What Are The 10 Best Table Tennis Paddles For 2017?

Want To Bring Your Table Tennis Game To Another
Level? Looking For The Best Table Tennis Paddle But
Don’t Know How To Decide? We have reviewed some of the best, good and
not so good paddles. Also referred too as table tennis racket or
ping pong paddle. After careful review we have selected an Editors
choice which we will mention right away. After the Editors choice and two more selections
we will describe the testing methods we used to determine the ratings towards the end of
the video. So without further ado here is the Editors
table tennis paddle top choice for 2017. Killerspin JET 800 3 words suffice to describe
Killerspin JET 800: power, sensation and precision. Number 2 and 3 respectively are the Stiga
Pro Carbon and Stiga Supreme and all are elite level paddles with only a few points separating
these three paddles so you cannot go wrong with any of these top three paddles. Here is the criteria we used to grade the
table tennis or ping pong paddles. Power- The first of these ratings, power,
reflects not only the hardness of the material used in the blade and handle of the paddle,
but the padding used between the rubber surfaces of the paddle and the blade. All blades are laminated wood glued together,
sometimes with a thin layer of fiberglass or carbon fibre sandwiched between the layers
to provide lighter weight and less absorption of energy. The power rating is more a measure of how
much energy the paddle absorbs when returning a shot. The higher the number, the less power the
paddle absorbs, providing a much stronger return. A drawback to a higher power rating is that
it can come at the cost of control of shots and therefore less preferred by players with
a more defensive style. Meanwhile, many offensive players look for
paddles rated in the 9s. Control- Next is control, which reflects how
true the paddle strikes the ball, as well as how long the paddle holds the ball when
hitting it. This has more to do with the quality of the
rubber, thickness of padding, and the direction the pips on the rubber face. As a rule, the tackier the rubber, the more
control you will have with your shots, allowing for better placement of returns. As well, a couple of millimeters of foam can
provide a lot more control, usually at the expense of power though. Finally, if the face of the paddle has the
rubber pips facing outward, it gives you more grip as you strike the ball, usually at the
cost of spin. Defensive players prefer high control paddles,
although advances in construction have lead to a rise in the control ratings of all paddles. Spin- Finally is spin. Spin again has to do with the quality and
installation of the rubber, but also can be improved through a lighter blade. Many players, whether more offense or defense
oriented in their styles, will look for paddles that provide spin as it can make returning
their shots more difficult. Higher spin paddles will usually have the
pips of their rubber facing the blade, allowing for the ball to be struck with a smooth surface. As well, they will be lighter weight, allowing
you to have more fine manipulation of the paddle. Even then, most paddles with a higher control
rating usually carry a similar rating in spin. Through using these guidelines, you can find
the best table tennis paddle for you and understand the criteria we used in determining our choices. Rounding out our reviews are Slyspin Rapture,
DHS Hurricane, Palio Master II, Stiga Titan, Butterfly 401, Killerspin Jet 200, Mapol 4
Star. If you found this review helpful please click
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