite dj now (same for all my classmates) so your the fav dj of 24 kids good luck with us

  6. Y'all talk Alota smack I like too see you try get 11k views ?? just going to leave this here for you haters ??

  7. El mejor dj de la historia,siempre lleno de energia como siempre ..simplemente amo las melodias de s3rl….uwu

  8. Not everyone is gonna love every song that’s the perfect thing about having a large audience you can make one thing that people will love and then one that they don’t and that catches them off guard usually music is music if you don’t like a song wait for the next or re listen to older ones it’s simple don’t bash the creator for making something good everything a creator makes with their best effort and time is gonna be good it might not be the best/most perfect thing ever for each individual but everyone is different and that’s just fantastic if only helps feed the creative process keep on pumping up them jams 😉 (not gonna lie I’m overseas in Japan rn and have considered taking leave to come out and rave with y’all in Australia) keep on killing it S3rl and it’s a shame but good luck on the 2 year break man family is important love the music helps with the occasional bit of depression helps kick it to the curb have a great time and love the music and if you don’t find something you do love to listen to don’t bash it

  9. I just came back from a good video that was made in 2012. This right here is a good video made in 2018, and I'd like to warn all of you to appreciate this video now, because 6 years will pass just like that.

  10. After watching this video I thought of two DJ's battling each other out with their beats "spellcasting"

  11. Would have loved to see S3RL using an old technics 45 with scratch section labels on the disc. Real scratching and also has a better sound that the digitalised version TBH. Still awesome clip though and the mad skillz are real 🙂

  12. I kinda doubt that theres a song I outright dislike. More like don't enjoy it as much as the others. Most are perfect. I actually got conflicted at times how can some of your songs be all so perfect. Had to open my mind into more stuff at the same time produced by one guy be all perfect at the same time I suppose.

    Either way.
    For a feedback from me..
    My least enjoyable: Silicon XX – actually yeah.. Like stunning visuals nonetheless. The connection adding the "U'll never have to mtc again" was nice and funny. The song sounds ah not so bad actually. Thats why I can't say I hate/dislike something completly of what I've heard so far from you (I'm confident to say I've heard lots). TBH I get the rave visuals of the girl but they're slightly scary – the dark makeup and the huge ring in the nose lol .. .I'm saying I get the theme but seems kinda a lot just my preference there ig.

    My most favourite? (uhh.. all probably)
    5. Pump up the jams (I don't see it get as much love tho I like it),nightcore this,chillcore,raveboy,whenidie,nekonation,whirlwind+alltheolder clasic ones like mtc/pikagirl(omg this is hard I'm basically typing in everything at this point)
    4. Berserk – thats a real adrenalin track for me, great amv too :3 (only reason I'd go watch it lol)
    3. Scary movie – perfect track perfect amv thingy
    3. DJ Whore / Bass Slut / Yeah Science
    2. What is a DJ keep doing more stuff whatever it is
    1. keep doing even more stuff whatever it is we'll love it :3

  13. See man the wires of dj controller are not connected to each other wow man you are thinking that no one would notice it but it's me?? and I noticed it

  14. This DJ-Console isn´t even connected to anyhing. I thought is was a real mix. And why are you turning on and off all switches for the power of the mics and making the "main out" loud and quiet? Why not showing how you really made this music?

  15. Actually I'm a bit late.. Man, those comments is mean.. Didn't noticed that part when this was uploaded.. ? Cause I just listen to the music and not focusing on video but for the fans, you know it is so hard to make a music especially a good one.. Just appreciate it, at least he still making music.. Yes it suck but when those song were put in present mix, it become so good af.. I just came back here to add those suck song in my playlist because I give it time to listen, sometime you listen it for the first time it kinda suck but after like a week or month it felt good especially in every mix and fuck me those intro never disappointed !! That's why I always came back.. Love your song and keep up, maybe make a thousand music or remixes until you get old and bored ? Sorry it take a bit longer here.. Those comments really hit me.. Also have a nice day guys ?

    Ps :: Maybe those are joke.. Maybe..

  16. Seeing all those comments that they hate his new style tracks just breaks my heart. Been there everysince he got famous and there's no track that I hated or disliked. You're doig a great job on improving❤ I'm a huge fan of you?

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