Web Gem Glove Care System Baseball Glove Forming Kit Unboxing

Hey guys, what’s up? I got my Web Gem Glove
Care System in the mail today, so we’re going to open it up and see what we got. Alright,
let’s see what we’ve got. Nice little packaging here. The Web Gem Glove Care System. Let’s
see how we open this thing. It looks nice, man. Let’s see how we do this. This is the
flare form that I got. They also have a roll form which is without having a flare at the
end of them for infielders, pitchers, whoever else desires a flare uh roll form, a flare
form as well. They also make some for first basemen gloves and uh catcher’s mitts. So,
we’ve got a little booklet here. Let’s see what’s inside. Just some instructions, warranty
information about some of the stuff in there and now we’ve got the actual product here.
We’ve got two things of the glove glaze to put on your glove. We’ve got the actual mold
here. The flare mold. Now, this is uh, good for righties or for lefties, uh as well as
the roll and also even the catcher’s one and then they’re going to have a uh first baseman’s
one for lefties as well uh very soon. So, very hard, very sturdy. You’ve got your little
towel here and then you’ve got your case that you put the glove in. It just got a rubber
band on it and then it opens up like so. Let me go get my glove. Look what I just found.
Remember this guy from a couple years ago, the video I did putting the red laces in here?
I forgot I had this glove, but let’s go ahead and finish the job on this guy and uh my ring
is stuck in there and get uh and see if we can’t get a nice flare form to it. Let’s see
what we’ve got here. So, basically you put your glove around the form. Ok? And now what’s
going to make the flare is that this bag here has a strap that kind of tightens and pulls
around here so now you can see that flare kind of forming. So, let’s see. I probably
should put some of the glove glaze on first but. I actually just went back and uh put
some of the uh glove glaze on here and I’m going to put it back in and I’m just going
to wipe some of the excess glove glaze off. The glove glaze is nice too man. It’s already
looking like a new glove. We’re just going to get some of the thick stuff off. There
you go. I’m going to put this back in there. Nice and tight. Grab it here and then we’ll
put it back in and then we’ll uh come check on it in a day and see uh, see what we’ve
got. I took a before picture as well so I’ll put the two pictures together. Just going
to put it in here and see how it looks, see how it feels. Move this out of the way. Put
it in there. Nice material too on the bag. You know, this material feels nice and strong,
nothing going to happen to it. It will keep your glove protected. Pull this tight, pull
this tight over and then tighten up this part which will give it the uh, give it the flare
here. Help mold that flare. There you go.

7 thoughts on “Web Gem Glove Care System Baseball Glove Forming Kit Unboxing

  1. I'm loving this Web Gem Glove Form.  Putting all my old glove through it for a couple of days and then going to put the new glove in on a daily basis for protection, maintenance, and form!  Yeh baby!

  2. wow..take the 200 bucks and invest it in your kids college fund..wow…what did babe ruth do? how those old timers ever survived is just beyong imaginable

  3. Is this really as good as they say it is? I'm more than willing to spend 80 dollars on it. But I don't want to get it and just end up using it for a week and it becomes something useless that sits at the bottom of my baseball bag? Pleeease respond!

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