What do You Look At in the Golf Swing? Plus Athalonz Shoe Giveaway!

oh boy I’ve been totally wrong about
something didn’t even know it and whoo certain us all I’m gonna fix it up right
now let’s go okay thanks for stopping by we’re gonna fix up your game today and
there’s something I’ve been doing or that I’ve been doing I didn’t realize
how big of a mistake so many golfers are making and I’m I just didn’t think
anybody did this but everybody does it so we’re gonna fix it up right now
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we’re all with so many people are doing wrong all right so many people are doing
wrong you don’t even realize it and it’s costing you strokes everywhere you go
that’s look I’m not going a hole I didn’t make that mistake here and you’re
not gonna make it ever again either because we’re gonna hit hard let’s go
okay so here’s where I was wrong uh I thought I think that people know where
to look at the ball when they’re hitting their shots but then I started asking
people I said uh hey what do you look at when
you hear a shot and they’re like um the ball I look at the ball I’m like what
you mean the ball we’re at the ball they’re like I don’t know just look at
the ball and I’m like woah how can you just look at the ball
what does that do and most of us get in this habit and I get in this bad habit
as well and I realize that when I’m trying to hit a certain shot and I
couldn’t hit it and then I just I really had to focus in rays or focus on where I
wanted to make contact and then I was able to pull off the shot I was looking
for and so we get in these bad habits of just looking at the ball and even when
you’re putting where do you look where should you look to be able to make a
good putt that’s a good pot just didn’t go in all right so we need to focus and
need to know where to look at what to look at and why we’re looking there so
today we’re going over that and it’s different the cool thing is it’s
different for every kind of shot you have believe it or not so let’s tackle
that right now okay so you’re in the bunker this is when you’re talking about
where to look at the ball ah this is why I don’t really put a mark on my ball
because when you do in terms of like where to look I don’t want to put a mark
because if you do it will be in a different position all the time when
you’re on the golf course that’s why I don’t do that so where do you look at
the ball when you’re in the trap you have two options okay two options option
one if you like to look at the ball I want you to look at the very back of the
ball below the equator so the center would be the acquit I want you to look
like almost as if you’re trying to look underneath the ball that would be if
you’re a ball look or some people don’t like to look at the ball in the bunker I
get it so we’ll have an option for you to if you’re a ball looker you want to
go almost underneath that thing is your is your razor like focus is where you
want to be okay I’m like going underneath that thing and what
to do is back my club up so the shadow of it isn’t interfering with where I’m
looking and I want my shadow over the ball back the shadow of the club back
below and now I’m looking trying to look underneath the ball right like that who
almost made that guy so underneath the ball now some people don’t like to do
that in the trap and I get it so if you like to look at the sand here’s what you
do you’re gonna be the same thing so where do you look at in the sand what I
like to do is envision another golf ball behind my golf ball so this is my ball
there’s my other golf ball there okay so in my mind I’m seeing another golf ball
behind it and then I’m looking at the very top of that golf ball it’s hard to
do but or you got to look through an imaginary ball and now you’re looking at
the sand right okay that’s what we’re going for so I don’t like to look at the
sand because the sand is so tiny and there’s so many grains that I end up
picking out a grain of sand and then if my body moves at all it messes me up so
I don’t like to do that but for the case for the sake of you all I will do that
so you want to look one ball behind your ball at a specific grain of sand in that
and then what I want to do is I want to take my divot after that grain of sand
so that’s about an inch or two behind the ball okay so I’m focused in the
reason I don’t like doing this is because then I have to back my club up
even farther because I don’t like my shadow or the shadow of the club or the
club over my spot so I back it up even far that’s messes me up but I got my
grain of sand right down there and taking my divot right after that yeah
and that’s why I don’t like doing that because I inevitably hit behind that
because I’m so used to hitting behind where I’m looking but that’s personal
personal preference which which one you prefer and ima look at the golf ball
kind of guy so I like to look try to look underneath the ball
in the sand trap let’s move on so here we are a little pitch shot where do we
look now it’s going to be different than the other shots as well because you have
to adjust most of your hips and your chunks and stuff like that
come believe it or not a lot of it comes because you’re not focusing on the right
things or anything at all people just I’m looking at the ball and
that will mess you up now some people pick a dimple and you can do that I’m
not a big dimple picker either I look at a specific amour location in terms of my
eyesight so I’m not looking at like one dimple I’m looking at okay I want to be
on right in right here like a spot okay I know it’s neither here or there you
could be a dimple person but you could lose the dimple during your swing and
that messes with your with your head so on these guys obviously the ball is
going to be in a different rotational space every time it lands so picking out
a piece of the ball like a name a logo or whatever is going to be difficult so
I like to look at again the very back tip of the ball as the ball curves
around the farthest most point this way is where I’m going
that’s what I’m thinking about but as I’m doing that
okay I’m focusing on the exact same point on the opposite side of the ball
as if you put a nail through here to here okay so I’m looking at this but I’m
trying to drive the back of the ball into the front of the ball through the
front of the ball right so I’m focusing on that point right back here very most
back point of that ball and I’m trying to smack it through the front of the
ball and that way I know I’m not going to decelerate through here and that just
drives it in nice nicely you get a lot of spin in that so that’s what I’m
looking at as I’m hitting these pitch shots a little bit different than the
bunker because there I’m trying to look under the ball here
I’m trying to go right through the center of the back most piece of that
ball so putting where do we look now the greatest putters of all time have very
little in common but something they all have in common is none of them looked at
