Welches Tischtennis Holz soll ich spielen? – Top Tipps

Hi friends, my name is Bojan Besinger and
I am your table tennis coach. Today’s video is about table tennis blade. Which table tennis blade is the right one for
you, which you should take and which top tips I have for you, so you can
find your favourite table tennis blade. So have fun with today’s video. If you’ve been following me for a while, then
You know – I’ve been in it for 15 years the table tennis scene active, as a player, as
I was Bavarian champion in competitive sports active, was in the hall 4-5 times a week. Then, as a coach, I was already active everywhere,
throughout Germany, in Austria, in France, in Denmark, etc. and so I have already
seen a lot of table tennis players. I played a lot of table tennis
and then I also changed my blade. I know many people who every 2 days
change their table tennis blade and so I want to share with you,
what I’ve been watching and what you got out of it from my observation. I also changed my blade recently,
I played the Butterfly Viscaria Light – I think they don’t produce it anymore – now I play by andro linga, is an off-wood and am
very satisfied with that. There are many different blades by different brands. Once in the table tennis we have the blade there
and then we have – of course ITTF now a new scheme with the colors
the rubbers – but normally we have a red and a black toppings and
You can do thousands of different variations and just put together your racket. But is that always so useful? I already played blades from the brands Donic,
I played Butterfly, andro, etc. Which brand is actually best? We have on 1. January 2019 launched a project, that is called
Table tennis wiki and that’s where we test different blades and rubbers. , I’ll just put the link in the description,
You can also inform yourself if you are looking for new rubbers or
for a new wood. What is important now just in the search
from the blade? If you are not a professional, then you become normally
– or many who are not professionals, spend more time testing and searching for the
matching rubbers and matching blades as you spend with the training – that’s why my
Tip: less time searching with the right blade and spend more time in it
to invest the training. Of course you need a good blade and
You should feel comfortable with the blade, but sometimes exaggeratedly said: If you are playing the wrong technique with the one by Butterfly, with the blade of Harimoto,
with Simon Gauzy blade, Fan Zhendong blade, Anyway, it does not really play that big
Role, because the wrong technique remains the wrong technique. That’s why you should always look instead
“I could play 0.5% better with this blade” to say “Hey, why is it
that the RH ball does not come, why the FH ball never comes, what’s up
for example, that I come to the ball too slowly. ” and then work on it. That’s why: Sure you should look for yourself
make for a suitable blade, right now in the summer break, it makes sense to change your blade. You can cover, if necessary, change your rubbers during the season or if you have a 2,3,4 weeks break during the season. But blades in my opinion, rather in the
Summer break That’s why: Now maybe just the right
Time and you can look there once, What do the pros play: When you say “Hey
he has about my style of play, then Of course you can have a look, what does he play? Or ask your teammates. “Hey, which blade do you play? I can
just play 2-3 balls “and then you have you already a little feeling for it. I have for example also said when I started with
andro rubbers and blades to play “Send me just 2-3 blades, there’s
also with Schoeler and Micke, with futurespin and at the whole TT shop that exists, you can order a test case to test different rubbers and blades. For a few weeks and then you can, if
you do not like it, just send it back and I also said: Send me 2-3
blades and and then after a few training sessions I recognized:
“Hey this blade, that fits, so I feel comfortable and will keep playing with it. It is also important if you are playing new rubbers and when you are testing a new blade Give yourself a little time. Many TT players expect that directly
Performance exactly the same or much better is as before with the old blade. If you think about it, it does
no sense at all, because with the other blade you have a lot of experience, you know
exactly what happens when I hit the ball like that and so play. With a new blades are the properties
of course different again, even if it is only minimal. That’s why you as a player need a certain amount
Time to get used to the blade Both in testing and when you say
You play the certain blade now. Train once with 1-2-3 training sessions
and really try yourself in the training session Do not get upset, just try cool
to stay and say “Hey, I’m playing now with the blade, I test the blade now, me
try how it works. “and after 2.3 training sessions you can still see how it is with it. It may also be that you a bit
have to adapt technique. I say that so often, you can just as well
go to www.highperformancetabletennis.com, there you get to my 5 best tips for
more TTR points and then I tell again something about professional support
intable tennis. Naturally for free, you can just open
Go to the page www.highperformancetabletennis.com and it’s important
to be professionally supported, because when you are playing a new blade
and you wonder “Hey why the ball is coming not on the table or why he does not come
more in quality? “. It may be that you are facing another rubber
or any other blade the technique is minimal have to adjust because the bat maybe
is faster. There is carbon, there is OFF, there is OFF +,
there are DEF blades, etc. and you can just learn from the experiences of other people
and the coaches You can really benefit from it. We also have high performance training courses all over Germany, you can visit www.bojanbesinger.de and take your seat at the waiting list. And so often I get messages, who participate in the trainings, who write me on Instagram or otherwise
somewhere: “Hey Bojan, I’m looking for a new rubber, I need a new one
blade, etc. “and of course I can Give tips – just when the person says
“Hey, I had this blade in the past or these rubbers, but in the best case it is how it is: You come to the training camp, we see you – yes, we also have a big
Coaching team there are coaches who know more about material and which who know less
– then we’ll see you playing and your gamestyle. Then we can give you a concrete recommendation “Hey try this ” “but if you just say” Which blade should I play? ” and we do not even know how you play, whether
you are a defender, if you have problems with the RH or whatever, then
We also do not quite know what we should say to you. Therefore, the best is always when we
See you, then we can give you a specific recommendation. So what does that mean for you when you get up
Looking for the right TT blade: Point 1: Deal with it, which blades
there are: carbon wood, etc. – which blade do you actually need and then Point 2: Test blades If you say “Hey, I can imagine to change to the next season “- then test blades, take the time 1-2 weeks,
in which you say: This training phase is for me not so important, I have
no game, no tournament next week I still have enough time for preparation
then take the time and test a bit and tip number 3: Certainly some contradict me,
but if you found a specific blade what you might like, where you say
“Bit of training, it should be run with it “then my tip really: Take
the blade, play with it, train intensively, visit maybe a training camp from us,
educate yourself, watch the videos, which we already have here on Youtube and then
just try to optimize your training, to train well. If you realize at some point, after
half a year, I’m fine with that, my technique is getting better, then
Can you say “Hey, I’ll change again the blade “. Normally you also keep the blade longer
as the rubbers, but also blade you can change, even in the summer break and
then just improve your level of play. So: Very important: A Harimoto blade, a
Fan Zhendong blade, a Simon Gauzy blade or even the blade that I play does not make you
to a better TT player automatically, because it comes down to the game features
on it and if you have a wrong technique the best blade will not help you. That was the video about the subject: Which blade
is that right for me? Those were, yes simply my top tips
I have – just my opinion. I would be interested to know if you have share the opinions that I have or how you see – maybe you have tips for
the community, please write in the comments – are also often read by the audience
and then everyone comes to his next Level a bit, everyone will be a bit better table tennis and wear yourself and also visit www.highperformancetabletennis.com,
if you want more TTR points, look on www.bojanbesinger.de for the training courses
and if you say “Hey I want to use summer to get better at TT with the right nutrition “then look at www.tischtennis-ernaehrung.de
and last but not least, if you like reviews so, go to www.tischtennis-wiki.de
, there you will also find a lot of information. Otherwise, I’m glad that you have watched the video, give it a thumb go up, subscribe to the channel so we can
see us again in the next video. My name is Bojan Besinger and I am yours
Table tennis coach.

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