WE’VE ALL GONE TO SH- POOP!! – Mini Golf Funny Moments (Golf It Gameplay)

Anthony ready up. Hit us with that ready *random noise* brother. Thank you. Fuck. That was worth it, I don’t care. I wouldn’t really say that Second last second Just flying down Craig what the fuck? I mean is you see on this I’m just hanging out man. I’m just getting some ESPN Jeter accidental vlog number 638 here we go here’s the plan I go over it you guys now. I got a crunchy right you got Rio waiting for you, then the bottom No, no no no guy up on him. Oh wait. I have one stroke And hard as possible it works. Oh, I think I’m actually yet. I probably should avoid it for the horror We’re too hard Sure I heard that no There we go my eyes like Joker music video we’re having a stroke Oh, it’s a Rube Goldberg machine Are you fucking me I fell out of the course I don’t know. Oh, I almost did the same thing holy shit. I’m following Eli. I mean we were forced down there and see Hey you guys gotta explore the map no cheating Loses the race usually because the fastest person is the one who wins Momentum he was ready. I’m not doing it to you was that what he did I think so I know Yeah, oh No, I know very beginning If you hit hit enough like you can smack back hit the wall behind you and go straight you have to hit harder I know what I did. I know you. I know I know what you did. It’s cheap see doodled there we go Wait what Are you going after oh Now you come ten seconds oh No you don’t you miss? Backwards if you stay completely still you’re a dick that’s nice I’ve played this one before I remember, that’s For a hill fucking off-course got a tumour, bro We’re so attractive no wonder we got it in so quick No, I love how impatient I am in this game and just reset every time I Like just the mystery of where you’re gonna lay, and I’m not doing this Okay, just wait wait watch watch watch watch give maybe you have to watch we can’t watch anyone else Damn, it. What a performer performer. I keep you under seat Angie like I said that wrong. Oh my god. I’m appalled Hey John, I’m with you I’m not resetting anymore Son of a bitch did you get it in one Craig I got it in two, but it from the start another Plinkus, oh it is wait. I thought this was a lot bigger than it was I hate when they a when that happens yeah, it’s Plinko to be – That’s racist I have a dream may take a lot of strokes, but I have a dream you Require a couple strokes before I can start dreaming shit. I got it That’s like it did not restart you can get this dude no problem Fuck don’t go in the middle. It’s a bait. I want to go in the middle fuck. I can’t bleep done this John what there’s a better how we good say man, that was impressive why hello What are we going? Are we good here? You fucked me last There’s an actual toilet I’m just over it Full speed okay Right wait this might work never mind Wow Ellie you are Garbo Oh God disregard. I am NOT happy with that Uh-oh, I’m in last I should probably stop doing this shit Spitting fun, bye This is a lot of fun. Oh, you know what else getting fun right now. I love getting fund Lundell fuck No, no I will not fundle your grundle. My name is Fundle….
-You gotta Fund the Grund, baby. 10 points to Grundledorf. What?! Fuck off bitch! Oh, wait. It actually kind of… Alright. I could get a two off this Same same but different Coming in from six dimension First shot I’m off the map third shot Baby Its a type of bird. (Bird sounds) Albatross Bitch fuck this stupid fucking game where you learn appearance, ooh? No brushing against paw here to school see perfect and fidelity Thank God. Yeah, but the view is great There’s a lip right on the very edge What the fuck look crazy, it sounds like a go home, I just got it, oh how am I out of this? I’m getting fucking fucked. We’ll be here for a while Do that I think can I fucking sit still To me you guys are watching this is the best water physics I’ve seen in this game see if they got nothing on this foot I’m about to fucking hole it boys come on. I’m IQ for place Mitty okay, we’re a Fun yeah, we are it’s hard to tell this is well, but anyone. Thank you for playing Please – my cameras yes, please video folks up. Yeah, I agree me up this ad Please thumbs up thumb up It’s like that big block dude for Mario

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