the ball like in general like let’s look at the ball no they all had a very
specific location where they look okay now it’s but it’s not always the same
everybody’s a little different and so you have to figure out where to look but
if you just look at the white thing you’re in trouble and you are going to
struggle mightily in your putting the more focus you can have on them on a
specific area of the golf ball when you’re putting the less you’re gonna yep
the less you’re gonna have issues the less you’re gonna be afraid because when
you focus on something and you’re so focused on that one thing right there oh
the less you’re worried about all this craziness going on and you’re just gonna
be like okay I’m right there I’m not I’m not losing that focus I’ve got it and
I’m gonna nail it right there and that’s the key is making sure you are focusing
on something I didn’t care about my stroke I didn’t care about my speed that
was all predetermined the last thing I was like hit my spot right there and I
did so where do we look you’ve got your choice when it comes to putting okay if
your eyes hang over the ball which they should alright putting is a great great
mystery one of the greatest mysteries in all of golf but we’re gonna hang it’s
close to over the ball as possible okay I don’t want you to look at the very
very back tip okay or the very very front tip of the ball all right the very
very oh right there because that’s where your putters gonna strike or you look at
the front because you want to follow through to that space or there’s another
option for you that I want you to consider which I do many
from time to time is I want to look not at the ball but at a piece of grass
ahead of the ball okay so I’m looking at something beyond the ball and that way I
want to get my putter to Center my putter right over that piece and go
there and that’s pretty good and that helps you from slowing down or
decelerating in your putting stroke you do not want that to happen but what I
don’t want to do is just look at the middle of the ball I don’t like that
because then it allows for my putter to drift back and forth too much and you
can hit the toe of the putter or the heel of the putter if you’re looking at
the top center of the golf ball so don’t in my opinion don’t do that
either look at the back the very front or beyond the front at at the green now
I personally like to look at the back and drive for me drive these three dots
into the back of the ball I’m really trying to bang that thing in there boom
like just nail that that’s what I’m trying to focus on for me regardless of
how you line up or anything I’m looking at those dots right in that back point
and I’m just trying to hit it like that missed them all Wendy what do I know so
it doesn’t matter what matters is perfect contact when you’re putting the
ball and having knowing where to look and what the focus on is really gonna
help you out when you are putting because it’s gonna take your brain away
from all the other distractions going on just worry about the strike and you’ll
be good when it comes to your pots okay on your tee shots this is one of the
most critical areas where you need to know where look or you will lose the
most shots here if you don’t know where to look in the bunker you just might hit
a couple bunker shots here you’ll lose the ball out of balance two strokes so
we got to make sure we got it down pat I did a video on putting a line on your
golf ball and how that affects you and what you should know about that I will
link that video right up here be sure to check that out because that will help
you out and it will clarify a lot of things questions you
I have regarding this but hopefully we get it clear here as well so a lot of
people will put a line on their ball okay and they’ll put it right on top now
what happens is when you look at the ball put a little dot on there for you
all right when you look at the ball from the top okay you have that line right on
top and you’re looking and you line that up or whatever or you use a dot or logo
or whatever and you’re looking at the very top of the ball that’s out there
and down now if I’m chipping or something it’s not so critical and you
can get away with that but when you’re here looking at the top it’s too far
that way okay so I’m my head is doing things that shouldn’t do and it’s gonna
affect how you strike that ball and it really affects what the clubface does on
that ball at impact if you’re looking at the top that clubface has a tendency to
be open and if it’s open coming down and your brain knows it it’ll flip it and
shut it so you’ll miss right and left big time and this is a cause of the lot
of the over-the-top problems that people have they just don’t realize that they
think it’s their swing it’s just where they’re looking so what you want to do
is you want to tilt that towards you a little bit at a little angle like so and
that will help you but now I’m looking at the top of the ball looking down this
way and now that is tilted towards me so it’s now I’m looking right at the top of
the ball but I don’t want to look at the top of the ball at least you’re looking
somewhere you’re not looking at the whole ball so that’s better than nothing
but it’s not ideal when you’re hitting a driver I want you to either take that
and put a dot way back here at the back and way back here at the front okay I’m
gonna give you your choice of things to look at here again this is personal
preference for that okay so I want you to either look here or here but not
there when you’re hitting driver that will mess you up
it really will you don’t even realize it so now I’ve got this ball slightly angled towards me a little bit
and I’m gonna hit either the back dot or the front dot whichever one you prefer I
like to look at the front dot on this particular shot because it just helps me
drive through the ball a little bit better so take that approach to your
driver and you will have a much much better
you will have much better success as you hit your drives instead of looking down
here but front or back of the ball for driver you’ll be fine
there you go that’s how or where and why you should focus and how it will benefit
you now there’s other things to focus on with the ball but what you don’t want to
do is look at the whole dang thing that will mess you up focus in on something
and the more you focus in on a specific spot the better off you’re gonna be
so let me know where I want to know where do you like to look at the golf
ball how do you do it comment below let me know also be sure to hit that like
button subscribe to the channel hit the battle too and don’t forget we’re doing
our Apple onto giveaway in this video huh look there good people over there so
be sure to check that link below and see if you can’t get yourself sick pair of
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83 thoughts on “What do You Look At in the Golf Swing? Plus Athalonz Shoe Giveaway!

