What Bounce is Right for Your Golf Wedges?

so does bounce matter well we’re gonna
find out if it does right now let’s go okay if you’re new to the channel I do a
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today I’m at precision golf centers my man Craig over here is setting up the
the system what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna hit a sixty degree wedge I have
five different 60-degree wedges all with different bounces everything’s the same
except the bounce and so we’re gonna I’m gonna show you what happens when you
just change the bounce just the bounce angle on the club and we’ve got
everything gonna be a different color when we give you the data so we’re gonna
start with very little bounce for four degrees for 8 10 12 and 14 degrees of
Bounce and I’m gonna show you what it does let’s do it so we’ll start off with 60-degree wedge
four degrees of Bounce so very little bounce right so we’ll change clubs to
the eighth degree bounce plan will change color I’m already seeing like
more spin already with this club than the previous Club try it a little lower
ball flight will move on 10 degrees now you’ll also find you’ll be a lot more
consistent with one of the bounces because it just matches your style your
swing style better like whether you have a steep or more shallow swing so so far
the 10 degree they’re all right looking good let’s go
to swap last one 14 degrees bounce then we’ll
look at the numbers all right let’s check out the numbers
okay there’s the red is the lowest degree bounce the four so it definitely
went the highest and then our highest bounce is the is the purple sixty 14 and
if you look here the purple is averaging as the lowest as a lowest wedge and our
distribution pattern is I mean it’s fairly consistent they all are the same
shape but the purple is the closest the purple is a tie so for me yeah
but the purple is by far the tightest and then you go up to the eight and then
the four they’ll the eighth by far the largest it almost seems like as the
bounce gets a little higher your dispersion kind of gets a little tighter
mm-hmm okay so the difference between the four degree and the eight degree is
is minimal its small but the difference between a four degree and a 14 degree
it’s pretty big so you can definitely see the last bounce and you can see it
on every different Club it would slightly go lower and lower and lower
the ball height so and the distances would be slightly different just a
little bit but it can make a big difference you know in your scoring
clubs it’s the difference between a three foot putt or six foot putt or a
six foot in a 10 foot pot just that little bit and it’s a difference in
height to are you playing a place do you need more height are you a low ball
hitter do you want to hit it higher so balance would be a huge factor for you
in determining what club is gonna be best for your game but you need to get
that kind of stuff looked at and figured out so you know what your club is what
your gapping Tzar what your tendencies are where you miss you need all that
kind of data so that you can make the best decision actually improve
especially in your scoring zone you’re scoring clubs so a place like this
precision golf centers you’ll be able to come in you get first hour free if you
mentioned me rhymed whatever but it’s still a free
hour for you so come in bring your stuff and get set up and know what you’re
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below we’ll see you the next video misses short game right here here we go
girl this is your game call mrs. Roarke and rotate that body a little bit feet
closer together be closer together a little bit yeah it’s back and forth back
and forth oh boy do it come on girl oh my gosh that’s a shank there you go killed it

15 thoughts on “What Bounce is Right for Your Golf Wedges?

  1. You just cant fit the bounce off the full swing thats what a pro said a lot of amateurs do that you got to fit it off of the chipping flop shots pitchs.

  2. Wouldn't hitting off actual grass (and are the conditions are hard/soft) be a better indicator of what bounce is best for you based on your divot? Off synthetic turf the results seem to be all the same.

  3. I was a bit disappointed that you didnt get into why low bounce is good for certain conditions and higher bounce for others. Take really dry & hard conditions…Do I want 12 deg of bounce or 4?

  4. The real reason to choose different bounces depends on the decent angle of the club into the ball. If you’re a steep swinger you need more bounce, if you are shallow you need less. Bounce also can be changed depending on ground conditions, but since amateur golfers aren’t going to change wedge bounce for different courses, the most important thing is what type of swing you have. THAT is what you need to worry about with bounce, not the loft of the ball.

  5. The consensus in the comments is that the data presented here is negligible without considering the various conditions that we actually use wedges with certain bounces for. I agree.

  6. This video Did not explain it well enough….Bounce very important for softer or harder ground conditions…. wet day compare to dry day on tight lie big difference… softer sand hard sand… bounce plays a huge part…I play a mid bounce for my gap… high bounce for sand wedge … use it for soft sand, wet soft morning shots around the green… and I use a low bounce on my lob wedge to open up face and wedge edge will sit lower to ground allowing me to slide under ball with least resistance from the ground… shot delivery comes into play but the bounce will help u a lot

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