what’s up buddy what’s up welcome back
to the channel today Caleb and I are gonna be doing a ping pong ping ping
pong challenge I don’t know if ping pong has ever been on this channel before
besides just throwing ping pong balls into things but today we’re doing like a
proper like ping pong table challenge which Caitlyn oh man
caleb is really good at ping pong ping pong as some say but to switch it up to
even the playing field we’re of course going to make it a little bit
interesting with some of these weird items I don’t even know how this is
possible the gnome will be tough so his videos
gonna work when do five rounds and play to five each time you’re gonna spin the
wheel to see what you have to play with each of us so you have spatula and then
I would spin the wheel and then we will do that five different times and whoever
wins the most wins that’s the five whoever wins the most wins
I’m in I’m just are you okay no how give a stroke okay guys we lost drove for
hours are we were flying to Dallas and we got rerouted to Austin because of
weather at midnight and then we decided to drive to Dallas so we’re a little a
little loopy today but let’s just go for it I’ll spin first caleb has the dish
brush wow that one of the toughest um five rounds yeah cool do you spin for
you I got it okay I’ve got the mug I feel like that’s a fairly that’s pretty
good okay easy matching let’s do it alright let’s
see what happens five wins okay Caleb’s hoping for something a
little bit better – cmon cmon cmon man ooh
mousetrap trap and you have to set the mouse trap no yeah no yeah you want me
to play with a set mouse trap yes not a chance
I’ll walk out in this burg Caleb you have to no no I don’t I’m not gonna set
a mousetrap and then I hold it in my hand
come on no it’s gonna snap mine are my turn
got a crab is that no you play with a set mousetrap pot great okay Caleb need something good who’s the pop okay and then I get we
only have one pot I’ll spin again Josh seriously get something else the cool oh
boy that’s it that’s do it again I really hope will
hurt you you don’t think I well I really will hurt you good good that’s me put
the camera down to put the I’m not I’m not put this piece it’s not fun you’re losing if this video gets Caleb
coming off of victory what are you hoping for right now spatula and I got
it tick who’s that trick shot spin yeah grass on
you bachelors tough what is that on now strap I think it’s probably on mousetrap
okay oh I just saw his eye he’s nervous I
looked into those beautiful stretchy guys final round before we spin the
wheel if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so well I’m hunting you down
with my spatula and whipping up some good yeah if that’s not a plug to
subscribe I don’t know what is but guys real quick
Caleb and I have come to an idea for a huge giveaway Caleb came to an idea of
Josh got on board even after it we are going to pay for a flight for one of you
to come out to LA to film a video will be on my channel will be on Caleb’s
channel but so two videos so two videos yeah you will see a star and our two
videos we are not gonna do this giveaway we are not going to choose the winner
until Caleb hits 50,000 subscribers then until I hit 500,000 subscribers so we’ve
got some work to do but if you were just like a casual viewer of our channels and
you’re not subscribed for some reason make sure you subscribe so you guys
could win a trip to LA and get on anything la yeah even if you hate us you
could win a trip to LA this is a follow Wow Wow Wow we are really excited about
this one a chance to meet you two a chance for us to grow with y’all so take
you seriously you know like invite your friends and family to subscribe to our
channels then one of you gets to come hang out with me and we’ll be plugging
this for the next however long it take so get used to it
final round baby all tied up going into the scratches the final round how am i cheating it’s a wheel you just
went back and forth and back and forth spin the wheel without a cheating what’s this a pool noodle I cheated them
we need to fix our wheel it makes cheating easier for you I don’t form a
pool noodle again we’ll never lies okay my turn spin it dad don’t you don’t
look Oh No or should I say Oh gnome the tough battle showed us here we got one
and to follow us on Instagram Caleb Nash Feemster and jugglin Josh
for your chance of an inch out next time comment is there there’s a little white
ball to paddle Oh the paddle yes comment the ping-pong paddle even though we
didn’t use a paddle that’s true but comment on those recent posts per chance
Instagram shout-out next time all right you ready you ready you ready are you
ready are you ready lose looks like we’re gonna have a clear
winner 1-0 oh no we got the beat oh one I love you saw on a camera but that did okay by Caleb thanks so much for
watching one make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet we’ve got videos every
Monday every Wednesday every Saturday and again we’re doing a big giveaway so
make sure you subscribe to Caleb as well his link is in description and he’s
probably in the car was close

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