  1. Wow! Never really thought about that. I just looked at the ball…right. I will use this in my practice to see the difference! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. I never really gave much thought to that part of the swing, I will definitely try these tips out, very interesting thanks!

  3. Will try this out, but especially with long irons and driver, as a newcomer, the degree of accuracy of where to look, seems very demanding

  4. I've only ever looked at the ball, never a specific location on the ball on the course, however, when I'm on the green, I place my ball with the arrow/line facing the direction I want to go. I can't wait to go try these tips!! Thanks for the shoe link!!

  5. I think about this every time I swing but have never asked anyone for advice… I will be trying this immediately! Thank you!


  7. On all full shots I look at the front of the ball. It works a a key to get me to drive thru my shot. Finish my shot.

    On putts I look at the back of the ball with the ball marking lining up with the center of my putter face. Trying to make sure to hit the exact center. With my Bettinardi putter center hits are hardly felt and roll so true.

  8. I don't even look at the ball when putting. I align the line on my putter with the line on my ball, so now I know I am aligned. Over the putt, I focus on the line on my putter (mid mallet, so it's a decent length line) and I see that line burned into the green when I take the putter back and then focus on bringing the putter back through on that line. Making more putts than ever now.

  9. I have been looking at the front of the ball for longer fairway shots, the back of the ball for pitch shots and who the hell knows where for putting. I will definitely give your suggestions a go. Thanks, Mr. Short Game!

  10. You're trying to hit the back of the ball…….SO LOOK AT IT! It can also help to cure swaying. If you get a "laser focus", then your head has to remain still for your eyes to keep that focus . And the only way to get the club back, if your head and body stay centered, is to rotate your hips and spine……

  11. Matt, you would do better not to partner with Gleam for the shoe giveaway. Most of us don't want to give up that kind of information. Keep the excellent videos rollin'!

  12. Now those were VERY useful tips – much thanks. In the sand, an inch behind the ball. In the sand (at a distance from the green, in front of the ball…pick it clean). Drives, center of ball. Fairway, on the ball but in the back. Tell Athalonz to provide a cleaning tip for the mesh material in the toe of their shoes…impossible to clean. Good tip Mr. SG…next video…three tips to prevent a slice when driving.

