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hey guys Anthony Leone with RotoHeat
week 10 waivers before I go any further as I always say like the video, subscribe
hit the notification bell let’s get moving I hope you guys had a good week 9
it was a lot of guys to target here in week 10 so let’s get to it
quarterbacks where I like to start Tannehill looked pretty good with over 300
yards, a passing touchdown & a couple picks but you know what he looks a hell of
a lot better than Mariota. He’s making a lot of his players around him look a lot
better too so I think he’s a good quarterback to have you know second
quarterback one quarterback league I think he’s a great start in a super flex.
A perspective ad for quarterback would be Nick Foles. Minshew looked bad I mean
bad. He had four turnovers including a couple picks and a couple fumbles and I
think it’s very possible Foles after the buy they have coming up gets
the starting job back again you know maybe they want to see how another game
goes but look at the schedule coming up Indianapolis, Tennessee, Tampa Bay,
Chargers, Oakland, Atlanta week 16 so I really do think Foles if you don’t have
a good quarterback even in a one quarterback League I really do think
Foles if he gets that starting job again I think he’s set up to end the year
pretty nicely so if you have an extra spot in your bench I think I think he’s
someone to add. Then also is this is really only for super flex leagues with
Brian Hoyer. Brissett got hurt we don’t know how long he’s gonna be out for
Boyer came in did pretty well I had a 168 yards three touchdowns you know he
did have a pick but you know he looked the part he looked pretty good coming in
so you know I think in a super flex obviously you have to add them
starting quarterback you have to bring in it looks like Brissette will miss
some time. Moving over to running back Ronald Jones gets back on our waiver
videos he had a great game 18 carries 67 yards and a touchdown he’s available in
a lot of leagues so certainly see if he is available I think he could really
help out your teams if you ever need at the running back position. Walton is
again on this video it looks like a lot of people didn’t pick him up and you
know just like last week you know he didn’t have a great game but you know
he’s still someone you want to have I mean you can’t find just running backs
just hanging out on the waiver wire that are gonna get the volume like he’s
getting 12 carries 29 yards few catches so you know again he’s someone to get.
These last two guys I mean we’re really diving deep here but you know JD
McKissick for the Lions actually had a pretty nice game four carries for 32
yards he also had three three receptions for 40 yards and a touchdown
he looked like the best running back the Lions had you know hey I’m reppin the
bay you can see my warriors hoodie you know watch the Raider game and you
know he just looked like the best running back I’m in a dynasty League and I lost
carry on Johnson and the guy with you know Ty Johnson wanted way too much for
him and so I found the guy with JD McKissick and got him basically free
and you know I’m happy to now have JD mckissick on my team because now it
looks like he looks like the best you know running back they have and if I’m
in a pinch and need to start someone I feel pretty pretty comfortable with with
him given the situation so you know there are worse options at running
back than JD McKissick one of those worse options is on my waiver video Trey
Edmonds you know he actually had 12 carries for 73 yards and I think if
Connors gonna be out for a longer period of time this would be a more recommended
add you know Jaylen Samuels didn’t run well he caught the ball just fine Trey
Edmonds ran better in between the tackles
so he had again 12 carries 73 yards but you know once Connors back he’s gonna
kind of go away so you know in the short term as a handcuffed to Samuels I think
that that’s fine but you know he’s gonna be hard I could
get on a lot of teams just because of roster space this time of the years it’s
pretty tough to come by. Moving on to wide receiver is Zach Pascal for the
Colts he had 5 catches 76 yards and a touchdown I think he’s the number one
wide receiver add this week we don’t know how long T.Y.Hilton’s gonna be out
for. AJ Brown another of solid game four catches 81 yards you know Tannehill is
making a lot of a lot of people in Tennessee looking relevant again he’s so
far the biggest beneficiary of that quarterback change. Cole Beasley he only
had two catches for 13 yards but he did have a touchdown that’s his third
straight game with a touchdown so he’s certainly, someone add if you’re
hurting at the position. Deebo Samuel you know this is kind of more of a
prospective ad you know he only had four catches for 40 yards he did drop a
touchdown pass and I think he’s kind of a sneaky ad this week because you know
if he would have had that touchdown pass I think more people would be at if he
would have caught the ball for the touchdown I think a lot more people
would have been adding him and you know with Emanuel Sanders in that lineup now
I think Deebo is gonna have a sneaky productive end of the year so if you
have space on your bench I think he’s certainly, someone to to add if you can.
Going over to tight end Noah Fant had a big game three catches 115 yards and a
touchdown you know tight ends have been brutal so if you’re still you know trying to
find someone if you didn’t get Fells you know if you’re still trying to find
someone I think Noah Fant is probably the best person to add this week Mike
Gesicki is also a good add he had six catches for 95 yards he didn’t do much
last week although the two games prior to that he did all right
you know I think I think you Gesicki is another guy who
you know just like Fant you know the position is where it’s at right now and
I think these two guys have shown that you know they have some upside as well
so these are a couple of guys I’d target if you’re really hurting that tight end.
Finally, defenses where I like to always end things there’s a few good defenses
out there this week starting with Indianapolis Colts against Miami
got nothing else left to say there we know we know how bad Miami is although
they had they won their first game so we’ll give them props against the Jets.
Baltimore at Cincinnati… Cincinnati is just a train wreck right now arguably
the worst team the league in Baltimore if you just watched I’m filming this
Sunday night Baltimore just gets just kicked the butt out of the Patriots even
so I think they’re a great add if they’re if they’re on your wire and then finally
you know this is if there’s you know I like to do like deep dives and the
Giants actually have a pretty good matchup against the Jets Jets have been
awful Giants are gonna be available in
probably every league you’re in and so if all the other you know decent options
are gone I think the Giants are someone to have to add this week so good luck on
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