  13. For driver, i try and look under the inside back, bunker shots i look about 2 inches behind the ball, fairway and rough i look about 2 inches in front of the ball, putts I look at the hole. No matter the distance of the putt, i look at the hole. On breaking putts, I imagine where it will miss if the putt was hit straight, i move that spot to the other side of the cup and thats where I look. Great video. Like the late great Bobby Jones said, "I dont look at the ball, I am just aware that its there."

  14. Sand shots are the most critical for eye placement, mid-long irons is next most, with driver and putter being right behind. for me
    For me, chipping/pitching anything from 35-90 yards is such MUSCLE MEMORY that I don’t need to really concern myself with eye placement. It’s the strongest part of my game by far.

  15. Also..you prefer the “mallet” type putters as opposed to a blade?
    For eye placement and looking down, the mallets are just too much distraction for me. Too much going on. The blade putters simplify it, for me. Opinion? You ever use the blade?

  16. Couldn’t find a email to send this. So here it is. Lol
    Love your channel and new member. I see you only use two wedges. PW-GW. Everyone I play with say you need at least 3……52,54,60 or some combination like that. Plus PW. I’m wondering if you have a video or could make one that covers this. I have a PW,AW,60. My PW is 130yards my A wedge is 115-125. My 60 is sand up to 60yards. Love it around the greens. I struggle from 60yards to 115yards. I hear deloft the club, hood it…..love to hear how you handle this.
    Thanks in advance, Brad.

  17. This is one of my biggest swing thoughts because I'm so uncertain where to look. I usually just aim towards the middle but I end up in trouble alot. Especially with driver. Thanks dude.

  18. When I am putting, I look at the spot on the back of the ball where the hozzle is pointing. That gives me the most natural and precise target. On a chip or a fairway shot, I look at the underside of the ball like you say. On a drive, I find the logo, or the line on the ball and tip it about 45 degrees or so right toward my line of sight so it parallels my desired swing arc. I used to have a habit of focusing only my left eye on the ball and tracking my swing arc with the right eye, so I have spent a lot of practice time dealing with the "where to look" question, and these are the things that have worked the best for me. Great vid. Keep em coming!

  19. For the driver I look behind the ball right where the club face makes it’s first contact. I learn through Shawn Clement “Wisdom in Golf” to cut the dandelion stem with the irons and wedges. But, I have to say your idea of the putter makes sense. I will definitely try that next season

  20. I have been looking a few inches in front of ball where divot sgould be on irons…and on putts the holeor not at ball but afead and drives eyes and ghin back at 4 or 50clock. Butit caries on your dominant eye…andforayeari lost90% o visjon when i hada very grooved swing…i found thataftermany shags anda littleconfidence the ball does not move and you really do not have to keep your eye on ball at all…check out paranoid android golfer vids on invisaball device whichwill give you confidence in looking not at ball…it will freeup swing and greatly improve contact by forcing you to not hit at ball but swing smoothly….it isfree but worth hundreds of $$$.

  21. I found that if I’m hitting on the heal or shanking I will look at the very inside of the ball closest to me or the grass inside of the ball and aim for that and I always hit it good

  22. I use Greg Norman's idea of seeing hoops or targets in the air, at the apex of the shot's intended trajectory, NOT the ground. Not for putts of course.

  23. When putting, after getting your read and picking out something close to the ball on your line to the hole. I like to keep my head behind the ball and stare down the line and see it rolling on that line, only then do I look back down at the back of the ball and take one more quick look from the back of the ball down the line to the hole, and then stroke it. You will make a lot more putts and there is never a hitch because you are feeling what you see and don't have time to change your mind. It works great.

  24. I get about 6 feet behind the ball determine my target line, then pick a spot about a foot in front of the ball, along that line. I set the club face perpendicular to that line and my feet parallel to it. Then my stance, grip, balance, shoulder tilt, etc…75% of the time I hit it pretty straight.

    I keep my tee height consistent by measuring it against my ball. I place the ball under my thumb, and push the tee to the same height.

    And I look at the back of the ball along my target line…

  25. I’ve found that if my eyes are positioned inside the ball when putting I shoot much more accurately more frequently than eyes over the ball!

  26. Great stuff as always thanks. Tiger says about golf “let’s start with hitting with the middle of the face”. Ok, but much easier said than done. Do you have anything on this?

  27. For my drives, I want a draw trajectory and I focus on the back of the ball at the spot I need to strike it for an in-to-out swing path.

  28. With putting I focus on the ground about 2 inches in front of the ball. Directly on my start line. It forces me to actually start it on the correct line. It also allows my brain to judge the speed vs me trying to manipulate it.

  29. Pretty sure I watched a video a couple weeks ago that says most tour pros look at the ball as a whole, but lately I’ve been looking at the ground in front of the ball for iron shots.

  30. Every time Im watching your videos my wife always says "damn, that guy needa to lay off on the caffeine." Love your tips.

  31. Sometimes I am so unfocused on where I am lookinf i end up not looking anywhwere. Has to be affectingbhow I strike the ball. Great video mate.

  32. If only I was an American to be able to get in on all these giveaways 5th one this week I dont qualify for being canadian

  33. I look at the "front" of the ball to swing through the ball not at it and my swing trigger for irons is me saying "downward strike".

  34. As far as full shots with wedges, irons and hybrids I like to look at the front edge of the ball I feel as if it alows me to hit through the ball first then the ground. If you looking at the back of the ball its easier to hit the ground before the ball. With Putting I like to line it up with the line where I want the ball to start and then choose a spot an inch in front of the ball to try to roll it over that spot I was looking at

  35. I found, through trial and a lot of error, that looking at the front is the way for me. When putting and driving, this helped me get through the ball. It was so successful that I used it for my irons. The result was divots in front (target side) of the ball. Fat shots are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

  36. Just curious what brand trousers you wear? I've seen Fowler and others wearing the jean look alike trousers. They look very comfortable. Thanks.

  37. Hi Matt, I have to thank you for putting me on to Athalonz golf shoes! Not only are these the best golf shoes I have ever worn, they may well be the best shoes of any type I have ever owned! They are freakin’ amazing! They fit right out of the box, have a wide and very comfortable fitting and are just soooooo stable. They fit exact to stated size right out of the box. Just awesome. Thanks, again, buddy! Of course, I’ll have to get a pair Nike-labeled to wear at the Masters, but when I win that puppy again, I’ll credit you for putting me on to Athalonz! Now, how about some golf technique tips? What about playing from fairway bunkers? Cheers, mate!

  38. ive never looked at the ball hitting an explosion out of the sand… and i suck out of the sand. like… 2.5 strokes from greenside bunkers suck.
    i will try peering under the ball… for some reason i think that might help my distance control out of bunkers.
    thanks for the tip, kid.

  39. This just amazing as I was only wondering what I should focus on when striking the ball and putting. To actually narrow your focus down sounds an excellent idea. As it’s dark I will try this tomorrow. Great stuff Mr Short/Long game! Paul

  40. Hey, Matt, a HUGE shout out to you and your channel for putting me onto Athalonz golf shoes! They are the best shoes I have ever worn! And your coupon code got me $25 off! That's just awesome! I know I came into a bit of cash after my Masters win, as well as my 82nd tour win in Japan, but when Nike binned me I've had to watch the pennies, so a huge shout out to you for hooking me up with that sweet Athalonz deal! You are just freakin' awesome, Matt!

  41. Look at the ball as a pie. Lower right quad for draw outer right quad for a cut. Problem is i have overactive hands and cant hit a cut!!

  42. I look at the back of the ball on every shot, I also rotate my head just slightly to the right so I am looking more with my left eye and it helps to delay my shoulders coming through too early. That’s off the tee mostly. Anyway it’s always worked.

  43. Never thought about this. Sounds strange, but I look at the clubface hitting the ball. Even before I hit it, I “see” in my head how the clubface will hit the ball. 🤷‍♂️

  44. I got a pair of Athalonz shoes for my simulator and They are amazing. A little tight at 1st but give them a hour and they will form to your feet. I love them and I wear wide shoes so it is tough getting them on but amazing when in play. good luck out there.

  45. This is the best! Nobody covers this, it’s something I always think about and don’t have a solid commitment to, always wandering to some spot. Now I’ll commit to a certain spot for every shot

  46. i never look at the back of the ball. I imagine a line about 30 to 45 degrees going from inside to out depending on how much draw i want.

  47. Last year I started looking at a spot in the ground just in front of the ball on all iron shots, and teeing off with driver I have been looking about a foot in front and slightly right for swing path and release point. For putting I had been looking at the hole, from all distances…it helps me with distance control, but more recently I’ve been looking at the back of the ball. I have a horrible time in the sand, so I’m really gonna work on where I look in the bunker.

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